These are excerpt from my life experiences.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


On 22nd January 2016 I got up early and having bath I started for temple to do puja and after that I returned and was in deep meditation and rememberd him and his golden rules .It looked like that he is still with us shovering his blessings.But we are missing his soft touch and voice which he used to utter , Ram Nam Ka Muza jis ki Zuban par AA gya who saare padharth pa gya.  again Ram nam ki loot ha loot sake to loot    Unt kaal  pachhtaye ga Jab paran jainge chhoot.He used to utter some words Agah ki upni moat se kyi busher nahi  saaman so baras ka  pur pul ki kbabar nahi.He is always with us and we feel as if he is showing the right path to us .We pray to God that he must be under His Devine feet.

Monday, January 11, 2016

An immagination in january 2016

As I have read and seen on TV the cowardly act of terrorists that made a attack on Pathan kot air base I was stunt and shocked as these terrorist have attacked on humanity.One thing came to mind that A project should be made to equip our defence persons to have bullet proof helicopters with other defence gadgets to hit the terrorist where they may be hiding and firing.This armored scooters can reach near the hideouts and smash the terrorists and we can save our brave soldiers lives which are so precious for our motherland.As i have also mentioned that scooter with helicopter can be so designed that it can be
 safe for the rider as well as in difficult terrain  and hazardous weather and natural calamities and accident proof and shockproof.