These are excerpt from my life experiences.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

A visit to Jhansi a pleasure trip

On 7th Feb 2015 I got message from my daughter to visit a function of farewell of students of 12 class in her school Hansraj Modern School  Jhansi. .We were in seventh heaven of delight to this message .We  were ready and boarded the train and in couple of hours we reached Jhansi. We attended the music night and the performance of the children which was excellent and the chairman . was a great speech which encouraged the students to rise in their fields hard labour .As  I have so many times quoted so many times the usual share  Mahnet Karo Azizo  Mahnet Se Kam Hoga  Kahatey hain Jise Wakt  AA KAR Gulam HOGA.After visit to  all my relatives  and friends we returned to our place Delhi with satisfied frame of mind.This visit will be a memorable for whole of life.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


On 04/02/2015 I lost my purse somewhere in my house and I tied my best to trace the same but I could not find it so far.After that now I am losing hope to get it BACK. The purse contained the important documents such as pan,driving licence Registration No.  of cars and credit card and approximate RS 9500/ in cash.Now I am thinking to lodge a report and then I have start the process of getting duplicates from different authorities.My routine has been affected so badly due this mistake.The old age is somewhat brings forgetfulness.When I informed grand kids they informed me that Nana just Chill and gave reasons that don't effect your health on account of this mistake.This gave me courage that I should not be afraid of obstacles Money which was in my purse was about Rs 9500/.Waiting for some one return the documents and keep the money I don 't mind I am hoping against hopes and think that something  good  may turn up.