These are excerpt from my life experiences.

Monday, December 29, 2008


Recently I read the shocking news of murder of Executive Engineer of PWD department of UP by some MLA of Aurya near Kanpur.As per news he denied to pay some collection to be deposited in party fund of BSP.This shows that there is a exhortion spree in UP.

This practice should be banned as this leads to all round corruption and the honest engineers cannot servive. In the past there was one incident in which one engineer in Bihar was murdered as he could not pull along with the politically sponcerred contactors.As a matter of fact if the engineer sticks to the specications and tries to get the quality of work then in that case he becomes the target and all the scruplious cantacters having links with the politcal persons become his enemy.So in that case an engineer should get himself tranferred in the safe pockets within the departments concerned instead of getting involved by taking posting in feild where there is public dealings and an engineer comes in contact with the public and the sponcered contractors politically.I remember on instance when I was not bowing to the wishes of the politically motivated contractors I was getting threatening letters with no name and address.The letter was a filthy in language and abuses and in that letter I was threatened that my son and daughter would be killed and that if did not get myself transferred .Out of fear I shifted my children to some other state with my brother and I used to take a secruity while going for inspection.I did not bow to the fearful tactics and did my normal duties.Once I got a news that some persons had stollen cement from the store and approached the police and the area MLA I was shocked to note that police had arrested a monor for stealling the cement and the rumour went that the stollen cement was the handy work of the contactor and the MLA.THe matter ended that the shortfall of cement was made good by the contractor.Once an MLA told me that major work of developments should be done in his constituency as he was to fight election in his constituency and that funds were sanctioned for whole of disrict and not for that partcular constttuency to this he remarked that I should not try to avoid or surpass his orders and that I should be aware that one MLA had about 3 lac voters and the MLA rules on those voters minds and If I dared in that case I could not do service in his constituency and that I would be in trouble.So I made up my mind that I would not serve in that particular area and I got myself transferred in planning and design department.So by using this tactics I any how completed my 33 years service and got promotions through court so I could save my life and self esteem.During the end of service I made request that I should be given some posting near Delhi but it happened just the reverse I was given the marching orders to join duties at Gorakhpure away from Delhi near Nepal border.I repented to make such a request of Delhi posting .The orders of transfer were so harsh that stated that if I could not join the new posting I would be suspended forthwith.So in this way anyhow I COULD SAVE MY PENSION.Had I not joined I would have been suspended and would be getting only 90% pension and in that case who bothers if one was suspended at fag end of service.I also know that sometimes one has to supress emotions but have to obey orders in the interest of the Govt.If one has opted service in that case as the saying goes that NAUKER HAI TO NACHA KAR is perfectly true and it applies to all univrsally.While on the other hand the business man is the master of his whole show.In service one cannot put his son or daughetr in the same service while on the other hand if the son or daugher can inherite the same business and earn living.During service a service people remains hand to mouth and can make both ends meet and the only advantage is that he can give good education to his children.THE bare fact is that there are advanges and disadvanges in all walks of life.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Picking Of Pocket At Jhansi

While I was remembering the difficulties in the service I recall that once I was travelling from Jhansi to Lucknow it so happened that as I was purchasing the ticket at the railway counter someone pushed me from behind and I purchased the ticket and I boarded the train and sat on my reserved seat I counted the money and I found that about Rs 15000/ were missing from my pocket and I felt so bad that I once thought that I should get out of my train and to go back to Jhansi but I continued the journey.As I was having still balance money so I gaurded that suit case the whole night and returned back the next day.Actually I was so much frustated that I was not being given promotion for the last 25 years I was on the same post although I worked so cautiously.But this was the fate of so many Assistant engineers in the Irrigation department.The seniority was in the court but no body cuold help.In one of the judgement the Supreme has termed the seniority is just like a coat which has so mmany holes and if itis stitched at one place it gives way on the other side so what cannot be cured must be endaured.Once my own son questioned me älso . In social gathering uot side the department people also used to see it in a different manner .Hearing my own inner self voice I started the matter legally .I started writing to the govt and all the officers.Once I went to the the then Miniter OF Irigation and he dircted me to the Secretay Irigation who gave me a patience heaing but made me wait out side his office fom 10 am to 3 pm and remarked ,"SATTU BANDH KE AA AATE HAIN "He told me that I was being delayed by my cheif Engineer as He he had not sent all the CRS and Ingerity reports etc and then I stayed at Lucknow to get my recards like crs and other material cleared Iwent to Lucknow in summer and returned in winter.Every day I used to sit on the bench out side the office of the then Cheif Engineer and then I was given the seniority from 1982 and senior sale and selection grade could be sanctioned.Then I got promomtion through the court as E E and subsequently to the post of SE .I had to move the contept proceedings also to acheive this.Lastly I prayed to the authorities for the post of Cheif Engineer but as there was no notification of retiring age being raised to 60 years I had been retired at 58 years age.As bad luck would have it after 15 days of my retirement the notification of raising the retirement age as 60 years.I was satisfied with this as I got my house vacated through court from one Kasmere tenent who was residing in my Delhi house from the last 11years and was demanding some considerations to vacate.Had I been in UP service I would have not got the possession of
my house.Similarily I got S F AND FF vacated.Continuing

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Different difficulties during sevice life

Reffering to the past difficulties I remember that once just after marriage I had a problem of hernia and in the morning I my hernia stared entangled and it was said that it should be operated within 24 hours so I had to rush for immediate operation to Delhi.At that period I was posted at Meerut in tubewell division Meerut but to my dismay I was refused to leave my duties ,so I took a strong step and came to Delhi and was operated upon for hernia.I cant forget and the the immediate boss but be gone and bye gone and I also thank him that he taught me lesson that I should work hard in the interest of Govt job.I also thank Mr RN.Tondan for helping me at that time and so I any how relived from that tension.While in service my higher ups used to say that duty was the first prority and that Gazetted officer was a 24 hours servant.In this I was condioned to work hard during 1969.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Diffrent Encounters regarding different stages of life

In childhood I used to be very talkative and I used to stand on the roof and extempore to utter some pashto and urdu mixed language and my Bauji used to say that i would be a Vakil.Once I was carrying the pet dog for evening walk then bigger dog had a fight and in a short moment the bigger dog gave so much hurt that my pet dog died at the spotand I could not save it.I felt bad.Once pathon hit me so hard that I still feel that pain although so many years have passed away.It is the incident of Kohat.Again the incident of Kohat when I went to school and the teacher gave so much cane thrashing because I had not learnt ALF,BAY Pey ......etc.THe name of the teacher was Buta Ram.....Then when I was holidayin with my mother at TOBA TEK SINGH Town ther aiso I saw the daggers and Nezes (spears ) and the angry mob with red eyes of anguish and ready to attack on Hinhus and sikhs and running from lane after lane and then hiding to any how to get some place for safety.Then being tapped in Anaj KI Mandi in Toba Tek Singh town.My hears still hears the nasty abuses which were hearled on all who were trapped there.Some times shoes and other objectionable items were flunged from the outside into the Anaj Ki Mondi.I cannot forget the journey from Tobatek singh Town to Lahore .People were pushed into the train and on all staions the fearful muslims or pathans used to abuse us as Kaafers.They treated us on the way as if we were criminals .But we were all innocent people .Our fault was that we were born there which had fallen in the share of Pakistan.We have read in the history that Kings do change but not the Parja(population)But in the freedom fight against Britishers we were equl partners.Then why at all we were being treated like that?Frightened people drinking urine to save their lives as the water taps on stations were intentially cut so that we would die out thirst.During freedom struggle we also raised the slogans ,TODI BUCHA HAI HAI ANGRZO HINDUTAN KO CHHOR DO YEH HINDUSTAN HAMMARA HA. HINDI HAIN HUM YEH HINDUSTAN HAMMARA HAI.OUR India is a demcratic country and always hehaved in peaceful manner and never thaught of taking arms on muslims in the same way.We Indians believe in Ahinsa and shun the bloodshed

