These are excerpt from my life experiences.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

A short story

Picture by JG Sethi
After a long day of hectic activities I lay down on a charpie must have dozed off and soon saw a terrific dream. I saw that a strange Virus ugly in shap(e travelled down to earth found its  abode in Wuhan. This virus had many abilities, it could spread at the lighting speed towards distant lands and much like Raktabija, who had a boon that every drop of its blood would create a duplicate Raktabija, this virus would duplicate every time it came in contact with a living cell. This made this virus deadly than any army in the Universe. The virus was born as WUHAN VIRUS due its birth place took on the title of Corona Virus (The King Virus). The world leaders panicked and were in a fix, no one knew how to tackle this problem.

Soon these leaders found a mortal named  Modi clad as a sadhu with sparkling eyes having confidence showing determination. He disguised as Charmer, came to help all the colorful people in the Brahmand (whole wide world). The world was in the grip of this venomous virus, which was spreading by multiplying clones and within a twinkle of an eye would infect the entire Universe. All over the world one could see the devastation. Heaps of corpses could be seen everywhere. Some said that this enemy was unleashed by the gods as a punishment for polluting the world and going against nature.

Everyone seemed to be helpless, depressed and clueless. How to tackle this deadly  Mahamari (Pandemic) caused by this invisible, dangerous and nasty enemy. All recourse had failed. 
In order to counter this army even nuclear war against this was not  an option. This had put forth the question of survival of the fittest. The virus was gaining strength and becoming stronger, we already knew that it could now travel from human to human by touching, or by sneezing, coughing or spitting. But now it could jump upto distance of 6 to 9 feet, it could even live outside its host for more than 9 hours and could travel via touching anything metal and object & clothes etc. It was  also revealed that the symptoms were relieved within 14 days and the isolation of a person is needed. In Olden Days whenever any epidemic spread the patient was isolated and distance and proper hygiene was maintained .This was a sort of IKANTVAS (Solitude) in the olden days remaining isolated. As the news spread all over the world  our Respected Modi ji felt that some bold steps and determined steps of lock down were   to be taken. The countries like USA, FRANCE, ITALY, IRAN, SPAIN, GERMANY, Switzerland, Sweden  etc and all saarc countries of Asia came to Respected Modiji to lead them in the fight against this deadly coronavirus. 
Now the fight is a fierce one and all the countries have to give Asur Raksha (Demon) kawach (protection) sanitizers PPE  ICU s to all the citizens/hospitals and if any body declines to  cooperate will be dealt with severely under strict laws. Some of minor difficulties of rations and  other difficulties we should forget and join this great fight at present. Every citizen should remember that he is fighting this battle for himself and the whole mankind. 

I remember that after the partition in 1947 when we migrated from  KOHAT NWFP (NOW IN PAKISTAN) during partition I remember we stayed  in Delhi near Kabristan (graveyard) Chamlian and it was hard time even to survive. We had a family  of 3 sisters 3 brothers mother and father and used to take simple rotis and no curry or vegetables but  we had a jazba (passion) that we are in India, Hindustan our matribhumi (mother land) and we  can overcome all the difficulties whatsoever we were the masters of our own destiny. My BAUJI our  respected father used to say a urdu shayari MEHNAT KARO AZIZO  MEHNAT SE KAAM HOGA KEHTE HAIN JISEY WAQT AA KAR GULAM HOGA.

We as a family worked hard and all the family used to make cardboard boxes by hand and sold them near Bara Hindu RAO AHATA KIDARA SHIDI Pura MANAK PURA KAROL BAGH and so on. OUR BAUJI WAS A calm person and never in haste.ONCE he told that we should pray to God by uttering Gayatri Mantras 3 times in the morning and say that whatever the work we're doing  God should give success. He used to walk from Bara Hindu Rao TO LAJPAT NAGAR KHAN MARKET ETC on foot for collection of money against orders supplied He had good habits taking breakfast at correct time then lunch salad fruits milk and was a vegetarian No smoking. Once he narrated that he had a friend pathan who was forcing to smoke cigarette or hookah kash otherwise that he (pathan ) would shoot him . Bauji stood in front of him and challenged him that he could shoot him. This was the courage he was holding and told me that we should have courage to say no  and have self confidence.

Now coming to Coronavirus it is proved that it is dangerous and it is endangering the whole generation and world  alike so it is clear that disease knows nothing about caste creed age religion region and as such the whole world  (WORLD/JAHAN//KHAL AK)) is saying that coronavirus is dangerous and deadly So “ AWAZE KHALQ KO AWAZE KHUDA SAMJHO ,ISI MEIN HAMARI  HAMAREY PARIWAR AUR HAMARE HAMSAI AUR PURE GAON SHAHER PURY KAOM PUREY Desh aur puri Duniyaniya ka bhala hai .”


