These are excerpt from my life experiences.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Condolences on the sad demise of Mr Sayal (Father of Mr Rajesh sayal ) our painful duty

As we woke up then the telephone came that our nearest relative expired at 8am on 8/11/09. and we hurriedly started and reached Shakti vihar so that we may attend the sanskar .The traffic from Saket to Pritampura was neck braking .Any way we thank our driver of car who had taken us to reach our destination.Resently we heard that Mr Sayal a senior citizen who tumbled down due to uneven road near his house and was operated upon for joint near his waist .As a bad luck would have it on the same day he was to attend the marriage of his grand son and he was supposed to attend the same in banquet hall near Rohini.His all the three sons were there when this accident happened.He was admitted in RML hospital and immediately operated upon .After two days he was discharged with ok report.But after 3 days he felt some breathing trouble and was again admitted in the same hospital in the morning and expired at 8 am .Irony of fate was that his two sons left at this moment one to Jaipur and the other to Dabai.Messages were sent to Jaipur and Dabai .One son from Jaipur reached in time and the other could not catch the back flight and it was now evening and the sanskar had to be performed before the sunset .So at 6 pm the funeral was performed by the youngest son .Mr Sayal was a social worker and known for his work for society in the locality and as such there were so many persons to pay their homage to this noble soul.I along with wife were returning from Punjabi Bagh to Saket but we had to wait for another hour but could not catch any three wheeler .All the scooters refused to come to south Delhi .So there was no alternative but to travel by DTC bus .At last one private bus stopped and I had to lift and support my wife to board the bus as there was no handle to catch on left side and unfortunitely her right hand was weak having an implated a shoulder metallic plate due to old surgical operation.Any way we were in the bus seated comfortably upto AIIMS medical stop.On the way this bus having a race with another bus so that to catch passengers risking the lives of passengers and bus driver himself.The ticket was Rs 15/ each and we had paid Rs 30/as the coductor was not having change we gave Rs 100/ note and hoping that he would return the balance automatically .I was astonished to note that he did't return the balance .At this time my wife said ,Bhaiya Mere sattar repya to Lotaa Do."The conductor made a very funny face and gave back the balance.Due to slow driving the journey From Punjabi Bagh to mrdcal took one and half hour.
Now from AIIMS Bus stop we crossed the road through Sub way to reach AIIMS .After crossing the subway we could note find any 3 wheeler and walked about 1 Km to reach another bus stop near the entry gate of AIIMS around flyover.We tried to stop any three wheeler for Saket but no Auto driver was willing to go to saket now the distance was too short and it was not a profit earning proposition for Auto drivers.There was no choice but to board the bus again .After waiting for sometime a Bus 501 route came and we were safely in the bus.After struggling on the road with empty stomach I was feeling headache and we were dropped at Khoka market stop.We crossed the road and were passing through the short cut .I was thinking why at all the senior citizens cross the road or rather step out of house to get hurt?As I was analysing this in my mind I stepped my foot on a track path but by mistake put my foot on the shadow of the step and just fell down with all the bag and my wife came running and two of my friends lifted me on my feet .Luckily I was saved from any injury .I was just bruised at my ankle.My inner voice was anticipating that lest any thing wrong may happen to me .All the way I was caring for this aspect of safety for me as well that
for my wife but on reaching so near to our house some thing happened.At this moment I remembered my Bauji who used to utter a Urdu poetry "" SAMAAN SO BARAS KA PAL KEE KHABBAR NAHI "" In our culture if we had attended the funeral and touched the dead body we have to take bath to make oueselves "' shudh "' and the clothes are changed .So after all the hurdles we were satisfied that we had done our duty as human being.We pray to GOD THE ALMIGHTY that the departed noble soul may rest in peace under HIS Devine FEET.

Monday, October 12, 2009


As I was walking with my old friend in the park the issue arose about the hardships the refugees faced in 1947 when the partition took place between India and Pakistan .the most sufferers were the people who migrated from the portion which is now termed as Pakistan .My friend told me that when the partition took place the people with majority community started looting the properties of minority people.These people included Muslims and Pathans.My friend narrated like this....."I along my two brothers were the residents of Rawalpindi nearby area .In those days the Hindu population used live in Ahatas as they used to feel that the Ahatas were safe for them as these ahatas were pucca structures and the other population were in kacha structures.As the trouble started the Pathans and others raided those ahatas and brutally killed the young and old alike with rifles katas or revolvers and knives The narrator told me that he along with his younger brothers hid themselves in a room or behind the trunks or other shelter deeming it to be safe.the Pathans and others started shooting with guns on the door and as bad luck would have it the bullet shot hit his mother at the chin and the whole face was blown off and it appeared that some pig was hanging on the meat shop.other bullet shots hit his father at two or three places on his body .as he came out of the hidden space he found his father just bleeding and he pointed out towards the mother and died on the the narrator ran from that place along with his brothers and entered in Cantonment military area.Seeing some children the military helped them and kept them in a room and asked them that they should bolt the room from inside .they remained there for three days and provided the meals etc.Then they asked them to go to camp .They started and found some miscreants on the way on the other side of the wall and on the way they noticed a mother of some young person about 25 years .they were asked that they should accept Islam .The mother told the pathans that if her son accepted then she would also convert .As they inquired from the son he refused then they shot him down and took the mother along with them and what happened afterwards no body knew.Any how the narrator reached Ambala be the Train which were being run for exchange of population between India and Pakistan The narrator was in tears when he was telling his story and hardships He lost his parents and all belonging in West Pakistan.The narrator was in tears while he was telling his sad story.So many people suffered and so many innocent lives were lost.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Old Memories of year 1950 to 1959 Regarding Bara Hindu Rao and get to gather in E block Saket

As I have already narrated that my am recllecting some fond memories of past.All of asudden I was called by our Bharji ji to E Block saket for get to gather on the auspicious occasion of at home due to the marriage of Raju Our brothers son .we had a ttended this party .I dont know why we tend to go E block as imagine that these people give us great respect.I feel as if I am the part of my late brothers family and always I remember my eldest brother who is resting under the Devine Feet Of Almighty God .During the meeting the chapter of old memories started when we were children .as matter of chance the father of our daughter in law had been the reident of Bhara Hindu Rao and Pahari Dheeraj.There we started the talk of Westand cinema ,Filmistan and one of Halwai Madan Lal ,Hemraj building Jain temple and other narrow lanes .Mr Gupta told us there was the only place where children get the bycycles on rent as low as 4 annas per hour .there is Mulim and Hindu papulation is about 50 % evenly distributed although the name is Bara HinduRao I used to take bycycle on rent and used to peddle the same on Kabristan Chamelian Road which used be empty and is the best for learners with quite pleasing sound of bicycle bells.Then there was a Bangali Sweets shop oppsite the Filmistan cinema.All the stories of the past gave us great joy.Our Jijaji Kohli sabeb Deepak Kohli and family,Gulshan and vini and family my brother D V sethi and family ,Pawan Sethi and family Anu Gaurav and family Bubbu abd Papu and family and other near and dear ones enjoyed a lot.Main attraction was the humouous of Deepak kohli ( Bobby)and his jokes.We all thanked Namita s parents and her brother who had left no stone unturned to make this occasion a great success and all credit goes To Raju ,Namita and Krishana Sethi Bharjaiji for their hospitality .