Learning Bycycle was a great job and I was afraid of falling down and got hurt.My eldest once made me sit on cycle and asked me to paddle but I was not knowig to climb down and subsrquently dasded it on the water pies on the road side on Chamelion Road delhi and in that way I used to learn cycle and it proed a great asset to me when I had to rush from one class to another in Polytechnic in delhi and later on during my Engineering in Roorkee.Thanks to my eldest brother late Shri Sohan Lalji.
I also once had a trip from Roorkee to Haridwar on bycycle.It gave me enjoment.During hostel days I had mentioned that once I was hit by my friend but I once thought to harm but remained silent to avoid the matter and that was also a good sence
Once I had a chance to go on river side with my friend during RaiWALA N C C camp I saw a perfect beauty but at the same time I thought that we should avoid to mix with the locals and they might be dangerous and therefore I rushed back to camp and heaved a sigh of relief.As iwas told by our elders that we should try to have control on our wilful desires and have to acheive the goal as all the deviations were to be avoided and concentrate on studies
When I got degree of BE (civil)from Roorkee University I came home and was whiling away time then our Bauji told us to do some job but we remained at home and all the brothers were just used make mischiefs and on that point once our BAUJI TOLD US THAT WE WOULD NOT GET FOOD IF WE DONT WORK tO JUSTIFY hE ORDERD US TO SLEEP IN THE FACTORY .hE WAS PERFECTLY RIGHT In this way we learnt a dignity of labour and now stood in our lives with our self esteem we acheived our goal and finished our job by settling our son and daughter in their respective lives.I think it is our pious duty as human being.
Firsly I tried to seek some job in MCD and I got the job in MCD as graduate section officer and my posting was in planning section .My collegues were very helpful .but as I was JE in MCD some our neighbours used to give me some jobs to get sanctions and use my influence which I could not do as I got little time for those thankless jobs and every time when my boss checked I was not available on my seat.So out of frustation saught service in UP IRRIGATION AT MAINPURI in 1963
Here I started learning to drive car and so many heavy machines like Draglines,bull dozes .tracters trucks out zeal to learn all.Slowly all the taste was vanished as the department raised so many audit points althouh I was right.I encountered so many difficulties as I was new and also new and fresh from the university and those lapses did occur.Eeven the supervisor under me tried to deceive but proper checking saved me As I was new some of the pesons under me tied to steal and once I caught the person red handed who apologised I allowed him to work after giving him strong warning.So I had to balance with my higher officers and the staff below
In UP there are cast basis and I was being Punjabi I had to take special care to save my job and post even then complaints did occure as no bady could satisfy all when you were dealing public life as ours job was tough to distribute water for Irrigation eithr from tubewells our through canals........

Critical moments of lifefrom pre partition and post Indepence period

Friday, December 12, 2008

Search of dreams

Today as I woke up I saw that I was witnessing a dream which shows that respected Bauji has come to my dream .It so happenned that when he took last breath I was with him .On that fateful evening I noticed that his voice had trumbled and he went in to some sort of coma.I cried and informed My wife and Jijaji and sister that our Bauji was not answering and I rushed to Doctor Dr Verma at Meerut Canal Colony Pallav Puram but as bad luck have it the docter was busy in operation of her mother and he came late and he checked and fuond that the blood pressure was diminishing and went lowest at !0 at arms and by twinkling of an eye it was all over.The docter scrached his (Bauji "s ) toe and there was no sences.I screamed and so my brother.I tnen had a great rage against the Docter but later on realised that all was written and we cannot go againt will of God.
Now after about 13 years I saw Bauji in my dreams that Bauji was just sleeping and some injury marks on his body and he was examined by the docters and diclared him dead .I again called the docter who agai examined him and as he was about to leave a voice comes that whrer we were going.He told us that he was not dead abnd he was just pretended .Then the docters astonished and we were just thinking as to it can happen that a dead person can get life again.The dream is dream and as I woke up found nothing around and that pious soul again vanished.We attended the Mata Ki Chawki at Naraina and had a enjoyed the worship songs in prise of GOD THE ALMIGHTY.

Search of dreams

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Completion of !0 years of retirement Successfully

As I was peeping throgh the past 10 years I was astonished to note that I have completed 10 years since I retired from the servicefrom the post of S E from Irrigation department U P .All these years I have spent sometimes in social work as i was attached to RWA Saket.As this type of service in Delhi just a thankless job.Here in Delhi no body bothers for the neibhours and there is no sence of community living .The people here are self centered and remain aloof.All are running after money and people are rich as regards money is concened but they are somewhat poor as regards behavior and helping the neighboursor the poor.Today I am happy that my relative S Prahlad Singh Sahni won the election from Chandni Chawk while I am unhappy that Shri Vijay Jolly lost against Smt Sheila Dikhit.As a matter of fact it is difficult judge the mood of voters.RWAS are always neutral and these Associations have to take work from the M L A ;s for development of their respective colonies.Had Shri Vijay Jolly not changed the constituency he would have better chances to win.
Now on personal life I feel young although I have completed one decade of retirement life .No doubt that aging effect is there abnd I have to take so money medicines daily to tackle the diebeties and other minor medical complications.But even then I am happy that God is helping me to live a peaceful life.I give respect to my children and my wife who is doing so much even though she is suffering due to right hand fracture ailment.I give regards to her for pulling on life with zeal and at this age .I close for the day with these sincere thoughts for the day for all near and dear ones.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Old Memories never fade (ON Terrorist attacks in Nov 2008 In Mumbai)

As I was hearing the terrible and drastic action by terrorists I was seeing it with my tears in eyes as this was not cinema and dramatised actions and these were true.Iwas thinking why at all it is happening .Ever since I saw this my memories flashed back .Once in previous chapter in pre partion period that when I ws only about sevn years old and I was living in Kohat in NWFP(Pakistan)I noticed that a pathan was butchering the birds by twisting their necks as if the innocent birds has no life.I just turned my eyes from that seen.I also remember that the the pathans / used to invade the Hindu mohallas so often and do the looting and after that they used set our houses on fire.Once the mohalla security had a courage and they unitedly made a morcha on the tallest building and used to fire gun shots to keep away the the invders to do much harm and a result we any how resided there for many years till partition.During the partition they became our blood thirstyand we heaved a sigh of relief when we reached in independent India.But here also we are not enjoing our free life due to terroism.Ihave seen the senseless killing of innocent people .As matter of fact the terroist dont treat us as their brothern or sisters and their brains are washed on the religion basis.These terrorists have only one religion to kill people and spread terrorism.In my opinion these terrorists should be given moral lectures so that they may be given one lesson that religion never allows any body to take life of any body as one can not give life .Can you make dead man alive? IF so then what right we have got to take the life of others.This lesson has been enshrined in all religions viz Muslims,Sikhs,Hindus and christanity.The religions heads should ponder on this aspect.So in the lost I request all to shun violence and terrorism if we are not awken at this juncture then we can say that dooms day is not far.After 61 years of whenever there is a bloodshed and terrorism my old soul again recaptures the old wounds when people sufferd tremonduosly at hands of muslims /pathans in Pakistan and ran from there leaving all their belongings and countless killings.We treat them our belovrd friends but they should respect us in the same way.In the end I strongly hope that peace will prevail in the end.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Visit of Jhansi after long time and marriage of Ankush on 9th Nov 2008

