These are excerpt from my life experiences.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Morning and evening walks by senior citizens in M block park saket

While daily routine walks by senior s and elderly people I some times some interesting topics come up which have got no bearing but they may be correct.While walking one of my friend told me that we should do some thing while taking bath.He advised that just after the bath we should apply a bit muster oil by finger in ears and both nostrils and dhuni ( a Panjabi ward for nasal) and other genital parts and for joints on knees.He told me that if we do this daily we shall be able to inhale from both nostrils and get sound sleep also. Regarding rubbing mustard oil on knees he told me that that it gives relief from joints and stiff joints as this process lubricates the joints.He even claims that by applying oil in nostrils one gets relief if the bone is extended and it obstruct the one side of nose.I also remember that our respected Bauji also used to apply the mustard oil while bathing .This topic was interesting and worth a good advice .While chatting we have completed the 10 th round and came back to daily routine I have started the process and I shall tell after some time the net result

Another day during walk a different senior citizen a sadarji while walking was telling about the different phases of women in an ironical manner.He told us that woman is called Chandramukhi at the time of marriage .The husband promise s that he will bring stars for her and compares her charm with that of moon .As the time passes her face glooms and she looks beautiful and she shine like a sun and husband calls her Suramukhi and follows her orders happily just like a desciplend soldier or slave or yes man.He looses his courage of saying no to her commands and life goes on .Now comes the final phase of woman that is Jawlamukhi and that is most dangerous in a sense that the man becomes weak as usual and then scumbs to her wishes and remains silent .This is universal cycle and if we believe in in rebirth then it may be that in the next cycle the wife will become husband due to her dictating traits and the man becomes wife due submissive traits.I have to say that all this a mythical thoughts which have not been solved even thosands of years have elapsed.So every morning some new topic automatically crops up fades in nothing conclusive.One thing is there that all people who come for walk return with satisfied frame of mind.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


As a thought came to mind as how to differentiate between good and bad people.In my opinion good people are those who think good for the other human being and also of the universe and all the creatures and see the image of God in them.A good person is very much kind and always ready to help the other s who are in trouble and whosoever comes to him for help . On the contrary the bad people are those who always up to to create trouble for others and always think bad for the human being and nay of the whole universe.All good people are peace loving and the bad people are just the reverse.What you say about terrorist as they are always thinking bad of others and create panic and even kill the innocent people they are the worst .These people have got no religion but in the cover of religion and liberation etc commit sin against the humanity .In my opinion to serve the humanity is the best service to God Or Allah Or Jesus Christ or Saint Guru Nanak Dev ji.Whenever I see the acts of terror or crime a thought comes t0 my mind why people behave like beasts.If God has created us all why such good behavior was not given to all.As a matter of fact this is also sort of pollution which comes in the human behavior by environment and surroundings and our culture is polluted .When a baby is born he or she is as pure as God but later the surroundings and good and bad culture starts its effect.Natural disasters are also occurred causing huge lossof human beings when we do not follow the laws and the natural equilibrium is effected.In this world the best theory is ' Live and let live' Love begets Love , Hate the bad habit not the bad person.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Baby Ahana ' s birth

As were sitting and waiting regarding the new arrival of the cute baby the news from my son came that baby Ahana has come and he wished us and we also reciprocated in the same zeal.As matter of fact the joy would have been better had Montoo would have been here in India .We would have called all the near and dear ones and performed all the religious obligations with great pump and show.This is the one Addison in our Sethi family. As per report from Montoo the Ahana 's date of birth is 1/ 8 / 2008 and time is !.59 AM weight is 8.05 lb and height is 20 Inches place of birth is Freemont San francisco California We also send our good wishes to Kitty and Ahuja family on this good news

Baby Ahanais birth