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

TV Serial 12/24 Karol Bagh Dated 6/10/2009 and Pavitra Rishta ( 6/10 2009)

As I was watching the serial 12 /24 Karol Bagh which depicts about Rajender Sethi family and about Bhalla family .Although by saying that all the story is a false and characters are fictitious this does not give right to any producer of serial to defame the community as a whole .The story is full of all the blackmailing tacticts and langauge of character Rajiv Bhalla as he threatened Simi ( name fictitious) that he would ruin the Sethi family by defaming etc the language used is a filthy one and is condemned .No producer has a right to defame a community or any sub caste In my opinion the screening of such bad taste serials which only high light the bad facts of society should be censored by the Information Ministry of Govt Of India.These serials are not helping the public but only spreading hatred .Similarly in Pavitra Rishta the so called IEE the mother of Manav the language used is very rude and in my opinion no mother in law will stoop so low as shown in the serial.These opinions are of my own and in no way bearing any malice to any body or firm or producer .It is my humble endeavour that positive points of society should be depicted

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Today as senior Citizen Day ( 1/10/2009)

As I was watching the national programme I noticed that the health programme regarding cancer was very much useful information.Doctor of Lok Nayak Hospital was giving some preventive steps as to how to safe gaurd against the deadly cancer.He advised to avoid tabaco and smoking cigaretes and chewing tabaco products.Due to this habit the millions of senior citizens are suffering from cancer .This cancer can be at any part of body like throat cancer ,chest or breast cancer,prostate cancer.More over the treatment of this decease is very very expencive.One of the caller asked the doctor that his both sons are living abroad and they cannot attend the senior citizen or old parents as the life is very hectic .the caller was adviced that he (caller ) should take shelter in some old homes and get the treatment from good hospital for which Govt has opened the old homes .It may be that their wards may come to see them at this hour of need.Cancer is such a desease that it aggrevates other deaseses like diabetese blood pressure other complications.But the fact remains that young people should look after their elderly parents so that the elderly parents can face the troublesome old age passage peacefully.Afterall those who are young today will become old and then they will also require the support of their children.All days of senior days are important and need support of their children and the Govt.
In this connection I remember one incident which is coming to my mind .Long back in year 1965 I happened to stay at Agra in the house of our uncle in Shahzadi Mandi Sadar Bazar Agra cantt.There I met one of our tenant who was working as Bank Manager.I remember that he was about 40 years old but did not marry.He was living with his mother who was about 80 years old and was widow.Her husband died when her son was just a small child .Any how she brought up her son and worked hard to give him the exellent education.She was suffering from cancer and bed ridden for enough period and her son used to carry her on his back to toilets and wash room etc.Seeing the condition of his mother he took a vow that he would not marry and would serve her mother till she survived .He told me that he turned down so many offers of marriage in those yester years . His true story brought myself into tears .Such was the dedication which inherits from our culture.Story of Sharwan Kumar in our religius books is also ture when son carried his blind mother and father on a religious trip and walked on difficult terrains carrying baghi on his shoulder.Such was the tradition and now the time has changed the children of modern society think to send the elderly parents to some old homes quite uncared and totally unsupportive environment.I am confused and pondering where we shall go what will happen to us at the fag end of our journey of lives.Still life is a struggle and we have to fight and win .

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Helping some one for getting admission in DCE/

As I was sitting in the market and by the way my friend told me that if I can help him to guide so that he can get his son admitted in DCE .I frankly told him that I can try through some of my old friend who has retired long time from Mech department.I tried to find his address and phone but whole time was wasted and we were failed to get his phone .Now the only alternative was to go to concelling .I told him that he should remember God three times and go for the interview.I told my friend that put your all efforts reach in time.He rushed to the interview place .There was scene that againt 8 vacancies 61 aspirants appeared but some of them left and there were only 14 left out which again 6 did not turn up and last eight were selected .My friend was in the seventh heaven of delight and he called me in the evening and thanked me for guiding and I was so overjoyed and distributed ladoos from my side although he tried to stop me but ultimately I was given chance to express my joy as if the friends son is like my own.I also got joy of different nature which comes from within.This joy is smilar to that which we get when we serve others from core of our heart.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Zee TV serials ( Jhansi Ki Rani)

Recently we had a chance to view Zee TV serial Jhansi Ki Rani .In this serial the dramtised version is not correct .I have one objection in my mind that so much torture by the then British rulers should not be shown on screen like beating the Indian slaves in jail,pulling out nails.taking out eyes by thrushing red hot iron rods in the eyes was too much barberous .We no doubt respect Jhansi Ki Rani who actually ignited the feeling of independence in 1857 and we term that year as the first war of Independence.Now the issue is that how can the children see these scenes?.On the other day a child was asking me why at all this type of behavior was being shown by the British soldiers towards indians who just wanted the freedom for their motherland.
This may be historically true but shoing such scenes to kids and adults is not correct.Such scenes should be censored and can only be shown to adults.These are my personnal views and in no way against any Govt policy or any person or firm

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Life at Saket ( Sept 2009)

Yesterday I along with my wife attended the Kirya ceremony of our relative Late Sham Sunder Talwar at Naraina Sanatan Temple.The journey by car was very sternuous.It took us about 2 hours.This was due traffic jam and bad roads and due to metro construction ,We paid our sharandajali to the departed soul.While coming back the cylancer of our car broke down and today it was replaced.I have attended the Kirya ceremony of Late Prof. Sher singh and prayed to God that the departed suol may get peace onder the devine feet ALMIGHTY GOD.All the dignataries attended this meeting at Arya Samaj Lodhi Garden Among respected personalpties were Honble Chief Minister Deldhi Smt Sheila Dikshit,Pt Yonganand Shastriji speaker Of Delhi Assembly and Arya samaj samamjis .As he has worked hard for upliftment of arya samaj.Professor Sher singh was a freedom fighter and worked in congress for decades.He was a ex defence minister of state in central Government of India.As such I also paid shrandajali to the departed soul on behalf of residents of M block saket as he was the resident of our Mblock a few days prior to his death

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Regarding collaps of Metro flyover in Delhi(In year 2009 )

As I have mentioned earlier that Engineers should adhere to the rules and regulations and specifications .Why in foreign countries the buildings ,bridges and flyover and all the structures dont collapse ? the reason is not far to seek.When the plans of civil structures are santioned ther are different departments which look all the aspects whether the structure in question is technically safe and no projects is sanctioned unless there is quality control laboratory which checks the quality of the materials used during constructions.India has the history of the best civil engineers in the world .Once former prime minister Pt Jawahar Lal Nehru had said that the engineers are pillars of our nation.But such lapses and structures giving way no doubt bring a bad name to the nation.I know so many young engineers who provide structural designs on line and send the same to all countries in the world.By every failure so many lives are lost apart from damages.So it is my apeal to the engineers that they should work for the nation like famous engineer like Engineer VISHASWARIA who was given the honour of BHARAT RATAN.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Life at Saket Chapter 3 (Dated 6/9/09)