I am writing this wonderful incident when we visited Jhansi after long time in connection with marriage of Ankush Sinah my wifes masis son .All of us including Alka Syal,Anu Misra, Gaurave Misra and Ashitabh and Amitabh boarded the Shatabdi from New Delhi and hired the Taxis in the mornig at 6 am on 9th Nov2008.I was wonder struck to see those children who used to be kids now married and some of them having school going children .It was just like a reunion of old and youngs alike.Jhansi is a small place and not so costly .You have a round in Rs 50/ or so as it is spread within 5 to 10 Km The marriage procession near chitra Chauraha started with great enthusam and we were dancing on the diffrent tunes I dont know from where I got strenght and danced contonuosly along with Anu ( my daughter) and other younger ones .Some of the old persons were astonishing and sometimes I also felt that it was not the age to dance,but the fact remains we should remain in the company of youngs and you will feel young.When we feel sick and ailments like dibetes and bp we invite trubles and our soul stars feeling of sickness.We dont Know why I feel like dancing and fotget the bordom of old age. At same time when one comments when comments that we should not dance or enjoy at old age gives me signal of depression.At old oge one feels depression on each word if one is neglected.Some times our children also encourage this negative feeling among seniors or parents by neglecting or not respecting the pains they (parents) took while bringing them and moulding the kids to face the world and stand up on their own legs in their careers.I met old Raj Mamiji and their sons who are also ill now days but they are brave enough that they are not loosing heart.We all wish them to recover soon.In old days it was almost customery to play playing cards on some special ocassions like Diwali and on marrige ocassions.So we played cards with Bhasin,Deepak ,Afsar ,Anu .Neena Ajay Veena,Raju Anand etc I lost about Rs 500/and then we took the train Shatabdi.We were lucky to get the lost 2 births as we were on wait list.Back home we remember the sweet memories of Jhansi.I still remember the gettogether at Jhansi

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dream Mithai Ka Desh

One night I found my self flying as high and entered into the clouds and I noticed that I was in some different world into the space .I saw a very decorative white gate with shining silver thin sheets wrapped around on the the pillars and a shinning canopy hung majestically .I noticed that it was written in blue colour" Mithai Ka desh " The gate was shinning and glittering just like with gems emitting different colours .My eyes were for that moment were amazed and I was spell bound to seethe beautiful scenery all around.As I was about to enter through that gate I was stopped by two soldiers in brown uniform they were carrying some swards and spears which were all made of sugar.I then had to pause and bent forward to see who they were and why they were stopping me to enter?To my astonishment I found them to be smosas with there belly's bulging out .I pushed them and entered into that Desh .The soldiers along with battalion of army of Smosas surrounded me and showed me the arrest warrants and escorted me before the Queen .Look "Radiant of features and regal of means and it was a Burfi Queen." They handcuffed me with the help of chains which were nothing but Jallabies with half circle and full circles curling around my wrists .I again noticed that some of these chains were oozing out and sweet fluid of sugar from them and it made the handcuffs slippery and I was free but I was heavily chained and I could not escape and finally I was standing before the Burfi Queen .On seeing myself she cried that I was a alien .The prose cuter read out the charges against me and I could not defend myself as there was no defence lawyer from my side and I was found guilty and then I was sentenced to Milky Pani instead of Kala Pani .I saw a milky Pani as big as as a glass of milk .As I was hungry I pounced on that glass and drank all the milk.A panic prevailed and the session was called by Hon"ble Burfi Queen and it was resolved in the parliament that if such a prisoner kept for long period in captivity the economy would fail and the residents of that Mithai Ka Desh would not survive and the whole country would turn into heaps of spoiled mithais like Smosas Burfies,Ladoos ,Balu Shai,Ragoolas ,Glub Jamuns ,Jalabies .These items would not exist and the very existence of Mithai Ka Desh was bound to be threatened.So the parliament passed the orders that I should be thrown out of that country.So the whole army of sweets caught hold of me and pushed me out of that country As I was given a strong kick I fell down and I found that I was fallen from my bed and then only I realised That it was a dream.Whenever I remember that dream my spine starts pinching with blissful remembrances.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


One day as I was searching my inner concious to define truth I was not at able to define the truth.Then how to believe which is truth?Scientifically which we see is true and it is believd to be true.Even then some times which we see becomes true and on the other hand we dont see with our own eyes is also deems to be true.Now take the example that we have not seen our own birth but it is true that we have been born and exist .If we give this logic that we have not seen GOD but it is true that there is The Almighty God who is present every where and guiding all the forces in whole universe.Some believe that it is Nirakar (which has got no image and shape )but still He is present every where .So we should trust the God and beleive it to be true and never go against the wish of God and spread His Message of peace and love and affaction to all humanity and His creations.We should always hear our own inner voice of suol which never tells wrong and even telles you which is wrong and which is write.It is the greed and lust that over powers the inner voice and man gets lost and does wrong .A milk man when tries to deceive the customer and adds water in milk to increase the volume of milk he will hide himself behind the door or goes inside to hide his misdeed .While doing so he forgets that God is seeing him as God is every where.
If a patient goes to the docter and says that he cannot see and wants that docter should any how operate his eyes and bring back his eyesight.For this work he pays the necessary fee to the docter .After getting the fee the doctor operats the eyes of the patient and the patient eyes become normal.The patient is very much thankful to the doctor.But on the otherhand man forgets the omni present Almighty God who has bestowed all HIS blessings on the man and he forgets every thing and all the blessings of GOd and never remembers HIM So it is our poius duty to remember God on every moment and thank HIM so profuosly till our lost breath.In my opinion this is the only truth and the good deeds only goes with the piou soul which finds place under the devine feet of GOD.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Annual Day (junior Section) of Amity school saket on 5/10/2008 Sunday

Today I attended the junior section of Amity International school saket.The cheif guests were Ambassader Of Afghanistan Mr Sayed Makhdoom Raheen and Mr Sami M.Salem Minister PlenipotentiaryDeputy Chief of Mission ,Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt.The function with the agenda of proress report of the academic and extra curricular activities of the Amity .welcome song was sung by the tiny tauts .I was wondering how confidence they have on English and the oratory skill was wonderful.The drama of brave Tin soldiers was exellent.Sond and light effects was also worth praising.The prize distribution was carried out by the distingushed chief gueststo the students who secured marks above 90 percent and who represented in games in international level.I was given the flower pot as the token of respect.I also talked to the Ambassader and given the poem which was once narrated to me by my respected Bauji This poem is a mixture of Urdu and persion and some health fudas etc .He appreciated this and Dr Amita Chauhan gave me due respect.I returned to my home with satisfied frame of mind.Still the memories are fresh and the acting of small children was worth appreciation and for the moment I have gone back to my chilhood memories.really the young children will become the bright and good citizens of our nation and I hope that India will rise and shine in near future.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Again a terror attack at Merauli(27 th Sept 2008)

