These are excerpt from my life experiences.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy birth day of Shashi Sethi on 30 th July 2010

A s I woke up in the morning I just forgot to wish a happy birth day to Shashi Sethi and at the same time a bell of telephone rang and I picked up the phone and I was just heard "",hello dad where is mummy and asked Shashi that Montoo wants to convey good wishes on her Birth day "".Shashi has also reciprocated the feelings of Montoo and the kids and kitty and conveyed thanks to them.Only then I realised that it was my mistake and conveyed sorry to Shashi.In the evening I along with my little friend Soni brought the cake and celebrated it with some of our PGS and took some of the snaps.This was a simple event but we enjoyed with a zeal and refreshed our old memories.On this occasion Anu and Gaurav and P N Anand ,Santosh ,Dolly Subhash and Ashish Anand conveyed their good and sincere wishes to Shashi.We are grateful to them.It is noted here that Ashish Anand s birth day is on 30 th July .We recollect that we celebrated the birth day of both Shashi and Ashish Anand when we were in Canada during our visit to Canada in year 2007

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ragging in educational institutions

A few days back I have read in the newspaper that Govt is serious and has the intentions to get rid of menace of ragging and started taking affidavits from the students as well as from the parents that they will not take part in ragging of junior students.If the institutions and the students make up their mind then and then only we can heave a sigh of relief.After the court rulings no body should risk his whole career by indulging in ragging .Let us hope for the better and a day is not far when the freshers will feel a congenial environment in their colleges and will attend to their studies in a peaceful manner.I again recall how a sort of introduction of freshers was arranged by College authorities in year 1959 in Roorkee University.It was all official as I have narrated in my earlier blog.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lost things regained partially

When I was making account of my life I am satisfied that some of the lost things are found.It is a good sign that not every thing is lost.I got my L I C claim although I have to try again and again.I also found a tenant and the financial position is easing but slowly.I shall win the case of Janakpuri also.I am loosing the hope of getting any claim for the money which has been stollen through ATM misuse.I am happy and enjoying a peaceful life with little kids and fellow aged friends who go on telling their happy and sorrow experiences of their lives.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Jaipur fire in I O C depot about 8 months back

On 3/7/10 when I was viewing the TV I noticed the news that GM along with 9 0officer s of IOC were arrested on the charge of negligence for the unfortunate of fire which took place about 8 months back in JAIPUR IOC DEPOT.On seeing this news I was shocked as I knew that Mr Sayal was on sanctioned leave due to his brothers son marriage and more over his father was bed ridden and he came to Delhi to attend his ailing father.On hearing the sad accident he rushed back to attend his duties .At the time of accident he was not at the site and in his absence some other officer was looking after his duties in addition to his own. It is also worth mentioning that father of Mr R Sayal died after the incident .We know that Mr Sayal is quite efficient and hardworking and most dedicated employee of IOC who keep a point in mind that work is worship. In IOC the duties of each manager are distributed and all the staff are accordingly are placed in different beats and sections and more over vigilance is kept round the clock .Even then the accidents do happen as accidents are unseen occurrences.In this particular case the fire broke and engulfed the vast area and some people and IOC were killed .The departmental inquiry is pending to ascertain the actual reason and the precautions thereof have been taken or not.When the inquiry is pending the action of arresting all the officers en block and putting behind bars is not justified in my personal knowledge.The charges are yet to be framed and in eyes of law no one is guilty unless it is proved beyond doubt.More over suspension of the servant is only imposed when it is proved in the departmental inquiry that the concerned servant will be ultimately dismissed.When the officers or the servant is cooperating to the inquiry officer or the police arresting en block the whole unit will not serve the purpose .On the other hand the Govt will pay the suspension allowance and will not take any work from the suspended employees .This matter is technical and only techno crates can solve the issue and inquiry should be done as per CCA rules.In my opinion speedy inquiry should be made by technical experts committee and report its findings to the Govt for taking suitable action accordingly.All the above suggestions are quite my personal views and not prejudice against any one and the Govt should also consider the quantum of compensation to the IOC persons.labour and the public at large who were killed due this devastating fire to heel the pain of the kith and kin and family members .I have much regard for IOC as this govt undertaking has changed our lives and helping India in fields of oils and petroleum products.In my opinion arresting and suspensions are not cure and on the other hand demoralises the morale of employees concerned.Our sympathies are with those who were killed or injured in that fire in I O C DEPOT AT JAIPURE