Today I came to know that our senior most resident aged about 90 years passed away.I am talking about Professor SHER SINGH ex Minister of state of defence GOI and ex resident of M _ 14 Saket passed away.On hearing this sad news we the associations members had a great shock and pained to pay a tearful Shardanjali to the pious soul . I still remeber his speech when we celebrated the VISAKHI FESTIVAL in 2007 in M BLOCK SAKET park and invited him as the chief guest of honour.M BLOCK NE SAKET will remember him for the years to come.He was a perfect Arya Samaji and his services towards Arya Samaj and the Nation will be remebered.For the last 2 to 3 months his hearth deteriated and he was admited in Max hospital.We on behalf of our Association and residents pay a tearful sharandajli to the departed soul and pay to the Almighty God to give enough courage to his family members and relatives to bear this irreparable loss.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Life in Saket Chapter 2 ( August 2009)

Today as I woke up and went to the park I learnt that Mr Guptaji my closest friend expired on 29/8/2009 at 3am while in sleep.We all the friends and relatives were sad on this tragedy .As a matter of fact he had been suffering from illness and so many times his dialisis were done and he was recovring and he made a speech on 15 th Augaust 2009As per his wish he was taken to Gaurh Mukteshwar for the last rites.Today I am very sad that our friend and noble person expired and we shall not able to see his face.My heartfelt sharandajali to this noble saul.May The ALMIGHTY give give courage to all his relatives and family members to bear this irrepairable loss.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Get to gether at Saket in August 2009

As i was busy I could not write the present sweet memories of present it will be unfare for me to get lost in old memories and miss the golden chance of present.It is said that at present we should enjoy .So we have noticed the marriage of my brothers son Rajat .Then we attended them and they were very happy after the Bangkok trip .We have our guests from canada we arrnged a get to gether at our place and we all enjoyed and cut jokes and rememberd the childhood memories all of enjoyed But Dolly has her tickets of 29 th August and she had to rush back to Janakpuri.Dear Subhash fell ill due to fatigue and Diaraha and cough and fevrish complications due to which his trip is a bit troublesome which he is unable to enjoy.We wish that he may get well soon and should go back with happy frame of mind.With best wishes from all of us.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


While going back to the memories of year after partition in years 1948 to 1954 when we had put up at Ambala ( tehsil Shahbad Markanda ] in Sayeeda Wali Kothi I remember that it was written on the gate ,"" AAGAHA KI APNI MOAT SE KOI BASHER NAHI SAAMAN SO BARS KA PAL KI KBABAR NAHI"ITS a urdu SHER meaning there by that it may be noted that a man cannot do any thing againt death and hundrd of years efforts earnings in shape of money or goods and property can be washed away in a twinkling of an eye .Here in those days we were just on roads having no shelter of our own.We were thinking that it was enough and satisfying gesture that we were alive .We had a flourishing bussiness and house property in Kohat and TalaGang which we left there and never looked back

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rajats Marriage Dated 9th august 2009

Finaly I attended the marriage celebrations at the City park hotel and I along with my daugter Anu and son in law gaurav just reavched when the marrige procession just reached the pandal .I was being called for Milani as uncle to uncle.We embraced each other enthusiatically and exchanged gifts.The marriage vanue was tastefully decorated and the food items were quite delicious.But I wanted to dance in the procession which I missed due to taffic jam .It is another way good that my wife got the chance and her performance was execellent .previosly I enjoyed and danced at the tune of DJ .I at this age was also performed on the dance floor.I dont know how this desire comes the these memories find deep feeling of pleasure.We came from the marrige and Pheres and with Doli at about 3 am in the morning with satified frame of mind and with feeling that one good work has been achieved.In the frequent electric failures no doubt some times marred the show.I think this is due to no rain and hot weather.We were lucky that the electricity came at 3.30 am and we slept and have sound sleep.To day we were invited for some ceremonies of TILVETRE and we blessed the bride that she should be blessed with sons .The cople has left for Honey moon to Bankak and we are there to say best of journey.Some of the traditions are in practice in Punjabies and khatris are peculiar but they are enough to remeber our old culture.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy Birth Day wishes to Shashi Sethi(my Wife) on completing 60 years

As I was always loosing memory due to age but I am thankful to God that He has helped me that I remembered to say Happy Birth Day wishes to Shashi( my wife) on her 60 th birth day and we enjoyed a lot and some snaps were taken and pastry's were distributed among those who happened to be present on this day .As our children are away at this ocassion they conveyed their good wishes on this day.We enjoyed the company of Amitabb (our daughters son ) who gave the idea of pastry's instead of cake as he said that in case of pastry we have not to cut the cake and it will be easier to distribute.This the Innocent gesture of a small child whose only 6 years old.It is a coincidence that the birth day of our nephew falls on this day and we have conveyed our good wishes to him at Canada through telephone .About 2 years back we were at Vancover and enjoyed the joyful birthday celebrations of Sashi and my nephew Asish Anand(Happy).At this point we remember the sweet memories when we were in Canada.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rajat s proposed marriage celebrations continuing dated 28th july 2009

Here I briefly mention that we had gone to distribute the wedding cards to brides family and had blessed the girl and came back thinking that the people are good and they showed a great respect to us myself and Bharjaiji.We hope that all shall be quite well and the couple will lead a happy life as GOD along with my eldest brother has been bestowing good wishes from heaven.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My experience of seeing the picture "" NEW YORK "" on 29 th June 2009 at Select City PVR SAKET NEW DELHI

As Iwas sitting and doing some social work of my colony all of asudden some body told me to visit select city pvr saket nd see pictire NEW YORK.I along with my wife went to see the picture There was a great rush especially younger ones THe normal ticket casts Rs 370 and the next higher class casts even more.On seeing the picture that what ever is being shown is a reality but some of the Torture scenes are not meant for children just urinating on the face of suspected terroris

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ragging in educational institutions

While referring to my earlier blog on this subject I am happy that Govt has taken steps to stop ragging .t has been taken steps like taking affidevits from the senior students that they will not indulge in ragging of the juniors.Some hard steps should also be taken to get rid of this menace once for all.The intoduction of juniors should be taken in the presence of the college authorities and parents to inculcate the confidence in the minds of parents and students so that parents may feel that their wards are in safe hands during their stay in the concerned college/or institution

Friday, June 5, 2009

Racial attacks on Indians

I am again paind to see that 9 th or 10 th indian student was attacked when he was on his way to work .I apeal to the Indian Govt to lodge a strong protest to Australia and ask them to safe gaurd the Indians who are in Australia.In this pretext it is worth while to mention we treat the foreign students as our guests and take utmost safety,So the Australian Govenrment should also take early steps for the safety of Indians including Indian students in particular.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Racial attacks on Indian students in Australia

