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Monday, May 11, 2015


In the month of May 2015 we have received the sad news of sad demise of Mrs Sheeli W/o Sh Madan Lal Arora and went to Gurudwara Sector 15 Faridabad to pay homage to the departed noble soul.When we attend the shanti path or Ardas we pray to God that the soul should get peace under the Divine feet of THE ALMIGHTY.We all also pray that God should give enough courage to bear the unbearable loss.As time passed  on the next day we got the sad news of sad demise of Mrs Ahuja w/o Mr M.M.Ahuja  who was quite hale and hearty and all of sudden she fell but her grand son gave her the helping hand and all of them rushed to  Hospital but after some time doctors could not revive her and it was declared that death was caused due to cardiac arrest or massive heart attack. We all pray to God that HE should give peace to the departed noble soul and enough courage to family members to bear this unbearable loss.Today we have received another sad news that Mr Chitkara  expired in the morning today He had been our neighbor and a very social and noble person.We pray to God The Almighty that He should give peace under  His Divine feet  and enough courage to his family members  and relatives to bear this unbearable loss. Tearful condolences  to all the nobles souls.