These are excerpt from my life experiences.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Strange Dreams

Yesterday at 5 am(18 Th Oct 2011) as I was sleeping I found my old house near Bara Hindu Rao and walking near my primary school.As I was treading I saw Sai Baba in one of old garage of double storey building .I just entered in that room I saw Sai Baba who was sitting in old attire just a Dhoti and saffron long shirt.He called me and then inquired about me ,He just gave a Prasad to me and then he rather ordered me to have more and I had to take the Prasad for three times .In that dingy room some other devotees were also sitting .In the spur of moment Sai Baba stood up and went inside the TV type screen and started dancing and on the screen the birds pea cock and the animals also dancing along with him .Sai Baba was a Small statured man and having long curly .There was no affect of old age .He was smiling all the time.After that I went out side towards model Basti area and I found other devotees who offered me some Prasad which was some Small and bib fishes 'As they were handing over those fishes to me those fishes slipped into the tank .So I refused to have that and the matter ended .In this way the lives of those fishes were spared.So then I returned to my house at the same time some body knocked at our door and I woke up with those memories fresh in my mind.This shows that great persons whose soul is pious always remain in the air and come to earth in any form to help the world and to teach the lesson of love and harmony among all wordly creations of God.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dashehra and old rememberances

When ever Dashehra festival comes we remember that Lord Rama the symbol of virtues just conquered the symbol of evil the Ravana the king of Lanka.On the effigy of Ravana there is of a effigy of Ass on the top of ten heads and faces of Ravana .The Ass shows that although Ravana was a learned scholar but his deeds were bad .He (Ravana ) did not acted on the best and intelligent advice of Vibhishan(RAVANS BROTHER) and fought with Rama and ultimately was killed .In this way there was a victory of good on the evil.Now a days the life has become so fast and there is no place to burn effigy of Ravana Kumbhkaran and Meghnath and people have to burn effigies in small places in Delhi and major Ramlila is performed at Ramlila ground which are witnessed by the celebrities and the general public alike.I remember during my childhood we used to go to Ramlila ground and we used to collect the bones of Ravana small pieces of bamboos half burnt and used to feel pride of our efforts of collections.I still remember when we were residing in Manakpura near Filmistan we used go to Ramlila ground near Kishan Ganj area and enjoyed a lot in those childhood days.Now the ages have gone by that we have seen Ramlila.During my service time when I was posted at Allahabad we had seen that Dashehra was celebrated with great pump and show and the whole night the chawkies and jhankies were arranged in processions and people along side bazaars were overcrowded where the prossesions used to pass.People used to take seats enroute and also on the roof tops of the houses to have glimpse of Lord Rama ,Sita mata Laksman and Hanuman etc We used to return early morning to our residence at Alopibagh with satisfied frame of mind .This period was from year 1973 to 1981