Today I was very calm and just thinking what good work I should do today? As usual I was veiwing the TV and all of a sudden a student rushed to me and asked that I should see the news xchannel .I aked him what his paper to this he replied that leave apart the exam just change the channel .Really it was shocking that again a terror attack in Merauli near Qutab minar where generally a bazar used to assemle on saturday.Now the attckers changed their tactics and chose the day time and two bykers just placed the black polythene bag containing the bomb and rushed away from the busy bazar .Just then as bad luck would have it a boy aged 13 years touched that bag in curosity and the bag exploded killing that inncent boy on the spot.The boy out of honesty just calling those young persons ,"Uncle you have left your bag"All this was on the air .People say that honesty is the best policy but in this Kalyug just the opposite has happened.I am the opinion unless the tough law only can curb and all the indians should take pledge that they are Indians and start writing Bhartya instead of writing their surnames or religion .In whole of world this practice will bring peace and love among people.If this happence we shall feel brtherhood among all communities.As I have already written earlier that " MAHAZB NAHI SIKHATA APAS MEIN BAER RAKHNA HINDI HAIN HAM WATAN HAI HINDUSTAN HAMARA"

Friday, September 19, 2008

Terror encounter in Delhi on 19 th sept2008

Today I watched the terror encounter on Tv and glued to see each and every channel and I was stunned and shocked that this type of things are happenning in the National capital.Terror attacks have rendered our lives unpeaceful.we are living in in the state of shock and fear and I dont understand the motive behind it and to kill innocent people for no fault of them.Why the terrorist spread hatred and kill other people in name of religion or jahad.In this way no body can win and this theory of terrorism will fail.In India all the religions live in peace and there is no place for terrorism .The law of land should be given more teeth to curb this menace.The religious leaders should also condemn this cowardly acts irrespective of their faith because no religion advocates any type of hatred and bloodshed.We morn the death of the police inspector Late Mohan chand sharma who laid down his life while fighting the terroists.We pay a tear ful sharadanjali to this brave officer.and we hope that the other terroists would be brought to book very soon and they would be given examplary punisments. so that such type of things may not be repeated in our peace loving country.Let us take pledge that we shall not bow our heads to terrorists and their bad designs will never never succeed.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Stealing is a bad habit

Today all of a sudden I remember a short story which is as under;-
Once upon a time there lived a lady in a small town .She had a son who was very naughty and he got a habit of stealing things and he used to deposit the stolen money with his mother .She once asked his son that where from he used to get all the money ? The son replied that he got all the money from business and those money was his profit from business.The habit of stealing went on increasing and once he committed murder when the owner of the house woke up and tried to resist his efforts .The police caught him and he was sentenced to death by the judge.As he was being brought to gallows and the judge asked him about his last wish .He replied that he wanted to talk to his mother in her ears for a second.The judge allowed him that he could talk to his mother so that his last wish was fulfilled as allowed under law. So his mother was summoned and she lent her ear towards the mouth of his son .As soon as her ear was near his sons mouth he furiously bit the ear of his mother. The judge asked him why did he bit her ear and what was her fault?.At that
moment the thief son replied that all the blame was of his mother because she did not tell him that stealing things was a bad habit .Had she told him when he did the first theft then in that case he would had not been on the gallows and begging for life .He further told to the judge that she used to be happy when he brought the daily the ill gotten wealth and rather she used to encourage him .He prayed to the judge that she should also be punished along with him for not guiding him so that he would become a good citizen.
In a nut shell it is the duty of all parents to inculcate good habits in to the minds of their wards so that they can become good citizens of the nation.and that the nation may be proud of them.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Yesterday as we were just sitting and chatting and that moment the phone rang and we were in shock that one our relative who was just a 30 years old expired .The irony of fate was that a years ago his mother died and the relatives avoided to convey the message to him as we was on sick bed in the hospital.He became well after some time and now again fell ill due to liver complications and this time the bad luck over powered him and he lost his breath.Earlier his brother also had a bad luck and he was killed when he was in the car along with his friends and the ill fated car collided with tanker and the fur occupants died at the spot.Now there his father one son married and grand mother just looking towards hollowness of life just remembering them with tears in their eyes .All the relatives gathered there and mourned the untimely deaths of the dear ones in that family.Still we believe that God never does injustice to any body.We cannot disobey the will of God and life has to continue.We pray to God that He will give courage to the concerned family to bear the unbearable loss. So I am at loss to find the fate and what is written in it .Man cannot disobey the WILL OF GOD THE ALMIGHTY.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Won or lost.............Fate ?

Once a story came to my mind .The story was like this that a handsome youth wearing a golden chain round his neck and his face was gleaming , was travelling on foot on a lonely road.It was a hot summer day and he was tired and as such sat under the tree to take some rest .Soon he was in deep slumber.He was sleeping without knowing what fate was in his store.As he was sleeping so many things would had happened.As he was sleeping by side of road it so happened that a rich couple was passing by that road and they saw a handsome young man was sleeping under the tree.They just stood there and a thought came to their mind that why not they should adopt the handsome youth as they had no son and they had earned much and there was no body to inherit.All through their life the God had not blessed with a son.As they were thinking another thought came to there mind and they went away .
As they went a away a king and queen were sitting on a royal car riot( royal bughi) were passing from that route.seeing a youth sleeping under the tree the king ordered his royal bughi to stop .The king asked his queen look a handsome youth just enjoying his sleep.The king and queen were also worried about their kingdom as they were not having any son to succeed their vast empire .They were thinking what was the use of expanding their empire when there was no one to inherit.As they were thinking a flash message was received by them that some neighbouring king had attacked their kingdom.So hurriedly they went away.
Later on the robbers were passing by that route and they noticed that a young man was sleeping under the tree.When they came closure they noticed that the youth was wearing a golden chain round his neck and they were sure that he might have enough money in his pockets .Then they decided to kill him and rob him of.They started to sharpen their weapons knives and daggers.As they were in process of sharpening their weapons they heard the sound of barking of dogs and the sound of barking dogs was becoming louder and louder.At this point they ran away from the scene leaving all the weapons by the side of youth.
After some time when he woke up and found some weapons by his side he was frightened and hurriedly ran towards the town.During his sleep he was unconscious and did not know what was in his fate at one moment he might had been a rich person had the rich couple would have adopted him and in the other moment he might be king of vast empire had he been adopted by the king and queen. To my mind no body knows what God has stored in ones fate and mysterious are ways of God.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Damages by floods

