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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Visit of Jhansi after long time and marriage of Ankush on 9th Nov 2008

I am writing this wonderful incident when we visited Jhansi after long time in connection with marriage of Ankush Sinah my wifes masis son .All of us including Alka Syal,Anu Misra, Gaurave Misra and Ashitabh and Amitabh boarded the Shatabdi from New Delhi and hired the Taxis in the mornig at 6 am on 9th Nov2008.I was wonder struck to see those children who used to be kids now married and some of them having school going children .It was just like a reunion of old and youngs alike.Jhansi is a small place and not so costly .You have a round in Rs 50/ or so as it is spread within 5 to 10 Km The marriage procession near chitra Chauraha started with great enthusam and we were dancing on the diffrent tunes I dont know from where I got strenght and danced contonuosly along with Anu ( my daughter) and other younger ones .Some of the old persons were astonishing and sometimes I also felt that it was not the age to dance,but the fact remains we should remain in the company of youngs and you will feel young.When we feel sick and ailments like dibetes and bp we invite trubles and our soul stars feeling of sickness.We dont Know why I feel like dancing and fotget the bordom of old age. At same time when one comments when comments that we should not dance or enjoy at old age gives me signal of depression.At old oge one feels depression on each word if one is neglected.Some times our children also encourage this negative feeling among seniors or parents by neglecting or not respecting the pains they (parents) took while bringing them and moulding the kids to face the world and stand up on their own legs in their careers.I met old Raj Mamiji and their sons who are also ill now days but they are brave enough that they are not loosing heart.We all wish them to recover soon.In old days it was almost customery to play playing cards on some special ocassions like Diwali and on marrige ocassions.So we played cards with Bhasin,Deepak ,Afsar ,Anu .Neena Ajay Veena,Raju Anand etc I lost about Rs 500/and then we took the train Shatabdi.We were lucky to get the lost 2 births as we were on wait list.Back home we remember the sweet memories of Jhansi.I still remember the gettogether at Jhansi