I have read from news on TV and was pained to note that Indian students who have gone to Australia just to get higher education are being subjected to racial attacks.This incident indicate that the career of thousands of Indian students is at stake.Although our Govt is protesting against such attacks but in my opinnion these protests are falling on deaf ears on the Austalian Govt .On the other hand our Indian Govt takes so much care of the foreign students and treat them as our honoured guests .In a similar manner the Australian Govt should reciprocate and take suitable measures for the safety of Indian students and initiate strong measures to curb such attacks in future .Indian Govt should also lodge strong prostests.In the past also such incidents happened but remained in the history resulting in repetitions.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Ragging in educational institutions

I was pained when I read that a student died on account of ragging in college.As a matter of fact that ragging in any form is banned by law but even then the institutions fail to imforce laws in their respective institutions.In my opionion that the institutions which are approved by UGC should issue strict instructions that if there is a ragging in their institution then in that case the financial aid would be stopped and the institution will be accountable in this respect.THe institutions can play the decisive roll to stop the ragging and so many lives of innocent students can be saved.Earlier I have mentioned that during my admission in the college I along with about 120 students were ragged and were made to march naked when the juniors and seniors fight began and luckily the seniors ran away from the site and we all escaped unheart.I had also learnt in those years that previous batch were ragged and one of the student was orderd to jump a big drain and that student fell into that drain and died.Simply crying that the ragging is banned and the students should shun this bad habit will not serve any purpose.If there is stict management of the college only then the menice of ragging can be stopped.Even college authorities can be made to pay to the parents as it was the fault of college authorities which could not enforce the ban on ragging due which the aaccident occured.Moreover during no body should be touched by senior student nor third degree oppressive punishments be given to junior student.Some malpractices are there in in colleges which cannot be expressed ans all these bad examples cast a slur on so called civilized soceity.Sometimes the trauma of ragging lasts for ever to the victom due to stern ragging .All those endulged in illegal ragging should be punished by the college and legal authorities suitably.I had suggested that the college authorities should hold intoduction seminar of the junior students to the seniors and hold community meeting aand the parents of the juniors should also be allowed to attned such introductory seminars.Such seminars will definately enthuse confidence in the junior students an d parents will also think that their wards are in safe hands of college authorities.These are my own suggestions and are not directed to any one or institution whatsoever

Monday, May 11, 2009

Rajus ring ceremoney dated 10/5/2009

As I was thinking what is fate and when some good things happen and suddenly the stars start favouring luck of a person
I was informed that the marriage of my brothers son has been fixed and all of us have to attend the ring ceremony of Raju (RAJAT)( my elder brothers son).As I have mentioned earlier that my eldest brother met with a fatal accident .He had a great vision for his son but unfortunately could not see the happiness.Our family members gathered at Royal Palace Banquet Hall at 1 sant Kirpal sing marg Maurice nagar near Daulat Ram college New Delhi .I met all the relatives and all the memories were refreshed .The parents of the girl are down to earth gentle persons.Being Guptas has got no barrier in setting relation ships Some times out of castes marriages are more successful than within in own castes .Any way we wish Bharjaiji and family a very happy life as they have seen so much sufferings due untimely death of our eldest brother.We came back to saket at 11pm the same day with satisfied frame of mind At the end we send our compliments from our Sethi family and from Gaurav Misra ,Anu Misra, and from kids SONI and ASHI

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Art of living programme at Amity Int School saket new Delhi( SouthDelhi ) dated 26/04/2009

Today I have attended attended the funneral of my friends wife who died of liver failure.The sad story is that about 2 and half year back her husband died due to road accident .After attending the funneral I kept some time mum and was thinking that why God sometimes take away the pius souls?In the end every of funeral ceremony body was saying that this Yatra is called the ANTIM YATRA.If this Is ANTIM YATRA THEN WHY we believe that Soul just changes from one body to another and they say that Soul is UJAR AND AMAR.It is written in Bhagvath Gita that jeev Ko to Karam Karne Ka Adhikar Hai and man should not think of result thereof.Any way I returned home thinking that mysterious are the ways of God and no body can solve this puzzel.
In the evening I attended the seminar of Art of Living held at Amity INt School School.People young and old throng from far near areas.The bhajans were very nice and I felt that I should attend this but when I inquired from the counter what I have to pay for registraion I was informed that I have to pay Rs 1500/ as the registration money for one weeks training.I was thinking why the seminar is being organised in air condioned hall of Palm Green Hotel and why not in open air park as the time remembering God is in the morning and naturally this will definitely cost less.The lovely sangs were spontanious and I found people were dancing youn and old alike weth piou feeling and I was also feeling to dance to the tune of Bhajan but any how felt shy and returned to my colony with all mixed thoughts and brought the literature for study and to find the path of peace.In the meeting I met Shri Vijay Jolly the former MLA south Delhi and thanked him that he had sanctioned some development in Mblock Saket and due his initiative the colony road has become wide and the boundry wall of block saket has been completed .I also thanked him for this common interest matter for the benefit residents and senior citizens in particular.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Again present life at Saket (south Delhi)

They say that life after retirement becomes easy but some times it is just the reverse.Ever since I started living in my own house I could not enjoy my life to the fullest .I just get up at 7 am rush to fetch milk from milk booth and then rush for fruits and vegetables and due to great rush on roads I prefer to walk and I just have to walk upto 5 days a minimum and some times 10 times upto the market for one or the other reasons.At the end of the day I find that I have not done any useful work and no body is bothered that senior citizens are becoming a frustated lot always seemingly tense.The roads are narrow and even the roads being encroached by the residents and outsiders of colony and no body can dare to ask the encrachers to follow rules.Residents and even neighbourers feel shy to talk their common problems .My son and daughet in law live in Californea USA and are happy along with his family.Some times we talk on Skype but physical presence is not there so is our agony that we cannot express.Some times our Association people do meet in Saket park but there also we cannot find any peace.So many times we get news that such and such person has been crically ill and operated upon either heart related problem and other medical related problems.But seldom people rush to the hospital to inquire about his or her health as life has been so busy.I could not meet my sister who lived in Maya Puri except on Rakhi festival .We remenmber when we were living at meerut /Allahabad we managed to visit our relations so many times.But after retirement lethargy has crept in and we dont feel going to visit our near relatives owing to fact that distances and also if you go the place and the other end you find that there is no body at house then you can very well imagine the situation
So the life is continuing and we feel that God has been kind enough having
bestowed on us all the blessings.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hellicopter shell mounted on scooter

Again referring to the proposed (in dream) hollicopter shell fitted on the scooter may have other advantages that being in a round shape and strong plasiic bady will definately not hurt the occupant if hit in any direction as the occopant remains fastened by means of success.The project may have to be taken up with back up engineering skilland moderen gadgets will be fitted in the right place .Supposing this shell falls in the ditch then it will roll and there will be shock absorbers to save it from shocks and damages from behind and front and from top to bottom .SThis can be made earth quake proof , shock proof ,and tunami proof.Somany IITian s and scientists may ponder on this idea.This scooter may even be sent in the space and can work as robort and investigations can be made about its feasibility.If any how this idea is of any use then it will be just a dream come true.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Manufacturing and installing the helicopter shell on the two wheeler scooter