I remember that when I was going to be retired I was posted at Gorakhpur in 1998 (6/1998 to 30/11/1998) and I was given the charge of !irrigation works circle newly created at that time by Up Govt.In those years also there was heavy rains and it was said that it had broken the records of heavy rains of 100 years.It was reported that Nepal had released the water from the barrages and dams so as to save the dams and their villages in Nepal.In those days also our senior officers were sent to Nepal but it was a sad story that nothing could be achieved and our heavy earth moving machines and staff came back and without doing much work and the result was that so many villages of Sant Kabir Nagar , Deoria Basti,,Mau . Ballia ,and Gorakhpur were submerged and heavy damage and loss to property and lives were reported.I had seen the vast sheet of water with some of villages sitting on high lands and some took the shelter on tree tops.While inspecting the lift canals we had face the problems of silting with the result our lift machines could not operate.While plugging the breaches I noticed that some times some shori ( hole created by mouse just like tunnel in the dam )could create wide breach.The moment it is noticed it should be plugged by the controlling staff at the bund site.The bunds should be properly maintained and annual repairs should be completely adhered.There are about 55 bunds out of which 53 bunds were breached in and around Gorakhpur The Govt suspended the engineers and inquiries were set up which later on prolonged for so many years .The Govt was very keen in suspending the engineers but not pondering the reality of the situation .The Govt sanctioned some fund for repairs too late when the next rain started and the petty contractors and big contractors used say that they were not able to carry out works because their so and so claims were pending and the half hearted efforts were made.The ministers used to do aerial survey and hold meetings in the circuit houses of the districts and just to pass on the blame on the engineers.Later on the funds were used to allot on quarterly basis by the then Govt resulting in doubt whether the funds for planned works would be sanctioned or not and if so how much?.Every year the pre monsoon works should be planned and the canals should be desiltd and the banks should be strengthened.Likewise the pre monsoon works as written in rules should be taken up well in advance .During rainy season the patrols and watch men should be on duty with torch and weapons and some handy materials like sand bags ,boulders .sand ,pea gravel etc should be available to plug the breaches There should be also watch towers and hutments for chawkidars on such sites .Proper gauge register should be maintained of all the rivers and dams and reservoirs and there should be alarm system for evacuation on the down stream of the rivers and dams in case the level crosses the danger marks..The rivers training works should be taken up if we go on bracketing the river to save cities in that case the villages on the down stream are bound to be flooded.The Govt should take up the matter with Nepal Govt to save so many lives in Bihar and some projects to should be taken up so that lives and properties can be saved in future.Sanctioning of 1000 crores after so many casualties and loss can be avoided if the political will and the will of the public is created.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Morning and evening walks by senior citizens in M block park saket

While daily routine walks by senior s and elderly people I some times some interesting topics come up which have got no bearing but they may be correct.While walking one of my friend told me that we should do some thing while taking bath.He advised that just after the bath we should apply a bit muster oil by finger in ears and both nostrils and dhuni ( a Panjabi ward for nasal) and other genital parts and for joints on knees.He told me that if we do this daily we shall be able to inhale from both nostrils and get sound sleep also. Regarding rubbing mustard oil on knees he told me that that it gives relief from joints and stiff joints as this process lubricates the joints.He even claims that by applying oil in nostrils one gets relief if the bone is extended and it obstruct the one side of nose.I also remember that our respected Bauji also used to apply the mustard oil while bathing .This topic was interesting and worth a good advice .While chatting we have completed the 10 th round and came back to daily routine I have started the process and I shall tell after some time the net result

Another day during walk a different senior citizen a sadarji while walking was telling about the different phases of women in an ironical manner.He told us that woman is called Chandramukhi at the time of marriage .The husband promise s that he will bring stars for her and compares her charm with that of moon .As the time passes her face glooms and she looks beautiful and she shine like a sun and husband calls her Suramukhi and follows her orders happily just like a desciplend soldier or slave or yes man.He looses his courage of saying no to her commands and life goes on .Now comes the final phase of woman that is Jawlamukhi and that is most dangerous in a sense that the man becomes weak as usual and then scumbs to her wishes and remains silent .This is universal cycle and if we believe in in rebirth then it may be that in the next cycle the wife will become husband due to her dictating traits and the man becomes wife due submissive traits.I have to say that all this a mythical thoughts which have not been solved even thosands of years have elapsed.So every morning some new topic automatically crops up fades in nothing conclusive.One thing is there that all people who come for walk return with satisfied frame of mind.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


As a thought came to mind as how to differentiate between good and bad people.In my opinion good people are those who think good for the other human being and also of the universe and all the creatures and see the image of God in them.A good person is very much kind and always ready to help the other s who are in trouble and whosoever comes to him for help . On the contrary the bad people are those who always up to to create trouble for others and always think bad for the human being and nay of the whole universe.All good people are peace loving and the bad people are just the reverse.What you say about terrorist as they are always thinking bad of others and create panic and even kill the innocent people they are the worst .These people have got no religion but in the cover of religion and liberation etc commit sin against the humanity .In my opinion to serve the humanity is the best service to God Or Allah Or Jesus Christ or Saint Guru Nanak Dev ji.Whenever I see the acts of terror or crime a thought comes t0 my mind why people behave like beasts.If God has created us all why such good behavior was not given to all.As a matter of fact this is also sort of pollution which comes in the human behavior by environment and surroundings and our culture is polluted .When a baby is born he or she is as pure as God but later the surroundings and good and bad culture starts its effect.Natural disasters are also occurred causing huge lossof human beings when we do not follow the laws and the natural equilibrium is effected.In this world the best theory is ' Live and let live' Love begets Love , Hate the bad habit not the bad person.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Baby Ahana ' s birth

As were sitting and waiting regarding the new arrival of the cute baby the news from my son came that baby Ahana has come and he wished us and we also reciprocated in the same zeal.As matter of fact the joy would have been better had Montoo would have been here in India .We would have called all the near and dear ones and performed all the religious obligations with great pump and show.This is the one Addison in our Sethi family. As per report from Montoo the Ahana 's date of birth is 1/ 8 / 2008 and time is !.59 AM weight is 8.05 lb and height is 20 Inches place of birth is Freemont San francisco California We also send our good wishes to Kitty and Ahuja family on this good news

Baby Ahanais birth

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Our culture is the best

Yesterday I mentioned about fathers day and the children are drifting away from our old culture and bending towards western which I suppose is not a good sign.I am not against western culture and I regard the tremendous progress made by them .We only harp that we had Uran Khotolas(aeroplanes) in our past and our fore fathers used to fly in Uran Khtolas.We term that to days Aeroplanes resemble with the then urdan Khatolas.All the inventions are being made in western countries WHY ?The reply is not far to seek .The western countries devoted much time on scientific progress and the Governments of those countries encouraged them and even taken care of all the expenditures .They exerted honestly in their pursuit and are successful.They have developed the technology and now entering the space.In our country there is no dearth of brain and we have given the world so many contributions and now even the western countries also are convinced that we have the brain and we can lead the world in almost all fields like technology science, medicines and all the other spiritual teachings etc. Our government should encourage them by way of full and honest support by giving scholarships and stipends so that those who are involved in development of technology and science may not worry about for their daily bread and butter needs.Once our prime minister Honble Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru said that the Engieers are the pillars of our country.It is no doubt that the scientists , engineers etc are the backbone our nation but the need of hour is to support them to lead our nation and bring all the projects on firm footing of progress.The good olden image of Sone ki Chirya will be soon a reality.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fathers Day on 15 th june 2008

