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Monday, March 19, 2012

Horrible and nerve shaking stroke of shashi and efforts to face the problem

As 4 days passed by enjoying the pleasure of old memories of our 43 th wedding anniversary when we shared that day with our children and grand children a tragic incident took place when shashi woke up and complained that she was experiencing severe headache and left leg going to be tight and immobile and twisting of tongue jaws were tightning and shaky this moment it was early morning at about 6.30 am I was in a fix and there was no body accept my grand son aged about 15 years old and a student of 9 th standard.we any how let her just sit on floor and my grandson ASHI showed the courage and called the ambulance.In about 15 minutes or so we were in the Max saket hospital.Shashi was taken in ICU and the medical treatment started .AS SOON MY SON WAS INFORMED he took no time and helped me When my Daughter Anu heard this she also managed to call the ambulance by calling one of our relative that it was a emmergency who in turn acted so swiftly so we were able to handle the situation.As luck would have it that we got the treatment of Dr Reddiwho is a specilist in this treatzmenT.We are lucky and thank God and the Docter and Max Hospital for the excellent treatment of my wife and the best part of this is that no physical harm was done by severe attack.N ow SHASHI is recovering and shall be normal very quickly.We also send our heartiest thanks to our all relatives who have sent good wishes and as a result The Almighty has bestowed a new life to Shashi.So we have our firm faith in God who is saver of all mankind.

Happy wedding anniversary on 7th march 2012