Once I dreamt that my late brother told me that if he was successful to fit the Helicopter shell fitted on the chassis of two wheeler chasis then it will be safest mode which will be safe on the road .There will be no effect of accident on the passenger if the belt is used by the occupant .There will be certain holes in the body of shell for air supply and it can roll over but life will be saved .My brother used to use scooter and he was in the process of designing such a scooter but alas he died while he was on his way to Faridabad on the same very scooterin 1993 at Ajronda more that too when he was hit by another scooter coming from the front of his scooter on the wrong side .This shows that he any got some indications that scooter was risky and and some modications might be made but he could not succeed in his venture .He was of the opinion that two wheelrs were risky because it is on two wheels and the balance is not correct technically.Ever since his death the idea haunts me that some thing should be done in this regard so that the scooterist may be saved from accidents.By writing this blog I pay a shrandjali to my elder brother who might be resting under the devine feet of THE Almighty God.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ashitabh s first day at Mayo school at Ajmer and visit to Ajmer Dargah on 3/4 April 2009

Ashitabh Misra is my grand son and he was to join in vii th class at Mayo college at Ajmer.Ever since he got admission in this college we along my daughter were busy in arrnging the the docoments and the packing work as he was going to boarding for the firt time away from the house.We arrnged his TC and went straight to cant staion Delhi .The journy was quite comfortable.We stayed at Rajasthan ministry of tourisam Hotel at Khaden.Luckily got one double Ac room.We took a taxi and reached the Mayo college .We got our documents checked by the School faculty .Ashitabh was given the accomodation in Oman House.We were given the books and note books and the whole uniforms shoes and sports shoes .after collecting the necessry maaterial we have to mark the admission number on each and every item.Ahitabh 's papa came along with his mother (AHitabhs DadiMrs Mishra)and helped in all the activities.We were astonished that all have so much love affection for Ashi that they came all the way by car driving From Jhansi for this .The parents in India have one thing in mind that their ward should stand on their feet and become good and shining citizens of nation so that the country can rely on this generation.So all the hectic activities kept us busy .In the evening there was a parents meeting with the principal at the get to gether at tea party.some of parents put questions and the same were replied satifactorily .Thi college has a history of about 150 years old.Some of the students brought larels to nation in sports and other fields .Any way we stayed for that day and we were advised by the the principal that we the parents should come again the next day at about 2pm to meet thier wards .some parents wanted to keep some pocket money with thier wards to which Mr Honye the house Keeper told them that there was no need for thesanme as the college authorities had already charged Rs 500/ per month in their fees.So the college authories will give them every month for their petty pocket money.In the hostel the bell stats ringing at the time of school and then at lunch time .every child has to be ready.The students are at first floor and the class at the the ground floor.the students have to complete the home work in the classes and they have to go for supports.So seeing all this we returned with satisfied frame of mind and with the hope that our ward is in safe hands.We have been told that we can talk to our ward on Sundays on Sundays between 10 am to 8 pm.At 10 the children are advised to sleep.When all the things were complete we went to visit to say prayers at Ajmer Chishdi Ki Dargah as our prayer was heard by the grace of the Peer Baba.We offered prayers and bowed our heads at the Dargah and tied the sacred thread at the Dargah of Sufi peer Baba.The gate of Dargah are closed at 2pm and we were just in time.There was no point of religion and we saw all the people of different faith offering the prayers.Even visitors from foreign countries come here to offer prayers.There is great Karahi where people offer their donations .As is the case there was written that the visiters should be careful regarding their purses money and mobile phones and thse items are banned to carry.The report is some persons pick pockets at this piou place.After that we started our return journey by car we strted at 5 pm and reached Delhi at 11pm.After that now we are thinking how much energy came to us and we never got tired .I think it is a chamatkar in our lives .otherwise we feel lazy and complain that we are old persons and try to avoid so many works on the basis of health or other lame excuses. So where there is a will there a is away.One startling news was that the principal told that he was leaving the school on 22nd April 2009 as he has served the institution so well and he is such a nice person we wished that he should serve the institution for some time.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Costly Education

When I hear that the education has become so costly it comes to my mind how the poor persons can afford ?.India claims that they intend to provide free education to the masses and they promise that quality education will be provided.After lapse of 62 years after independence even primary education has not been provided so far to all citizens.All the projects remain on paper and we could not make the masses literate.On govt side in Schools there is always shortage of teachers and the schools have not all the fascilities and the labs not well equiped.On the other hand the private schools go on increasing their fee at tremendous rates which become beyond the reach of comman man.Now education has also become the commercial and spreading education has not remained as Vidya DAN . Tech/medical/MBA?aviation courses they say costs about 6 to 20 lakhs.Who can afford all these costs ? The parents feel all the difficulties and when the children get all these degrees and then if they dont get jobs then the tension mounts on both the parents and children .The unemployment causes so much crimes like thefts and robberies and lootings we also hear news that some of unemployed persons committed suicides.Now the question is how to take the redressal measures .The answer to my opinion is to create the job opportunities within India so that no educated youth should remain unemployed.India should should give more funds to education and side by side increase job opportunities in India and so that no youth may be tempted to seek jobs in other cuontries .This move will definitely improve the present situation .There is no doubt that Indians are hard working and Indians are far better and the brain drain should also be checked.Govt should avoid the superflous expenditures and economy should be the main aim of the Govt.In my previous chapter I requested that the senior citizens should be given retirement allowance to survive and lead dignified lives and Govt should not think that these gems of nation have lost their sheen and as such useless lot..When our Govt is not able to provide employment to the youths then how the Govt will take care of retired persons?.This a big question the Govt will have to decide sooner the better.Histoery tells that so many great nations have been destroyed due to corruptions and so the Govt should have honest persons in public life as well as political and Govt level.If all such measures are taken I am sure that our India will be called Sone KI CHIRIA again and will lead the whole world.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Senior Citizens and thier security and health insurance

