These are excerpt from my life experiences.

Friday, February 27, 2009

A happy marriage party of My brother"s Son (Pawan Sethi) on 27 Feb 2009

I have attended the marriage party of Micky (Pawan Sethi) to night and enjoyed a lot >At this party I met so many old acquintances and the shared the old memories.On seeing some of old relatives I was happy and see some of old persons who used to be gleeming with luster and dashing in their youth period and now the aging effect has snatched all the glory.I was pained to see people suffer so much.I forget to think that I have also been old enough and some old relatives could not recognise me and this I now believe that life goes on and mysterious are the ways of GOD.Any how I enjoyed the marriage so much and I believe and hope that my elder brother is lucky to have so beutiful and good girl as his daughter in law.She is beutiful and is a perfect match with Micky (PAWAN SETHI)We wish them a happy married life in future.ONe of the relatives have also told his old incident when his daughter who se leg broken in two peices and he got her leg was set right by Dr Dubey of Medical college of Meerut.As soon as he narrated the srory I recllected the painful accident of my son with truck near Sahibad.I was also lucky that I got Dr Garg of Meerut who fitted the rod in his right leg and after 3 years his rod wastaken out after proper hearig and effrts .Now he is residing at California( U S A )I returned back to Delhi after giving good wishes to all of the relatives

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Visit to Sankulp Utsav at PRAGATI MAIDAN ON 21 st FEB. 2009

I along with one of my friend visited Sankulp Utsav at Pragati maidan .The journey from saket was a tedious one.We took a bus to Khanpur busstop from there we boarded the bus number 419 .this bus was comfortable.But we bymistake occupied ladies seat.Anyway we being senior citizen remained on those seats.It was difficult to take bus journy by bus when there was no reservation of seats for older people.We got down at Purana Qila bus stop and walked down to the subway about 1 Km .So any how we were determind to visit and so we have conqured all the difficulties.There was so much rush and we have to stamped the lunch coupen by standing in queThe lunch packet was not at all tasty having two chapaties some ,rice pickle and at the top of it a colp gulab jamun as a sweet dish.I have heard one person saying that the lunch packet costed about Rs 125/each We had a cup of coffee which contained too much sugar.We could see only two halls and collected some brochers and and at stalls the departments were seen whiling their time and as if they have been compelled to do this duty.No block wise developments were being displayed.Any how the show was being organised half heartedly.The people of Delhi are very much busy and showed no interest in these programmes.RWAS people also knew that these programmes are not organised properly so some of RWAS not attended due to transport fascilities.This I noticed that when I approached the RWA people and they rather refused.In my opinon the RWAS should be given some financial powers to organise some developments and should be manned by technical people.There should be some renumerations to RWAS for supervising the govt projects.The RWAS are working honourary jobs and so they take no intrest and think it to be a thankless job.Sankalp of keeping Delhi clean will be a reality if the RWAS should be given powers and some office space in respective blocks or calonies.Senior citizens are living a horrible lives as the the children have left them alone and at this juncture the Government should adopt them and take a full care of senior citizens as is done in other countries accross the world.In some countries the senior citizens are being given the allowance so that the elderly people can live dignified lives.So while coming back from Pragiti Maidan we came back standing in the bus utterly disgusted.So this was our journey to SANKALP UTSAV sponsored by Delhi State.Previously I attended the Bhagidari workshops and I found those workshops quite attractive and direct contact with departments definitely was a good approach.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Regarding news item of vacating the MCD ( MUNICIPAL CORPORATION OF DELHI)"S Town Hall and converting it as National Hertage building at Delhi

Recently I have seen the news item that MCD office at town hall will be vacated and the whole building shall be on the map of National Heritage building and this has been approved in the standing committee.This building is of historical importance no doubt and had been remained the head office and being used judiciously at present and previously also since decades.It is being harped on the highest pitch of voice that MCD is short of funds and is continuosly under pressure during this recession period.If town hall building is handed over to Archiology Department and the new building is constructed to house the MCD then there will be a huge loss to the Govt as well as it will be a share loss of public money who are paying the property taxes to MCD .In my opinion the building should not be closed merely on the ground that it has got historical value as heritage building.Instead MCD should construct diffrent offices in all the disrict centres of Delhi to improve its efficency to maintain Delhi as the cleaner Delhi . I have so much appreciation for Bhagidari meetings where the represntatives of registered RWAS sit together and try raise the common problems and how these can be solved and remedial measures are assured by so many departments but the implements of the assurances need to monitored by the Govt .More over the cocerned departments should be strictly orderd by the Govt to such Bhagidari meetings at deputy commissioner level and non attendance should find suitable place in the crs of the govt official.Only strict rules and their adherence can bear fruits of the Bhagidari meetings.Delhi is facing acute problems of parking ,encroachments ,traffic jam ,shortage of public transports ,shortages of schools and admissions to even nursery classes.As a matter fact the govt should bring a legislation regarding RIGHT TO FREE EDUCATION TO ALL CITIZENS and no school should refuse admission to the deserving candidates/wards and there should be regulatory body to ensure its implimentation.
I have attended so many Bhagidari meetings and stressed that problems of M BLOCK SAKET NEW solved and raised the issue again but non have been solved.Main problems are .;; 1-Construction of boundry wall of Nallah facing MBlock SAKET.It is to be noted that the boundry wall fell during heavy rains last year and it is dangerous because any vehicle can fall resulting in serious accidents.The bed of Nallah is Kachha which breads mosquitos and insects.All the filth is accumulating giving bad smell.There is traffic jam and residents are facing hardships and Amity School Saket has not providing any parking to its vehicles resulting that during parents teachers meeting the vehles enter in MBlock colony even in lanes and sometimes in back lanes As per rule the Amity shpuld constuct the under ground parking so that residents can heaave a sigh of relief.Near Mblock saket there is another Govt school having a vast ground and it should also construct under Ground parking.There is a peculiar problem that this school has its gate inside Mblock and LBlock colony road and there is great rush and traffic at the time openning and closing of school.I am writing all these problems on behalf ans as president of MBLOCK NE SAKET CULTURAL AND NIWASI WELFARE ASSOCIATION AND AS BHAGIDAR OF DELHI TEAM SPONCERD BY HONB"LE CHIEF MINISTER DELHI