As I got up in the fine morning I happened to remember that today is the fathers say .I switched on the the TV and it reminded me that this is auspicious day.I reminded to my daughter that it is a fathers day so she immediately gave me her good wishes for this day.I hurriedly asked her what is her massage she at once told me that I am her best friend and good guide.I was pleased to hear this .Later on I told The Young's our grand sons that today is fathers day what they are planning for their father they immediately told me that they want to purchase some greeting card .I immediately gave them Rs 5o/ for this purpose and they rushed to the market and searched the cards but alas they could not find the cards.I was astonished that they brought the box pastries and they wrapped these in gift pack and took these for presentation .This a natural and purest form feelings which have come from the within .Now I have searched the email site for about two times but there was no greeting from my son who lives in USA .This type of incidents hurt the elders when they see that their own don't take care of these minor precautions.In good olden days we teach our children to touch the feet of their parents and get ashirwad but this our culture is vanishing and we are copying the western culture .It has been proved that our culture is the best and ethics are based on Ramayan wherein it is mentioned what are the duties of sons and daughters and all the relations as matter of fact.We are forgetting our own culture which my own opinion is not good.As a matter of fact in our culture all days are father day and mother day .Now the technology has made this more easy and all the children can stay connected with their parents either physically or by phones and Internet.But basic difference which is erupting that the children don't want to stay in joint family and try to stay away for sake their own comforts leaving the elderly people falling easy prey to the domestic helps or other criminals.I respect the civilisations of the west where all the people do their work by themselves and they don't depend upon the domestic helps.More over in India the domestic servants are doing all type of crimes when they get the secrets of the families in which they are working.All the efforts by Government and police failed in this scenario.In other countries the Govt takes care of the older people and give them all the facilities.In those countries they gave them old age pensions also.These are my personnel views and in no way have any malice feelings against any one.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Strange incidents of past

While I was sitting I remembered that my Bhapaji ( eldest brother late sohan lal sethi ) was driving the scooter and it was a evening and I was sitting behind him and we were returning from Faridabad to Delhi .In those days we were living in Manakpura near Bara Hindu Rao.Delhi.I noticed that my Bhapaji used to sleep while driving scooter.He advised me that I should carry on talking all the time lest he might get sleep and an accident might occur.The moment I stopped talking I found that he was overpowered by slumber.As soon as I was about to wake him up our scooter skidded under the belly of cow standing at right angles on the road and we fell down on the Kacha road.Any way he were not hurt and carried on our journey towards Delhi .When we reached Nizammudin road bridge and our scooter was running majestically on the road and we were very happy and getting the thought of how we were dashed against the Cow body and just rolled down to the side slope of road and clinching with each other .LO ! a sardar ji appeared on the Nizamudin bridge and he wanted to cross the road but he was in a fix some times he moved forwards but at same time moved back wards and my bhapaji was also could not balance the scooter and any way we some how went ahead but during in that process Sardarjis hand stuck on my shoulder and shirt and he just pulled it so hard that my short and banyan was torn away from my left side and I was just wearing half shirt and banyan.Then Bhapaaji called me whether any thing happened with me when that sardarji crossed the road..To that query I replied that I would tell him on reaching home.As soon we reached home my Bhapaji found me wearing torn shirt and banyan and inquired from me where was the other portion of my shirt ? I replied laughingly that the other portion of shirt and banyan was taken away by sardarji and I also let him took away otherwise some accident would have taken place.These were just memories and I still remember him who later on died due scooter accident.I bow my head to the departed pious soul and we all pray that the pious soul must rest in peace under the divine feet of THE ALMIGHTY GOD.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Strange memories of past and present

Today as I was having a walk in M block park Saket in the evening I saw one of our residents was beating a person who was dead drunk and lying in the park .Another, his friend was also sitting by his side.It was told that these two fellows were making friendship with child of one our residents.He was sipping some cold drink and at the same time offering the drink to the child .On getting suspicious we inquired from and they told us the contradictory stories so we had to thrash them and met the parents of that child and advised them to remain with the child as long as they are in the park as some times kidnappers may roam about .Some time ago a person was seen in the park luring the children by offering Chocolates or sweets.Any way it is happening of today but it has reminded me of old happening when I was in 5 Th class and returning from Ramjas school and I was crossing the Ajmal Khan park ( Again Park ) I was lured by some person and he tried to be friendly with me and promised to give me gifts and that I would enjoy and he would show me the picture and dinner at hotel.As I was lured and sat with that person on the tanga which was coming from Karol Bagh to Bara Hindu Rao .All of a sudden a thought came to me that my Bauji told me that I should not take gifts from strangers and also don't trust the strangers I jumped from the tanga and ran as fast as I could towards my house at Manakpura.The child should be taught by parents that they should not trust the strangers and don't accept gifts.From the childhood all necessary precautions should be told to the children by their parents .Had The stranger been successful I would not been here to write this blog.Here the child had already told the stranger his name and home address .Had we not caught him the child would have gone..........?You must have read the real happening of Pander and Koli who have butchered so many innocents,Such persons if proven guilty must be given the severest punishments As the matter is in the court I would not comment on this matter..At the same time parents should also take care of their children as for as security is concerned .One thing I have noticed that while we were thrashing those criminals who were drunk no body of the residents and labour class near by came to our support as such this tendency is not good.Regarding security we the residents should make security committees and also watch the parks in groups and these committees should be registered with police chawki and police should be in touch with these committee members.If our children are saved our nation is saved and only then we can dream of complete Sawraj as Mahatama Gandhiji had dreamt.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Life at the age of 67 years is bonus life ?

I was remembering the old golden days when we have got energy and used to get enjoyment at every moment.Although there are no worries even then we feel in secured and we have got no company . Life of retirement is also difficult because we have got no work to do and goal to achieve.It is true saying 'all work and noplay makes JACK a dull boyHere the position is different that no work and no entertainment makes us as dull as if there is no life at all.As a matter of facthere should be some aim for which we should strive all the life long we were running after to earn and spend on the well being of our children and a day comes that they flew away and don't bother that they should be in touch with their parents.On one side they may be right in thinkingthat way but about the parents who have spent the whole life on the children and they do not respond to parents .In my opinion the children should at least so often respect their parents as tenderly as they were brought up by their parents.If this happens then only the bonus life of elderly persons will be happier and peaceful.In the old mythology it written that elderly persons give ashirwad to the children and say that life of their kids should be long and prosperous and they should be prosperous (Dundaon Nahao and Puto Pheloan ) but they don't ask for themselves.In this age of different culture the children have become self centered and think of their own comforts leaving their parents stay alone and insecured.I have to stress that we should give respect our elders and try to interact with them this not mean that the children sit with their parents leaving all the work.The should balance their routine in such a way that parents should feel secured and feel that they are being looked after by their children.I Was touched by seeing the picture Bhagban wherein the children made the life their parents hell due to their selfish ends.Although one can say it is picture but in my opinion it is happening in real life of so many elders .This picture is an eye opener to so many younger and at the same time

to the parents Actually at this bonus life we are scared of remaining lonely and not being respected and no incentives of saying few words of appreciation .If the children say few words ofrespect to the parentsdaily and go for work after touching the feetoftheirparents and getting their blessings I am sure that they will be 100 % surely will win in their field and in all walks of life. They should know the meaning of mother who brought up their kids and so often slept on the wet bed and she slept her baby on the dry bed.While bring up she had sacrificed her all comforts and spent many many sleepless nights.With this remark I think I have truthfully expressed my feelings and I also emphasise that this my personnel remark and in no way any ill feeling to any body.I shall feel obliged if I am excused if any thing I have written wrong or contrary.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Visit to Dehradun on 26 th April 2008