Senior citizens are generally facing the difficulties as under.
As matter of fact senior citizens become weak and hope that at the old age their children will help out so that they can pass this difficult stage peace fully and gracefully.But I am not sure how many are lucky who have sons like Lord Ram ,and brothers like Laxman ,Bharat ,and Shatrughan etc and similarly wives like Sita and Urmila etc .Even King Dasrath had to keep promice which he made with Kakayee and although he was not interested but the fate was great and Rama obeyed the orders of his father and spent about 14 years in Banvas.During that banvas period King Dasrath died in in pain and could not see his son Lord Ram .All this teaches the Maryad rather duties regarding father ,son ,brothers ,sons and mothers and all the pious relations enshrined in our religious books.But these are the happenings of Satyug.
When I sit in park and some general discussions the elderly people seem to be a frustated lot they are generally not happy in this Kalyug when their dear children go to work and children to school they remain all alone just to gaurd the house and the house hold for which they have spent the whole life.The fear remains in their mind for themselves and their children .As their sons or children leave the house the tension prevails if they will return safe and sound due to heavy traffic on the roads and the crimals are also targeting the easy preys while when they return from the work places.The cases of this nature and looting and crime are increasing every day .Senior citizens are also themselves become easy prey while all alone in their homes.Their is some incidents of domestic violence either by domestic helps or by the members of their own family members.In metro cities like Delhi and around areas these are common incidents.In some cases their own leave them helpless and shelter less .So security of senior citizens should be prime concern of the Govt.Simply by giving some benefits just like Separate ques in banks or at railway counters or bus stops or standing in separate ques at Delhi Jal Board water bills counters or BSES etc will not solve these problems.When I visited Canada I found that the senior citizens are getting free medical and other fascilities and more over allowance sufficient to survive in a dignified manner .In my opinion now the time has come that Govt should take the full responsibilty as the senior citizens are the pride of any nation and they should be given respect and regards which they have earned by serving the nation.The general public and in schools in moral science this type of morals should be taught.At present when we see an old person who is trying to cross the road I found very few persons help them .Some old homes should be made by the Govt and also be controlled by the Govt as it should be duty of Govt In my opinion a separate ministry should be formed to rehabilate the senior citizens and this should not be left at the hands some of the NGOs alone.Govt can also get some help from senior citizens for which they deem to be of any use and service.Although as it appears to be a distant dream but if there is will of Govt then a day is not far when we say that in our India all senior citizens and ladies will live in fearless and free environment which will be equql to Ram Rajya.The govt servants or others should strive to make such moves as they also cant escape from retiring from active service and all the problems will also to be tackled by them when they retire.Even laws can be framed and lagislations can be made .But it is very clear that early actions in this regard will also help those are in Govt to avct in larger interst of public and senior citizens in particular.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Senior citizens' Association Saket New Delhi election on 15/3 /2009 at Arya Samaj Mandir saket

At the insistence oF senior citizen I agreed to stand for the post of General Secretary and tried to convace the residents to vote and support for me At the tea party so many problems were put fourth and I and I promised to fulfill the aspirations of the senior citizens and I hope that I shall try to be helpful and do my duties sincerly .I am lucky that Sh N P Therajaji if elected president will give his full support .Many speakers praised Mr Thareja and informed me that he is such a social worker that what ever he earns spend 90 percent to the needy poor people and remaining 10 percent for the upkeep of the park.I wish him all the success so that I may get previlege to work with him so GOD help me.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ragging in colleges by senior students towards Junior students in Ht dated 10/3/2009

I was shocked to read the shocking news in which a medical student was ragged or tortured by senior students in one of mmedical college in Himmachal Pradesh with the result that junior student died. Really it is shame on society and the college authorities who cannot stop ragging. I mentioned in my earlier blog when I got admission in Roorkee Engineering college when a mass ragging was organised by the seniors at about mid night and all the freshers were lined quite naked and ordered to quick march on canal service road. Some of the seniors were injured during scuffles. This was a mass ragging and freshers were out numbered, so the then authorities put forth a civilised method of ragging. Every fresher was called on the stage and would tell his or her name, the place from where he is hailing and previous college and hobbies etc and all the authorities then get the introduction of the freshers and seniors were helpful to the needy students later on. I think this is better way of introduction of the fresh students. The law authorities and the Govt should make the college authorities accountable on this issue.

Monday, March 9, 2009

HT news that Hindus families are forced to leave the NWFP Pakistan by Talebansand fundementlists forces dated 9/3/2009

Today the headings published in HT news paper that so many Hindu famlies have been forced to leave NWFP Pakistan and crossed over to India.They have narrated the horrible stories and they were being pressed to leave that place where their forefathers lived for generations to genrations.They were of the opnion that their forefathers did a mitake and took a decision to stay back during partition of India and Pakistan.They told the reporters that there is no longer any government and the law ful government cannot take any action.In my earlier blog already mentioned that in there culture the women have no value and they are not allowed to go to schooland they are supposed to wear burqa and remain in house.Only the mail children are supposed to go to school.My mother when used to carry tiffen for my fathe to the shop she also used to have long jhund (the chuni should cover all the face)I have also mentioned that the local phathans from the uotskirts of Kohat used to invade the houses of hindus with the firearms and some times they used to set the houses of Hindus on fire.I also remembered that the local hindus used to gaurd their houses at night lest they might not be harmed.Now I am astonishing that after about 61 years the sitiation is the same and we feel lucky that our forefathers took a right step about 61 years back and history has proved that our forefathers had a great vision and they had not shifted we also have been repenting as these unlucky Hindus are repenting at the wrongful decisions now and they have to left their homes empty hands or selling their properies at a throw away prices or leaving these properties just save their lives and that of their children .
I also over heard in those days that our tauji was not interested to leave during partition as his Hikmat was booming and he was bosting that he had so many fiends and was of the firm opionion that they would not ditch him (Tauji).My father told him that that he along with family children wuold not be safe and any how my TAYAJI agreed to leave .In the end I pray to GOD that the people of that rigion should live peacefully and should learn the piou theary of live and let live

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Our 40 th wedding anniversary on 7 th March 2009

On 6th March I was determined to convey happy anniversay to my wife on 7th March positively and but went off to sleep and when I woke up I forget to convey my feelings in a tinkling of an eye my wife asked me some thing and I was busy to tackle a problem of water and she again asked me what she conveyd to me and then I remembered that today is our 40 th wedding anniversary .Now when we recollected the past all the years it was this a matter of recent past.Then the telephones started ringing from our near and dear ones ,my son Montoo and Kitty daughter in law from california, Anu Gaurav from Jhansi,Basant and Jijaji and Deepak and Guddu (homely name),Ramesh Bhapaji and Kamal Bharjaiji ,Satish Bhapaji and Sulachna Bharjaiji from Jhansi Pappi from jhansi Alka Sayal and Rajesh Sayal from Jaipur all cogratuled us and we thank to all of them that they showed love and affection to us .Again thanks to my fiend Mr Tulsiani and Mrs Anmol Panjhazari who attended the cake cutting
functionalong with some of our tenants All the simple function but no doubt all this have has a great effect on our lives.I specially thank to ASHITABH AND AMITABH and Shashi who were the main attraction and I feel that I should again become young and enjoy the bliss of God THE ALMIGHTY.We have also determined to celiberate this occasion along with other good news that Anu and Gaurav has started a School at Jhansi and the other good news is that Montoo our son got promotion and we shall celebrte it in a befitting manner Thanks to God that HE is so kind to our family and wish and pray that Almighty God shall continue to have a devine hand on us and we all bow our heads before HIM(GOD).......

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Again Terror and terrorists now at cricket team at Lahor at Gadaffi stadium on 3rd March 2009

Again while I opened the screen of TV and found that a terrorist attacked on Srilanka cricket team in Pakistan .this attack has got the same modus operandi as that of Mumbai attack last year on 26 th Nov 2009.The results are the same that innocent people are wounded or killed.I am shocked and only pray to GOD or Allah to give these misguided persons a good sense Humanity is to be saved at all costs.All the nations should ponder on this issue of Terrorism and take bold steps so that these happennigs may not repeat.I am of the opinion that nations progess when there is peace and only peace.