Friday, February 6, 2009

Remembrances of my mother on the death anniversary ( 23 rd Death anniversary)

On 7th february every year I along with my wife have made up routine to wke up in the morning and just take bath and sometimes she prepares prasad with her own hands and asks me to go to the temple to offer the same to THE GOD ALMIGHTY and we are disdributing some fruits and Halwa and puries to the poor people near temple.But as the time passes away and the life in Delhi is very fast we vare justt going to temple and offer prasad of fruits sweets milk and boondi Ladoo and burfi etc and some donation to the temple.On this we feel just our mother is just sitting next to us and guiding us from heaven.We have seen that that our mother was such a pious soul that she predicted her death and before death she took out all the jewllery and handed it over to our father that he should tkae care of the ornaments because tomorrow there would be great rush and that he might misplace the same.Such was our mother and we pay a tearful rememberences and pray to GOD that HE should give peace to the departed soul under HIS devine feet.This is our Sharandjali

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Health Fundas of Our respected Bauji and his legacy

Recently I along with my wife attended the gettogether of Senior citizens in Saket Park in Dblock where we met so many people of our age group and we enjoyed a many members narrated their experiences of their lives.I met a lady who told us that she had a fracture in her shoulders and the elopathy medcines when she took some how reacted and she was ellergic and she became numb on taking that medicine
My wife has a history of bone TB since when she was one and half year old.It is reported that one bowl appeared and it used to burst.She was treated by Dr Bakru of Jhansi and then Dr Sen of Sen Nursing Home Darya Ganj New Delhi.Years after years had elapsed nothing happened but as bad luck would have it she fell from two wheeler scooter as she was sitting on pillion seat and a dog ran after us and the she lost balance and fell on the right side and her hand broke .As I was lifting her I found that her hand bone had been broken between shoulder and elbow.Any how I took her to the Doctor at Meerut .The Doctor could not set it right and only he applied the plaster for three months but after seeing the X ray it was noticed that bone was not healed up.We then rushed to another Doctor who then fitted a plat having 9 screws.We thaked the Doctor .Later on she again slipped and we had to reunite the plate with 9 screws now again after lapse 3 years some screws have been broken and the hand is being on the support of 3 screws .Now again consulted the specialist who advised us that the 3rd surgery is not possible as no calcium is being formed.He has advised to take care and to use support to avoid any jerk etc.He advised to use the support as the portion of bone near elbow is very less.As we told this storey to that lady with fractured shoulder she also narrated the pathetic condition of her shoulder.Regarding bones she told us that we should follow the following formula daily
Take 3 pieces of dried ANGEER.3 pieces of almond,and 3 pieces of Akhrot and pour a glass of water and remain it for a night and drink the water remaining drey fruits should be taken with a cup of warm milk.This formula will help us in strengthnig of bones and calcium building.We are using this formula and we have noticed some improvement.During the discussion I also narrated some of the health fundas as told by my respected Bauji which are dedicted to our late Bauji on his 14 th death anniversary in his remeberences as under;

Kader e Sahet Mariz Se Poocho
Sahet Hazar Niamat Hai

1 Jahan tak chalta ho Kam Gaza (diet) se
Bachna Chahaye Dava Se
Jo mahede ho granni
To chak le saunf ya adrak ka paani
Agar Knoon bane kam aur balgam zaida
To kha gajar , chane aur shaljam zaida
Jo chaiye badhazami se too afaka
To kar le aek ya do waqt ka faka
Jo pachissh hai to too peach too is trehe too kas le
Mileke dood mein too neembu ka too rass le.
Jiggar ke bal par hai insaan jeeta agar zofe jiggar toh too khaa papita
Jiggar mein hai jo garmi to dahi kha
Aunto main hai khushki to Ghee Kha
Dhakaan ke mare hoin tere azlaat dheele
To foran garama garam dood too pee le'
Jo takat main ho kami mahsoos
To foran multani mishri kee dali choos
Zaida dimagi hai tera kam
To khaya kar shaid milakar badam
Agar ho dil ki kamzori ka ahsaas
To khaya kar murabba aunwla aur annanaas
Agar garmi ki ho shiddat zaida
To pee sharbat bajai aab taza
Agar dukhta hai gala nazle ke mare
To kar le namkeen paani ke grare.
Agar hai danto ke dard se vayakul
To aungli se masooran per namak mela ke taail mal
So long my bauji was alive he used to follow the above simple health guidance and he lived a happy and healthy life and died at the age of 93 years .We all still remember him and feel that he is guiding us .So we pray to God that he should be given a a divine blessings in heaven.