Recently we were invited to attend the first birth day of dear Eklavya son of Jatin and grand son Of our sister Kamlesh.We hurriedly made a programme and we along with Anu Gaurav Kids Soni and Ashi and Sh DB KOHLI ,sister Basant .,her daudgter Alka and kids,Deepak Kohli and family My elder brother Sh D V Sethi and Bharjiji and Krishna Sethi Bharjaiji. and boarded the train Shatabdi 0n 26 th April.The journey was quite nice and comfortable.Dehradun was hot at 42 degree C but we enjoyed a lot as the people and relatives were very hospitable and polite.The arrangement of birthday celebrations were excellent as is done on marriages.We stayed there for 2 days and returned on 28 Th by Hazrat Nizamudin A C Special train .We shall remember this journey and get together throughout our lives.Thanks to Gaurav who made tremendous efforts in booking on line the railway tickets.Thanks to Om Jijaji Sister Kamlesh,dear Jatin Pirya and family for lovely company and hearty send off.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Picture shooting at Saket(3 to 12 th Feb 2008)

While sitting in our house all of a sudden we found people thronging our M block Saket and out of curiosity I along with others asked what was the matter and it was heard that some picture shooting was being organised by some company .It was learnt that the pictures name was ,MERE KHUABON MEIN which would be released in the month of May or June.This was organised in the house M- 87 and in the house M-70 .As a matter of fact the organisers wanted two houses on double storey and one single storey just in front.While shooting the picture they have changed the name plate of the house and put up a fresh name plate as MR Mathure at M- 87 and in house M-70 as Mr Kumars .The shooting was being conducted from 9 am to 9 pm daily and there was a great fun during start .we have seen some of the actors viz Shahbaz khan , Randip Huda ( Of mansoon wedding fame),Anjan Srivastava( OF Malgoodi days fame) and actresses Rima Sen some others Tv serial of JIGYA YASA .The shooting was wonderful actors and actresses were nice .They have hired some of the rickshaw walas and some vegetable sellers and paid them handsomely .The whole lane was decorated tastefully while taking scenes of wedding procession.Security arrangement was wonderful . The local police and bouncers ( security persons )of the actors and actresses were some times tough and we were not allowed to come out 0f our houses during shows as there was some difficulty but we enjoyed the shows and we shall remember these shows and whenever this picture will release we shall boast of our M block Saket.One thing was lacking that the organisers did not thank the residents and thanks giving cards should have been distributed among the colony/ lane residents.The actors and actresses should have met door to door at least to the lane residents and thanked them for the co operation .I met some of the actors and actresses and the directer Mrs Anand who was found to have the nicest nature.Any how the shooting was a good event in the history of M block Saket New Delhi

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Life at Saket New Delhi

While sitting a thought came to mind that why the people and neighbours at Saket don't live peacefully and it is generally seen that people / neighbours are ready to fight on petty matters like parking or boasting that every body has contacts with high ups. In my opinion that people should adopt the policy of live and let live.I have the occasion of trying to show people that the clean Delhi is my Delhi and I joined the then MCD councillor and large gathering started cleaning the road from PVR along with councillor and ended at J block Market saket.All this had no effect on the public some photography videos were made and some press reporters gathered and the whole initiative taken by councillor had no effect and Clean Delhi dream was shattered .
This had a negative effect that when that councillor fought election he was surprisingly defeated in MLA election.Again while having a morning walk in M block park Saket once I asked an elderly Sanyasi that he had left all the mess where he took all the meals and left on the bench of the park I told him that he had done mistake .He rudely replied that he would not do and left the scene saying that if I had interest then I should do the cleanig of the left overs..In the similar people know the rights but not the duties as a good citizen. Most of the people cant find the space for parking as such try to grab the road space in front of other houses.Acute shortage of parking space is also due to the reason that each hose usually have 3 to 5 cars in the same house resulting in shortage and unpleasant situations. Similar situation exists in almost in whole Delhi.There is a great rush when the Schools are opened and then when the students go back to their houses when schools are closed.The opening of so many malls and district centre has made the situation of roads the worst.Continuing .........dated 6/3/08

Friday, February 22, 2008

My Bauji"s Legacy After Partition period (part 2)

Remembering the old time memories of our Bauji's truthfulness and his legacies I remember that Once after partition he used to discuss the which business was to be done during printing work.He was against to make and print the material which taught us bad things whether it was playing cards or some cartons of baby pistol.Once a firm came to us that we should make the cartons of Baby Pistols manufactured by M/s Ramesh Toys BaraHindu Rao .Again as a principal he told My brother that we should refuse but as we were getting extra money my brother accepted the order.We got printed the cartons of baby pistol and worked hard to complete the order. The material was supplied to the firm but as you know the pistol whether it was a toy or actual it gave bad idea of cruelty to the tender minds of the children.So the legacy of Bauji was that it should be shunned .The material was not lifted and the card board cartons remained stacked in stores and after some times there were so many scorpions in whole lot and the same stuff was wasted and to be burnt .So we had to suffer loss .Again I remember my Bauji was offered a job by some leather shop as a cashier on arrival in Delhi after partition by the firm named M/s Labhu Ram and Ram Labhaya and Sons at Sadar Bazar area.He refused this job because he hated the leather shop as it dealt with skin of goat and sheep.To his belief it was cruelty towards animals,.He used to say that he would prefer to be hungry than to do job which was bad in his own eyes and in the eyes of the GOD .We remembered that we used to eat Roti without any vegetable and we had to eat roties with salt and chillies and water. All this prove that Baujis Legacy was great and we still try to follow those teachings and remember him although he is resting under the Divine feet of the GOD.

My Bouji"s Legacy after partition period

While sitting and going back to memory when our family was struggling for making both ends meet my beloved Bauji used to sit for meditation and used to utter Gyatri Mantras and Sandya daily in the morning and evening .He used to be very calm and to my Knowledge I had not found him enraged or tense.He used to say that if you had will nothing is impossible.He used to teach me the Sandya and Bhajans of Arya Samaj.Once he told us that If we wanted success then we should sit in meditation for some time and say," we will succeed, we will succeed ,we will succeed and God give me the courage" and told me that it will surely work and you would be suucessful. He was a practical man but very calm .Once it so happened that he was arguing to my eldest brother late Sohan Lal sethi who was very fast and wanted to be successful and wanted to start the business of printing Playing Cards Disagreeing to this idea My Bauji was of the opinon that we should not start this type of business as the playing cards was not good idea as this taught the public a sort of gambling and all the ills started from playing cards and it was a waste of time and it was the mother of all crimes.If you lost the game then it was ok but if you won then the other losing party would not allow you to go and some times the events took ugly situation and one cuold lose the life.He cited the example of Mahabharta and told that due to gambling a great war of Mahabhart was fought .Any way My brother started the business and named the firm English Playing Card company.Actually in those days Eagle Playing Company was on the top and we copied the same.So many playing cards were printed and we gave the sole selling agency to some Bawa glass company at Chandni Chawk .But as bad luck would have it the product was not sold in the market.Then the agen cy told us to give blanket to attract the customer and we were told that that playing cards had a great market in south India and we had despatched the product but the same was returned on some pretext or the other.When I was at Mainpuri UP I was requested to go Kanpur to collect the money from Mullaji of Kanpur .I went to his shop and contacted him but he atonce replied that the material could not be sold and returned the material.We were put to huge loss and at this point our Bauji felt very much tensed and repeatedly told my brother that we should earn money by some useful and noble work.Then all the blocks were removed and put in the house in our tyaji house .The blocks were kept under the bed and and then the bad luck started in that house also finally those blocks were burnt down as those blocks were bringing bad luck Our house at Bara Hindu Rao was used to be full of playing cards and Montoo was a small child he used to play with so many waste of playing cards.I still believe that the playing cards dont bring good luck It was at midnight when I was sleeping at my Factory at Bara Hindu Rao Delhi where all along my sides there were playing cards and blocks of playing cards were there and I felt that some body was pressing me so hard that I woke up and searched the factory but there was no body and I was all alone .Out of fear I immediately closed the factory and ran to my house which was located on the first floor opposite to our factory.From that day I had developed some sort of hatred of playing cards .But I dont hate the persons but I hate the this evil only.So we have great respect of Our Bauji and his legacy of truthfulness and sincerity and hatred of the bad deeds in our lives.He used to say that earning by good deeds would bring up our children and mould them a good citizens of soceity.He used to say that only good deeds would go with the soul and a person would get eternity. Such was legacy of our Bauji and I bow my head to that departed soul which is resting at the devine feet of Almighty God.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Life at canada during the trip to canada During July to August 2007