Friday, February 27, 2009

A happy marriage party of My brother"s Son (Pawan Sethi) on 27 Feb 2009

I have attended the marriage party of Micky (Pawan Sethi) to night and enjoyed a lot >At this party I met so many old acquintances and the shared the old memories.On seeing some of old relatives I was happy and see some of old persons who used to be gleeming with luster and dashing in their youth period and now the aging effect has snatched all the glory.I was pained to see people suffer so much.I forget to think that I have also been old enough and some old relatives could not recognise me and this I now believe that life goes on and mysterious are the ways of GOD.Any how I enjoyed the marriage so much and I believe and hope that my elder brother is lucky to have so beutiful and good girl as his daughter in law.She is beutiful and is a perfect match with Micky (PAWAN SETHI)We wish them a happy married life in future.ONe of the relatives have also told his old incident when his daughter who se leg broken in two peices and he got her leg was set right by Dr Dubey of Medical college of Meerut.As soon as he narrated the srory I recllected the painful accident of my son with truck near Sahibad.I was also lucky that I got Dr Garg of Meerut who fitted the rod in his right leg and after 3 years his rod wastaken out after proper hearig and effrts .Now he is residing at California( U S A )I returned back to Delhi after giving good wishes to all of the relatives

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Visit to Sankulp Utsav at PRAGATI MAIDAN ON 21 st FEB. 2009

I along with one of my friend visited Sankulp Utsav at Pragati maidan .The journey from saket was a tedious one.We took a bus to Khanpur busstop from there we boarded the bus number 419 .this bus was comfortable.But we bymistake occupied ladies seat.Anyway we being senior citizen remained on those seats.It was difficult to take bus journy by bus when there was no reservation of seats for older people.We got down at Purana Qila bus stop and walked down to the subway about 1 Km .So any how we were determind to visit and so we have conqured all the difficulties.There was so much rush and we have to stamped the lunch coupen by standing in queThe lunch packet was not at all tasty having two chapaties some ,rice pickle and at the top of it a colp gulab jamun as a sweet dish.I have heard one person saying that the lunch packet costed about Rs 125/each We had a cup of coffee which contained too much sugar.We could see only two halls and collected some brochers and and at stalls the departments were seen whiling their time and as if they have been compelled to do this duty.No block wise developments were being displayed.Any how the show was being organised half heartedly.The people of Delhi are very much busy and showed no interest in these programmes.RWAS people also knew that these programmes are not organised properly so some of RWAS not attended due to transport fascilities.This I noticed that when I approached the RWA people and they rather refused.In my opinon the RWAS should be given some financial powers to organise some developments and should be manned by technical people.There should be some renumerations to RWAS for supervising the govt projects.The RWAS are working honourary jobs and so they take no intrest and think it to be a thankless job.Sankalp of keeping Delhi clean will be a reality if the RWAS should be given powers and some office space in respective blocks or calonies.Senior citizens are living a horrible lives as the the children have left them alone and at this juncture the Government should adopt them and take a full care of senior citizens as is done in other countries accross the world.In some countries the senior citizens are being given the allowance so that the elderly people can live dignified lives.So while coming back from Pragiti Maidan we came back standing in the bus utterly disgusted.So this was our journey to SANKALP UTSAV sponsored by Delhi State.Previously I attended the Bhagidari workshops and I found those workshops quite attractive and direct contact with departments definitely was a good approach.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Regarding news item of vacating the MCD ( MUNICIPAL CORPORATION OF DELHI)"S Town Hall and converting it as National Hertage building at Delhi

Recently I have seen the news item that MCD office at town hall will be vacated and the whole building shall be on the map of National Heritage building and this has been approved in the standing committee.This building is of historical importance no doubt and had been remained the head office and being used judiciously at present and previously also since decades.It is being harped on the highest pitch of voice that MCD is short of funds and is continuosly under pressure during this recession period.If town hall building is handed over to Archiology Department and the new building is constructed to house the MCD then there will be a huge loss to the Govt as well as it will be a share loss of public money who are paying the property taxes to MCD .In my opinion the building should not be closed merely on the ground that it has got historical value as heritage building.Instead MCD should construct diffrent offices in all the disrict centres of Delhi to improve its efficency to maintain Delhi as the cleaner Delhi . I have so much appreciation for Bhagidari meetings where the represntatives of registered RWAS sit together and try raise the common problems and how these can be solved and remedial measures are assured by so many departments but the implements of the assurances need to monitored by the Govt .More over the cocerned departments should be strictly orderd by the Govt to such Bhagidari meetings at deputy commissioner level and non attendance should find suitable place in the crs of the govt official.Only strict rules and their adherence can bear fruits of the Bhagidari meetings.Delhi is facing acute problems of parking ,encroachments ,traffic jam ,shortage of public transports ,shortages of schools and admissions to even nursery classes.As a matter fact the govt should bring a legislation regarding RIGHT TO FREE EDUCATION TO ALL CITIZENS and no school should refuse admission to the deserving candidates/wards and there should be regulatory body to ensure its implimentation.
I have attended so many Bhagidari meetings and stressed that problems of M BLOCK SAKET NEW solved and raised the issue again but non have been solved.Main problems are .;; 1-Construction of boundry wall of Nallah facing MBlock SAKET.It is to be noted that the boundry wall fell during heavy rains last year and it is dangerous because any vehicle can fall resulting in serious accidents.The bed of Nallah is Kachha which breads mosquitos and insects.All the filth is accumulating giving bad smell.There is traffic jam and residents are facing hardships and Amity School Saket has not providing any parking to its vehicles resulting that during parents teachers meeting the vehles enter in MBlock colony even in lanes and sometimes in back lanes As per rule the Amity shpuld constuct the under ground parking so that residents can heaave a sigh of relief.Near Mblock saket there is another Govt school having a vast ground and it should also construct under Ground parking.There is a peculiar problem that this school has its gate inside Mblock and LBlock colony road and there is great rush and traffic at the time openning and closing of school.I am writing all these problems on behalf ans as president of MBLOCK NE SAKET CULTURAL AND NIWASI WELFARE ASSOCIATION AND AS BHAGIDAR OF DELHI TEAM SPONCERD BY HONB"LE CHIEF MINISTER DELHI

Friday, February 6, 2009

Remembrances of my mother on the death anniversary ( 23 rd Death anniversary)

On 7th february every year I along with my wife have made up routine to wke up in the morning and just take bath and sometimes she prepares prasad with her own hands and asks me to go to the temple to offer the same to THE GOD ALMIGHTY and we are disdributing some fruits and Halwa and puries to the poor people near temple.But as the time passes away and the life in Delhi is very fast we vare justt going to temple and offer prasad of fruits sweets milk and boondi Ladoo and burfi etc and some donation to the temple.On this we feel just our mother is just sitting next to us and guiding us from heaven.We have seen that that our mother was such a pious soul that she predicted her death and before death she took out all the jewllery and handed it over to our father that he should tkae care of the ornaments because tomorrow there would be great rush and that he might misplace the same.Such was our mother and we pay a tearful rememberences and pray to GOD that HE should give peace to the departed soul under HIS devine feet.This is our Sharandjali

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Health Fundas of Our respected Bauji and his legacy

