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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Shashi Sethi"s Medical Bill

I am pleased to note that the medical bill of Shashi (My wife) has been forwarded to Meerut for checking from my CE UP Irrigation department.This bill was forwarded to CE in April 2013.Let us see how much time this will take to settle as the govt department takes too much time.We are hoping against hope as after retirement department no body listens. So what cannot be cured must be endured.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

45 th Wedding Anniversary and sweet memories dated 7th March 2014

We  are enjoying our wedding anniversary every year with great zeal and enthusiasm but this was our 45th wedding anniversary as such we decided to celebrate  it .As such it came to our mind to call our nearest relatives and enjoy to get the sublime pleasure among of our near and dear ones.Date was decided as 8 Th as it happened to be Saturday and the next day it would be Sunday.So we were selecting some old songs which are even today give the same pleasure as these were sung in olden years.On this all the preparations were made at  home and all of us and guests praised these delicious dishes.On this occasion Ramesh  Kumar Sabherwal  our respected Bhapaji thrilled the atmosphere with joy when he narrated some Shero Shary  and COL NK AHUJA had also cracked so many jokes and latest twists which amounted to be " this Sham aap ke Nam  ".We thanked all and enjoyed the dinner.I also narrated some old poems in URDU and Pashto mixed  language and photos were taken while distributing cake.Attending guests were as under  ...Col N K Ahuja, Mrs Manju Ahuja,Anu Mishra ( daughter), Mr Gaurav ( son in law)Rajat, and Namita  Special guest Miss Shushma ,Shashi ji s oldest school class mate Sanjay ( son) our respected  Krishna Bharjaiji and youngest one Amitabh our grand son .Those were the Happy Moments we were trying to preserve lest these are forgotten and fade into nothingness.