  1. By JUNE END INDIA WILL BE FREE FROM CORONA ij clockdown is maintained
  2. World will look forward for demand of medicines
  3. India will become the hub of manufacture Of phones
  4. Unemployment will go down and   Lndia will be a I T hub
  5. People Of other countries will queue up  for Indian Visa
  6. Indian cuisines will be liked
  7. Our medical facilities will be appreciated  naturopathy and yoga Pranyam teachers will be in great demand

Indians are optimistic people.Dream of Sone Ki CHIRYA ( GOLDEN BIRD) will be a reality ln next 5 to 10 years


Yours ever  

My Conscience is with my motherland Bharat


Friday, August 17, 2018

Heart felt  shrandanjali to our beloved and respected Shri Atal Bihari Bajpaiji our former prime minister of India

On hearing and seeing the shocking  news of sad demise of Shri Atal Bihari ji I went in to deep sorrow and for the whole day I was glued to TV  and tried to see all the achievements and which were given to our Bharat . I still remember the olden days when I was at the age of 8 years or so in year 1948 I along my brother went to hear   the speech of Bajpaiji  at BARA TOOTI SADAR BAZAR DELHI and his Kavita (Poem) .His Party JAN SANGH was very popular in those days and there was much zeal in the people of India but still Hyderabad was not merged with India.Soon after the speech the mob became unruly and the police had  to resort to lathi charge and then teargas shells were thrown to control the mob .We being child had to rush with wet handkerchief's on our eyes and hid under the safe corners ,Soon a profession started and public was shouting ASSAN JANA HYDERABAD LUK BUN KE  DUSHMAN NU  MAR BHAGANA AYE LUK BHAN KE His speech was marvelous and full of patriotism.OUR HEART FELT SHRANDAJALI TO OUR GREAT LEADER.

Sunday, February 18, 2018


I GOT invitation from Shri Uddesh Kohli our 1962 batch mate  of Roorkee to attend this meet today at 12.30 noon.I was trilled and readily took a taxi and reached there .We met so many old friends Really I enjoyed this meet and we felt young and shared so many old memories.But this was discouraging to note so many old friends could not attend,The life is so fast that we could not find time to relax for this main reason is that distances and traffic jam etc,One of our friend could not attend due to sad demise of his wife.We observed 2 minute silence and prayed to GOD TO GIVE PEACE TO THE PIOUS departed  SOUL AND  ENOUGH COURAGE TO FAMILY MEMBERS TO BEAR THIS UNBEARABLE LOSS.one of  our friend came from   USA.,After lunch I came back with satisfied frame of mind, Usually I used to attend this get to gather with my wife Shashi but as she was unable to attend due to cancer treatment and other medical complications Arrangements of our friend Wing comdr Amrit Lal was worth appreciation,

Monday, October 23, 2017

Medical bill of my wife Cleared fromIrrigation department U P
After about 2years my bill of cancer treatment cleared after long period .I have written to honouable C M UP Aditya Yogi ji in Jansunwai ( Public Hearing) .Really it is great help to me that  I am able to fight against cancer of my wife .I appreciate CM UP"S this action.Thanks  

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Thoghts of an old man

While I was in deep thinking I wish to convey the thoughts of an old man to convince the public that how one feels when he is old on this elderly day international :

  I am old

But as good as gold
I am not for wealth
And only for health

I am aging
My health is failing;
Still I am moving
.And my work ,I am doing.

Fascination for material lust
Has almost gone to the dust;
I only seek my mental peace
Which is blocked by Youngsters:tease

I expect the young to respect
But they fail to see this aspect;
They talk of gap -generation
And forget to give us due veneration.

I pray to God
Who is the world"s only lord;
To give me strength and long life
So as to continue my prayers with my wife',

Love and peace,I want in abound
Here and there and everywhere around ;
And when I leave this earth at last
May I feel the blithe of my past.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Showing of humanity and its give pleasure

On today as I was just supervising the repair work of my house the worker was just drilling the hole in the wall and all of a sudden the stair slipped and the person just fell down, I took him to near by hospital and 4 stitches could stop the bleeding.I had to pay the bill which was around 2350 0nly As I returned home I was satisfied as i have done a good job.My soul felt proud that I  have done my duty to serve a person who needed medical attention.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Cancer Treatment and its reimbursement of Medical bill of my wife Shashi Sethi
Waiting endlessly for the settlement of medical bill even I have written the complaint to Honourable Chief minister Uttar Pradesh Shri Aaditya NathYogi ji in JanSunwai.I am hoping against hopes,