Recently I along with my wife attended the gettogether of Senior citizens in Saket Park in Dblock where we met so many people of our age group and we enjoyed a many members narrated their experiences of their lives.I met a lady who told us that she had a fracture in her shoulders and the elopathy medcines when she took some how reacted and she was ellergic and she became numb on taking that medicine
My wife has a history of bone TB since when she was one and half year old.It is reported that one bowl appeared and it used to burst.She was treated by Dr Bakru of Jhansi and then Dr Sen of Sen Nursing Home Darya Ganj New Delhi.Years after years had elapsed nothing happened but as bad luck would have it she fell from two wheeler scooter as she was sitting on pillion seat and a dog ran after us and the she lost balance and fell on the right side and her hand broke .As I was lifting her I found that her hand bone had been broken between shoulder and elbow.Any how I took her to the Doctor at Meerut .The Doctor could not set it right and only he applied the plaster for three months but after seeing the X ray it was noticed that bone was not healed up.We then rushed to another Doctor who then fitted a plat having 9 screws.We thaked the Doctor .Later on she again slipped and we had to reunite the plate with 9 screws now again after lapse 3 years some screws have been broken and the hand is being on the support of 3 screws .Now again consulted the specialist who advised us that the 3rd surgery is not possible as no calcium is being formed.He has advised to take care and to use support to avoid any jerk etc.He advised to use the support as the portion of bone near elbow is very less.As we told this storey to that lady with fractured shoulder she also narrated the pathetic condition of her shoulder.Regarding bones she told us that we should follow the following formula daily
Take 3 pieces of dried ANGEER.3 pieces of almond,and 3 pieces of Akhrot and pour a glass of water and remain it for a night and drink the water remaining drey fruits should be taken with a cup of warm milk.This formula will help us in strengthnig of bones and calcium building.We are using this formula and we have noticed some improvement.During the discussion I also narrated some of the health fundas as told by my respected Bauji which are dedicted to our late Bauji on his 14 th death anniversary in his remeberences as under;

Kader e Sahet Mariz Se Poocho
Sahet Hazar Niamat Hai

1 Jahan tak chalta ho Kam Gaza (diet) se
Bachna Chahaye Dava Se
Jo mahede ho granni
To chak le saunf ya adrak ka paani
Agar Knoon bane kam aur balgam zaida
To kha gajar , chane aur shaljam zaida
Jo chaiye badhazami se too afaka
To kar le aek ya do waqt ka faka
Jo pachissh hai to too peach too is trehe too kas le
Mileke dood mein too neembu ka too rass le.
Jiggar ke bal par hai insaan jeeta agar zofe jiggar toh too khaa papita
Jiggar mein hai jo garmi to dahi kha
Aunto main hai khushki to Ghee Kha
Dhakaan ke mare hoin tere azlaat dheele
To foran garama garam dood too pee le'
Jo takat main ho kami mahsoos
To foran multani mishri kee dali choos
Zaida dimagi hai tera kam
To khaya kar shaid milakar badam
Agar ho dil ki kamzori ka ahsaas
To khaya kar murabba aunwla aur annanaas
Agar garmi ki ho shiddat zaida
To pee sharbat bajai aab taza
Agar dukhta hai gala nazle ke mare
To kar le namkeen paani ke grare.
Agar hai danto ke dard se vayakul
To aungli se masooran per namak mela ke taail mal
So long my bauji was alive he used to follow the above simple health guidance and he lived a happy and healthy life and died at the age of 93 years .We all still remember him and feel that he is guiding us .So we pray to God that he should be given a a divine blessings in heaven.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Terror and terrorists

When I see the activities of terrorist on the screen and their live actions against humanity like killing the innocents just in the same manner as the human lives have no meaning in their faiths I feel pitty on them .I understand that it is a sort of illness which is being spread by giving injections of hatred towards one faith towards another and in name of Jehad (holy war)In old days it was taught in scools that one should be patriotic and respect the whole humanity without any ill will .Our forefathers used to tell us the piou vertues of great saints and Suffies.Why the teachings of the great social reformers and dharam gurus are not inspirings these terrorists who are bent upon to destroy the very existence of human race.I think that some positive remedial measures must be taken to eliminate this cancer which if not stopped shall bring a dooms day much earlier.Ihope that we will surely overcome all the terrorist and make the whole world a place to live in where all the human beings tread fearlessly.We should inculcate in the minds of our brothern the sence of live and let live.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fourteenth Death anniversary of our Bauji Dated 22 JAN 2009

Today as I woke up and found that our respected Bauji is guiding from heaven .I just thinking that he will call me and sayto me as Jai Gopal , "" Uth Chal Mere Nal BAH TE path Kar "He used to call me and make me sit by his side and recite Sandhaya (Puja) and used to ask that the Almighty should be remembered in the morning before starting my daily routines and Almighty will help me in all walks of life "' So I just took my bath and went to the temple there I recited some Shaloks as per guidance and offered prashad ( Offerings to GOD ) and came back and the fond memories of Bauji flashed in eyes the whole day long and We all remembered our Bauji who was a real social worker and still his piou teachings are our valuable assets in our minds.We all pray that God The Almighty will give his pious soul a place under HIS DEVINE feet We all pay our sharandjali to our respectful Bauji (father) and take sankalp to follow the rightful path shown to us by our Bauji......

Friday, January 2, 2009

Net experience while in service for guidance to younger engineers in govt service

When I was sitting and pondering on the service and foolies I committedduring service I think the following precautions;
An engineer should not commit any mistake during construction and take proper care of the recommended specifications and should be vigilent regarding reinforcement and cement / sand /concrete mixtures/ratios etc and should not compromise regarding quality.He should not remove the shuttering till the cement concret gets proper strength and set properly.While concreting of slab of roof it should be continuos and use of vibrator and concrete mixtures and the engineer in charge should supervise all the process .Once a Russian engineer constucted the railway bridge and the authorities told him that who would be responsible if the bridge collapsed when the train passed on the bridge .That engineer was so confident about his job and skill that he announced that he would stand under that bridge and that let the train passed over that bridge.Such shuold be confidence among engineers.
An Assistant Engineer in UP is holding a gazetted post He is supposed to on duty 24 hours and he is supposed to have courage to do theright One should adhere the govt rules and shuold shun to mix wiyh contractors and political people .Some times the contractors who have nuxes with political parties lure the engineers and once one has committed some mistake then one is blackmailed again and again.An engineer should never make false TA and if there is inquiry then the false TA will be the proof which is sighned by the AE/Engineer/ rather all the govt employees and one cannot defend so as CCA rules gets the punishment,So TA is not the saurce of income .Some contractors make fictitious complaintsand implicate the employee in false case of corruption.An gineer should not attend the parties hosted by contracters or other funtions to avid to be disputed which may result in complications in the later stage.A GoVT employee/engineer should have character which should be example to the public at large.In my opinio if the govt rules and specications are followed one can serve the got duties quite peacefully and retire without any inquiry pending will surely get full pension.All the above precautions are reproduced is my peronnel and in any way malice to any body or the department.In all all the rules should be followed in to to.