These are excerpt from my life experiences.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Dream Mithai Ka Desh

One night I found my self flying as high and entered into the clouds and I noticed that I was in some different world into the space .I saw a very decorative white gate with shining silver thin sheets wrapped around on the the pillars and a shinning canopy hung majestically .I noticed that it was written in blue colour" Mithai Ka desh " The gate was shinning and glittering just like with gems emitting different colours .My eyes were for that moment were amazed and I was spell bound to seethe beautiful scenery all around.As I was about to enter through that gate I was stopped by two soldiers in brown uniform they were carrying some swards and spears which were all made of sugar.I then had to pause and bent forward to see who they were and why they were stopping me to enter?To my astonishment I found them to be smosas with there belly's bulging out .I pushed them and entered into that Desh .The soldiers along with battalion of army of Smosas surrounded me and showed me the arrest warrants and escorted me before the Queen .Look "Radiant of features and regal of means and it was a Burfi Queen." They handcuffed me with the help of chains which were nothing but Jallabies with half circle and full circles curling around my wrists .I again noticed that some of these chains were oozing out and sweet fluid of sugar from them and it made the handcuffs slippery and I was free but I was heavily chained and I could not escape and finally I was standing before the Burfi Queen .On seeing myself she cried that I was a alien .The prose cuter read out the charges against me and I could not defend myself as there was no defence lawyer from my side and I was found guilty and then I was sentenced to Milky Pani instead of Kala Pani .I saw a milky Pani as big as as a glass of milk .As I was hungry I pounced on that glass and drank all the milk.A panic prevailed and the session was called by Hon"ble Burfi Queen and it was resolved in the parliament that if such a prisoner kept for long period in captivity the economy would fail and the residents of that Mithai Ka Desh would not survive and the whole country would turn into heaps of spoiled mithais like Smosas Burfies,Ladoos ,Balu Shai,Ragoolas ,Glub Jamuns ,Jalabies .These items would not exist and the very existence of Mithai Ka Desh was bound to be threatened.So the parliament passed the orders that I should be thrown out of that country.So the whole army of sweets caught hold of me and pushed me out of that country As I was given a strong kick I fell down and I found that I was fallen from my bed and then only I realised That it was a dream.Whenever I remember that dream my spine starts pinching with blissful remembrances.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


One day as I was searching my inner concious to define truth I was not at able to define the truth.Then how to believe which is truth?Scientifically which we see is true and it is believd to be true.Even then some times which we see becomes true and on the other hand we dont see with our own eyes is also deems to be true.Now take the example that we have not seen our own birth but it is true that we have been born and exist .If we give this logic that we have not seen GOD but it is true that there is The Almighty God who is present every where and guiding all the forces in whole universe.Some believe that it is Nirakar (which has got no image and shape )but still He is present every where .So we should trust the God and beleive it to be true and never go against the wish of God and spread His Message of peace and love and affaction to all humanity and His creations.We should always hear our own inner voice of suol which never tells wrong and even telles you which is wrong and which is write.It is the greed and lust that over powers the inner voice and man gets lost and does wrong .A milk man when tries to deceive the customer and adds water in milk to increase the volume of milk he will hide himself behind the door or goes inside to hide his misdeed .While doing so he forgets that God is seeing him as God is every where.
If a patient goes to the docter and says that he cannot see and wants that docter should any how operate his eyes and bring back his eyesight.For this work he pays the necessary fee to the docter .After getting the fee the doctor operats the eyes of the patient and the patient eyes become normal.The patient is very much thankful to the doctor.But on the otherhand man forgets the omni present Almighty God who has bestowed all HIS blessings on the man and he forgets every thing and all the blessings of GOd and never remembers HIM So it is our poius duty to remember God on every moment and thank HIM so profuosly till our lost breath.In my opinion this is the only truth and the good deeds only goes with the piou soul which finds place under the devine feet of GOD.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Annual Day (junior Section) of Amity school saket on 5/10/2008 Sunday

Today I attended the junior section of Amity International school saket.The cheif guests were Ambassader Of Afghanistan Mr Sayed Makhdoom Raheen and Mr Sami M.Salem Minister PlenipotentiaryDeputy Chief of Mission ,Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt.The function with the agenda of proress report of the academic and extra curricular activities of the Amity .welcome song was sung by the tiny tauts .I was wondering how confidence they have on English and the oratory skill was wonderful.The drama of brave Tin soldiers was exellent.Sond and light effects was also worth praising.The prize distribution was carried out by the distingushed chief gueststo the students who secured marks above 90 percent and who represented in games in international level.I was given the flower pot as the token of respect.I also talked to the Ambassader and given the poem which was once narrated to me by my respected Bauji This poem is a mixture of Urdu and persion and some health fudas etc .He appreciated this and Dr Amita Chauhan gave me due respect.I returned to my home with satisfied frame of mind.Still the memories are fresh and the acting of small children was worth appreciation and for the moment I have gone back to my chilhood memories.really the young children will become the bright and good citizens of our nation and I hope that India will rise and shine in near future.