These are excerpt from my life experiences.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Heart felt  shrandanjali to our beloved and respected Shri Atal Bihari Bajpaiji our former prime minister of India

On hearing and seeing the shocking  news of sad demise of Shri Atal Bihari ji I went in to deep sorrow and for the whole day I was glued to TV  and tried to see all the achievements and which were given to our Bharat . I still remember the olden days when I was at the age of 8 years or so in year 1948 I along my brother went to hear   the speech of Bajpaiji  at BARA TOOTI SADAR BAZAR DELHI and his Kavita (Poem) .His Party JAN SANGH was very popular in those days and there was much zeal in the people of India but still Hyderabad was not merged with India.Soon after the speech the mob became unruly and the police had  to resort to lathi charge and then teargas shells were thrown to control the mob .We being child had to rush with wet handkerchief's on our eyes and hid under the safe corners ,Soon a profession started and public was shouting ASSAN JANA HYDERABAD LUK BUN KE  DUSHMAN NU  MAR BHAGANA AYE LUK BHAN KE His speech was marvelous and full of patriotism.OUR HEART FELT SHRANDAJALI TO OUR GREAT LEADER.

Sunday, February 18, 2018


I GOT invitation from Shri Uddesh Kohli our 1962 batch mate  of Roorkee to attend this meet today at 12.30 noon.I was trilled and readily took a taxi and reached there .We met so many old friends Really I enjoyed this meet and we felt young and shared so many old memories.But this was discouraging to note so many old friends could not attend,The life is so fast that we could not find time to relax for this main reason is that distances and traffic jam etc,One of our friend could not attend due to sad demise of his wife.We observed 2 minute silence and prayed to GOD TO GIVE PEACE TO THE PIOUS departed  SOUL AND  ENOUGH COURAGE TO FAMILY MEMBERS TO BEAR THIS UNBEARABLE LOSS.one of  our friend came from   USA.,After lunch I came back with satisfied frame of mind, Usually I used to attend this get to gather with my wife Shashi but as she was unable to attend due to cancer treatment and other medical complications Arrangements of our friend Wing comdr Amrit Lal was worth appreciation,

Monday, October 23, 2017

Medical bill of my wife Cleared fromIrrigation department U P
After about 2years my bill of cancer treatment cleared after long period .I have written to honouable C M UP Aditya Yogi ji in Jansunwai ( Public Hearing) .Really it is great help to me that  I am able to fight against cancer of my wife .I appreciate CM UP"S this action.Thanks  

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Thoghts of an old man

While I was in deep thinking I wish to convey the thoughts of an old man to convince the public that how one feels when he is old on this elderly day international :

  I am old

But as good as gold
I am not for wealth
And only for health

I am aging
My health is failing;
Still I am moving
.And my work ,I am doing.

Fascination for material lust
Has almost gone to the dust;
I only seek my mental peace
Which is blocked by Youngsters:tease

I expect the young to respect
But they fail to see this aspect;
They talk of gap -generation
And forget to give us due veneration.

I pray to God
Who is the world"s only lord;
To give me strength and long life
So as to continue my prayers with my wife',

Love and peace,I want in abound
Here and there and everywhere around ;
And when I leave this earth at last
May I feel the blithe of my past.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Showing of humanity and its give pleasure

On today as I was just supervising the repair work of my house the worker was just drilling the hole in the wall and all of a sudden the stair slipped and the person just fell down, I took him to near by hospital and 4 stitches could stop the bleeding.I had to pay the bill which was around 2350 0nly As I returned home I was satisfied as i have done a good job.My soul felt proud that I  have done my duty to serve a person who needed medical attention.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Cancer Treatment and its reimbursement of Medical bill of my wife Shashi Sethi
Waiting endlessly for the settlement of medical bill even I have written the complaint to Honourable Chief minister Uttar Pradesh Shri Aaditya NathYogi ji in JanSunwai.I am hoping against hopes,

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Cancer treatment  of My wife and success to some extent

Yesterday as we were sitting and talking about cancer and the progress made by my wife and thanking God for the courage given to her as about one and half year has elapsed and the progress was good.Then it so happened that some salt in the dish started painful effect on the tongue,We showed to Dr Hazarika and he told that some teeth edge started hitting the tongue it should be grind id and to make it round and smooth.We showed to Dr Rita Aluwalia and she has done the work and now we shall again go Max and