During our trip to USA we hurriedly planned trip to Canada .As a matter of fact we had received a Viza for Canada and got it from India .We took a flight from Calfornia to Vancuor and it was a 2hours flight I along with Montoo and Aanya and shashi reached Vancuor at 8.30 pm and we hired a rental car and reached the destination at 10 pm.We were at Burnaby and my sister "s house was located on the high way and we had not to search much.Next morning we had seen so many places and we found all the places wonderful. Today as I am feeling sleepy so I shall continue later on ......

Friday, February 1, 2008

Comparison of life in USA and Canada( during June upto 27 th September 2007)

One day we went to sea area near Sanfrancisco and we had a great time fun.we have seen the crooked street and to dirve the car here is adangerous proposition I have seen the highest buildings and the bay area was a wonderful site.we have seen the ship and also we have seen where the prisoners were kept.As we were strolling it was a windy day and there was cold breeze blowing and as we sat in a restaurant we were shivering with cold.To save ourselves from cold we had to purchase the worm jackets.Then we sat for photos on the sea beach.We have seen the Chocklate machine and enjoyed a lot and returned to fremont.The weather of California remains almost same through out the year same as this is near sea.we had taken the woollen clothes but there was no need and the same had to be carried back.We had to wait for the week days so that we could enjoy with our children.But I had seen on week days our children remained busy on the computer .In USA it is generally seen that family members husbands and wives all work and they divide duties and on week days husbands have to help wives in running washing machine and house cleaning work and parenting and grooming the children .This is because both are working partners and they are compelled to do so.Any way they have no time to prepare or cook food so they mostly depend upon on fruits and baked items like bread and pastas etc.In a nut shell I mean to say that life at USA is very busy as is seen in India in the most of the metros cites. Continuing....

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Comparison of life in USA and Canada( during June upto 27 th September 2007)

While in USA as I had mentioned earlier that when I used to go for walks I met some sardars and some Gujratis and other Asians too.While talking the sardarji told me that when they were sitting in the park near fremont and they saw some young people enjoying and just playing .All of a sudden some of the yuongesters noticed them .They thought that their privacy was being disturbed so they came in a block and they took away their turbans and they returned the same when they were sure that they had not noticed any thing. After that incident they never went to that park again.In USA all the payments are made through cradit cards and every entry is made and the receipts are given invariably.There are less trasanctions in cash .Every body is bound to give tax.The Indians are hardworker and highly qualified like soft ware engineers and Doctors and they are well of and can earn handsome salary.But as the tax is too much they have to shed about 30 % tax out of their earnings.One of my friend helped me in curing diebates by advicing me to have morning and evening walks.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Comparison of life in USA and Canada( during June upto 27 th September 2007)

While we were in USA at California we were feeling rather isolated and thinking what the fun people get when they leave their mother land.For one week we were thinking what to do when our son and daughter in law were away to their respective jobs.Even the little kid also went to the school.We remained at house and just waited for the arrival of our son , daughter in law and Little grand daughter.Some times we used to went to the park nearby .We any how carried on this routine and daily going for walk in the park.By going to the park we developed the friendship with some of Indians .There are Gujarati's Sikhs and others south Indians .Some Punjabi's families were also befriended with us and we spent some time in the park.One day an old sardarji was sitting in the park and he was facing his back towards the lady sitting near the swing in the children park .I asked him why he was facing his back and sitting away from the lady.He replied that he was saving his honour .I asked him how then he told me that if by chance the lady had any objection and she called the police and she might say any thing and then he would be in trouble as the laws of USA go in favour of ladies and children.If any thing happens then immediately the police comes.He then narrated that once his grand son got hurt by falling from the bicycle and he was weeping in the house and the neighbour heard the voice of weeping of the child and he phoned to the police.In a spur of the moment the police came and started the questioning from the child.The child got frightened and he told that the mother had beaten him.The sardarji told that the boy was fallen from bicycle ans as such got heart .His mother was summoned from the work place and she replied that she had not beaten the child.Then sardarji also told that his daughter in law was not had a sound mind and he told them that she had not got the license of driving and even then she drives the car.So she should be pardoned so after much persuasion the matter was settled and the police went away.In another incident I was told that if you have got child and you have left the child alone in car then you can be sued.Every couple should have a baby seat and belt in the car .If any couple has twins in that case he should have two baby seats in the back seat of the car.In California the public transport system is not up to date and the frequency is not very fast.Generally all the citizens have cars and all the work is done by cars.Even the people go to purchase all the routine items of
daily use from the malls and use their car .If you have to go for hair cut then you need a car.So if you have no work permit ten you cannot survive.USA is costlier than Canada as regards rented accommodation and living cost.If you are not the citizen or a green card holder then you cannot get the medicine without the doctors advice.So if any body who is not a citizen has not any medical facilities.Only in blood relations can call their parents and support them .
If any item of the house hold is not required or is surplus or it is got defective it will be left out side the house and it can be lifted by any body.Most of the people notify and hold garage sales for surplus items or they can also hold garage sales if they are transferred to other of part of USA and they don't want to shift.All the houses are sold as fully furnished just to move in .
In Fremont alone about 10000 Indians live and all over we can find indian restaurants .Even you can have half baked ROTIES or even GOL Guppas Indian shops.Postal service is also very fast and if you want to send some letter then you have to lift the arrow fixed on the letterbox an d the post man will take out the letter and post it to its destination.Idea is that you have not go to the post office to drop that letter.Most interesting thing I noticed that if any body or family go to visit any other family and they have get together then they usually take a bottle of whisky and other items as mark of good gesture.It is in the same way as in India when we visit to our friend or relative we use to take fruits or sweets for the host family.You will not find so many people on the road.Mostly people use cars and some times you can find people on bicycle and there is a separate pavement for bicycles. Continuing.............

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Life at Saket New Delhi after retirement

Continuing with the case of Janakpuri I remembered that I lost the genuine case due the fact that my advocate did not put his whole efforts to win otherwise I would have won the case .Any way I had appealed in the high court.But the advocate here also taken the full fee before submitting the case and he had received the Fee Rs 35000/ in advance and extra for file of Rs 10000/for file and Rs13000/ for printing volume about 10 copies booklets for checking by the Court.I do not see any end of the case and just hoping against hopes.It will continue.............

Monday, January 21, 2008

Life at Saket New Delhi after retirement

After retirement I am pursuing a court case against Deepak Sabherwal and Sanjay Sabherwal who had made my signatures on the property papers of my Janak Puri DDA flat and sold it to some Manaktalla and this case has been lingering in the court for the last 13 years in Tis Hazari court and it is strange that I lost the case in the lower court and now I have appealed in the High court .