These are excerpt from my life experiences.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Art of living programme at Amity Int School saket new Delhi( SouthDelhi ) dated 26/04/2009

Today I have attended attended the funneral of my friends wife who died of liver failure.The sad story is that about 2 and half year back her husband died due to road accident .After attending the funneral I kept some time mum and was thinking that why God sometimes take away the pius souls?In the end every of funeral ceremony body was saying that this Yatra is called the ANTIM YATRA.If this Is ANTIM YATRA THEN WHY we believe that Soul just changes from one body to another and they say that Soul is UJAR AND AMAR.It is written in Bhagvath Gita that jeev Ko to Karam Karne Ka Adhikar Hai and man should not think of result thereof.Any way I returned home thinking that mysterious are the ways of God and no body can solve this puzzel.
In the evening I attended the seminar of Art of Living held at Amity INt School School.People young and old throng from far near areas.The bhajans were very nice and I felt that I should attend this but when I inquired from the counter what I have to pay for registraion I was informed that I have to pay Rs 1500/ as the registration money for one weeks training.I was thinking why the seminar is being organised in air condioned hall of Palm Green Hotel and why not in open air park as the time remembering God is in the morning and naturally this will definitely cost less.The lovely sangs were spontanious and I found people were dancing youn and old alike weth piou feeling and I was also feeling to dance to the tune of Bhajan but any how felt shy and returned to my colony with all mixed thoughts and brought the literature for study and to find the path of peace.In the meeting I met Shri Vijay Jolly the former MLA south Delhi and thanked him that he had sanctioned some development in Mblock Saket and due his initiative the colony road has become wide and the boundry wall of block saket has been completed .I also thanked him for this common interest matter for the benefit residents and senior citizens in particular.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Again present life at Saket (south Delhi)

They say that life after retirement becomes easy but some times it is just the reverse.Ever since I started living in my own house I could not enjoy my life to the fullest .I just get up at 7 am rush to fetch milk from milk booth and then rush for fruits and vegetables and due to great rush on roads I prefer to walk and I just have to walk upto 5 days a minimum and some times 10 times upto the market for one or the other reasons.At the end of the day I find that I have not done any useful work and no body is bothered that senior citizens are becoming a frustated lot always seemingly tense.The roads are narrow and even the roads being encroached by the residents and outsiders of colony and no body can dare to ask the encrachers to follow rules.Residents and even neighbourers feel shy to talk their common problems .My son and daughet in law live in Californea USA and are happy along with his family.Some times we talk on Skype but physical presence is not there so is our agony that we cannot express.Some times our Association people do meet in Saket park but there also we cannot find any peace.So many times we get news that such and such person has been crically ill and operated upon either heart related problem and other medical related problems.But seldom people rush to the hospital to inquire about his or her health as life has been so busy.I could not meet my sister who lived in Maya Puri except on Rakhi festival .We remenmber when we were living at meerut /Allahabad we managed to visit our relations so many times.But after retirement lethargy has crept in and we dont feel going to visit our near relatives owing to fact that distances and also if you go the place and the other end you find that there is no body at house then you can very well imagine the situation
So the life is continuing and we feel that God has been kind enough having
bestowed on us all the blessings.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hellicopter shell mounted on scooter

Again referring to the proposed (in dream) hollicopter shell fitted on the scooter may have other advantages that being in a round shape and strong plasiic bady will definately not hurt the occupant if hit in any direction as the occopant remains fastened by means of success.The project may have to be taken up with back up engineering skilland moderen gadgets will be fitted in the right place .Supposing this shell falls in the ditch then it will roll and there will be shock absorbers to save it from shocks and damages from behind and front and from top to bottom .SThis can be made earth quake proof , shock proof ,and tunami proof.Somany IITian s and scientists may ponder on this idea.This scooter may even be sent in the space and can work as robort and investigations can be made about its feasibility.If any how this idea is of any use then it will be just a dream come true.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Manufacturing and installing the helicopter shell on the two wheeler scooter

Once I dreamt that my late brother told me that if he was successful to fit the Helicopter shell fitted on the chassis of two wheeler chasis then it will be safest mode which will be safe on the road .There will be no effect of accident on the passenger if the belt is used by the occupant .There will be certain holes in the body of shell for air supply and it can roll over but life will be saved .My brother used to use scooter and he was in the process of designing such a scooter but alas he died while he was on his way to Faridabad on the same very scooterin 1993 at Ajronda more that too when he was hit by another scooter coming from the front of his scooter on the wrong side .This shows that he any got some indications that scooter was risky and and some modications might be made but he could not succeed in his venture .He was of the opinion that two wheelrs were risky because it is on two wheels and the balance is not correct technically.Ever since his death the idea haunts me that some thing should be done in this regard so that the scooterist may be saved from accidents.By writing this blog I pay a shrandjali to my elder brother who might be resting under the devine feet of THE Almighty God.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ashitabh s first day at Mayo school at Ajmer and visit to Ajmer Dargah on 3/4 April 2009

Ashitabh Misra is my grand son and he was to join in vii th class at Mayo college at Ajmer.Ever since he got admission in this college we along my daughter were busy in arrnging the the docoments and the packing work as he was going to boarding for the firt time away from the house.We arrnged his TC and went straight to cant staion Delhi .The journy was quite comfortable.We stayed at Rajasthan ministry of tourisam Hotel at Khaden.Luckily got one double Ac room.We took a taxi and reached the Mayo college .We got our documents checked by the School faculty .Ashitabh was given the accomodation in Oman House.We were given the books and note books and the whole uniforms shoes and sports shoes .after collecting the necessry maaterial we have to mark the admission number on each and every item.Ahitabh 's papa came along with his mother (AHitabhs DadiMrs Mishra)and helped in all the activities.We were astonished that all have so much love affection for Ashi that they came all the way by car driving From Jhansi for this .The parents in India have one thing in mind that their ward should stand on their feet and become good and shining citizens of nation so that the country can rely on this generation.So all the hectic activities kept us busy .In the evening there was a parents meeting with the principal at the get to gether at tea party.some of parents put questions and the same were replied satifactorily .Thi college has a history of about 150 years old.Some of the students brought larels to nation in sports and other fields .Any way we stayed for that day and we were advised by the the principal that we the parents should come again the next day at about 2pm to meet thier wards .some parents wanted to keep some pocket money with thier wards to which Mr Honye the house Keeper told them that there was no need for thesanme as the college authorities had already charged Rs 500/ per month in their fees.So the college authories will give them every month for their petty pocket money.In the hostel the bell stats ringing at the time of school and then at lunch time .every child has to be ready.The students are at first floor and the class at the the ground floor.the students have to complete the home work in the classes and they have to go for supports.So seeing all this we returned with satisfied frame of mind and with the hope that our ward is in safe hands.We have been told that we can talk to our ward on Sundays on Sundays between 10 am to 8 pm.At 10 the children are advised to sleep.When all the things were complete we went to visit to say prayers at Ajmer Chishdi Ki Dargah as our prayer was heard by the grace of the Peer Baba.We offered prayers and bowed our heads at the Dargah and tied the sacred thread at the Dargah of Sufi peer Baba.The gate of Dargah are closed at 2pm and we were just in time.There was no point of religion and we saw all the people of different faith offering the prayers.Even visitors from foreign countries come here to offer prayers.There is great Karahi where people offer their donations .As is the case there was written that the visiters should be careful regarding their purses money and mobile phones and thse items are banned to carry.The report is some persons pick pockets at this piou place.After that we started our return journey by car we strted at 5 pm and reached Delhi at 11pm.After that now we are thinking how much energy came to us and we never got tired .I think it is a chamatkar in our lives .otherwise we feel lazy and complain that we are old persons and try to avoid so many works on the basis of health or other lame excuses. So where there is a will there a is away.One startling news was that the principal told that he was leaving the school on 22nd April 2009 as he has served the institution so well and he is such a nice person we wished that he should serve the institution for some time.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Costly Education

When I hear that the education has become so costly it comes to my mind how the poor persons can afford ?.India claims that they intend to provide free education to the masses and they promise that quality education will be provided.After lapse of 62 years after independence even primary education has not been provided so far to all citizens.All the projects remain on paper and we could not make the masses literate.On govt side in Schools there is always shortage of teachers and the schools have not all the fascilities and the labs not well equiped.On the other hand the private schools go on increasing their fee at tremendous rates which become beyond the reach of comman man.Now education has also become the commercial and spreading education has not remained as Vidya DAN . Tech/medical/MBA?aviation courses they say costs about 6 to 20 lakhs.Who can afford all these costs ? The parents feel all the difficulties and when the children get all these degrees and then if they dont get jobs then the tension mounts on both the parents and children .The unemployment causes so much crimes like thefts and robberies and lootings we also hear news that some of unemployed persons committed suicides.Now the question is how to take the redressal measures .The answer to my opinion is to create the job opportunities within India so that no educated youth should remain unemployed.India should should give more funds to education and side by side increase job opportunities in India and so that no youth may be tempted to seek jobs in other cuontries .This move will definitely improve the present situation .There is no doubt that Indians are hard working and Indians are far better and the brain drain should also be checked.Govt should avoid the superflous expenditures and economy should be the main aim of the Govt.In my previous chapter I requested that the senior citizens should be given retirement allowance to survive and lead dignified lives and Govt should not think that these gems of nation have lost their sheen and as such useless lot..When our Govt is not able to provide employment to the youths then how the Govt will take care of retired persons?.This a big question the Govt will have to decide sooner the better.Histoery tells that so many great nations have been destroyed due to corruptions and so the Govt should have honest persons in public life as well as political and Govt level.If all such measures are taken I am sure that our India will be called Sone KI CHIRIA again and will lead the whole world.