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Sunday, December 7, 2014

My 74th B'day celebreation

My 74 th birth day celebrations

In the night on 30th November at midnight I got Happy B'day wishes from my daughter Anu and my son Montoo. My grandson Ashi called me up from Jaipur to wish me Happy B'day. My other grandson Soni also wished me . In the morning, I was flooded with telephone calls from all near and dear ones. In the evening I got three B'day cakes. One from Anu (My daughter), Montoo(My son) and the third one from Rajat(My nephew). I also got a bouquet and a cake from shopclues. I thanked all of my friends and relatives for sending their good wishes on this occasion. We have briefly taken the snaps of the get-together. I will remember this B'day all through the rest of my life. 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Medical bill of Shashi Sethi my wifeMedical bill of shashi sethi was sent to the Engineer in Chief  of UP Irrigation at Lucknow about 3 to 4 months after removing some objections  which was pending there for about one and half year but no body listens and I have not received any medical bill.Since the heart surgery of my wife I have spent the whole pension in purchase of medicines. and operation charges but U P Govts Irrigation Department is not willing to pay my  legitimate medical claim.Strange are ways of this Department to harass the senior citizen and retired employees although there are rules that claim should be paid within 3 months of its submission.As my last posting before retirement was Gorakhpur the E-In -C is sending the bill to Gorakhpur  How can I go to Gorakhpur to pursue the medical bill when all the service book is with chief office at Lucknow.

Medical Bill  of  my  Left Eye Cataract of left eye is also pending with Engineer In Chief P Irrigation Department .There is also delay in settling this bill of about 2 years..UP Govt orders are there to settle medical bills of retired persons quickly but UP IRRIGATION DEPARTMENT is turning a deaf ear to these orders.Whose responsibility will rest in case of any mishap occurs if medical claims are delayed?

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Tragic incident at Delhi Zoo

I have seen the tragic incident of a tiger killing a man who slipped into the Zoo channel  and the tiger mercilessly attacking and then dragging to its den.All this incident took about 15 minutes  and nothing was done by guards and Zoo authorities .There is accountability  of the authorities and they have saved their skin by saying that it is the fault of the person who trespassed the railing which was about 2 feet in height .Here I should say that the railing should have been about 5 feet high.It is the general sense that even the boundary wall of the houses is about 5 feet.Then why at all the security persons have not Gun or tranquilisers to calm down the attacking beast.Had the precautions were taken the life of a person could have been saved.We are keeping this lion and everyday giving about 20 to 30 kg of meet and paying huge salary to the watch and ward  staff at cost of our tax revenue.Now the lion is under observation what for.In my opinion the animal has become man eater it should be shot down immediately.I have heard that in USA such an incident occurred  wherein the security personal shot down the animal . The point is this that some responsibility should be fixed and some compensation should be paid to the family as the man in question was a poor person and was the sole bread earner for the family.One thing is in my mind is in my mind that ditch was not properly designed and its both sides should have trapezoidal section and wide enough and deep about 20 feet  and water should be filled  in it  so that about half depth is always submerged.Lion can swim and in that case it cannot climb the side slopes..So many incidents  had occurred    in the past  but we have not  learnt any lesson .and we are just harping SAVE TIGERS but  this does not mean we should not save human beings. We as a public  should follow the rules which are meant for our safety .only

Saturday, August 16, 2014

68 th Independence Day on 15 Th August 2014 ( Friday)

On 15 Th August we celebrate the independence day as we got freedom on15 Th August 1947 .On this day we remember the sacrifices done by our brave freedom fighters and patriotic songs are sung.History is full of the sacrifices done by Sardar Bhagat Singh Neta Ji Subhash Chander Bose,Lala Lajpat Rai,Mahatma Gandhiji Pt Jawahar Lal Nahruji ,Sardar Patel and so many freedom fighters and we pay tribute to them who laid their lives.We are progressing but still we have to do lot to protect our country at borders for which our brave soldiers are alert.If we have strong defence at land air and sea then the enemy forces will not venture attack our country .We should also work together for upliftment of the poor and country as whole nation.We should wipe out corruption at levels and keep our country clean.I attended thje flag hoisting ceremony at Saket park at RWA level.One thing we have noticed that calender of August 1947 and that of August 2014 are same . On 15 Th August 1947 it was Friday and now on 15 Th August 2014 it was Friday.In my opinion Friday is lucky day in  Shastras.

Rakhsha Bandhan

On Raksha Bandhan day we had a get together  at saket and all the family members attended the ceremonies .On this occasion we were happy that Kitty and grand daughters Aanya and Ahana were also here .Anu  tied the Rakhi to Montoo (Sanjay) and Aanya and Ahana tied Rakhis to me on behalf of Basant ,Kamlesh and Santosh and also tied Rakhi to Amitabh ( Anu's son)..shashi tied Rakhi To Ramesh Bhapaji.After this first session we had Khichari and kheer and Purees and enjoyed  a lot.In the afternoon Rajat came and Anu tied Rakhi to his hand.Sister used to say to brother that Bara Maha Chavi pakh Veera tanu shri Ram chander de rakh.meaning thereby that sister wishes that Bhagwan Ram chanderji should protect her brother during all the fortnights and months and through out the year.Lastly at night My brother DV SETHI and Micky(Pawan Sethi) came and Anu repeated the same wish and tied Rakhi .Late night we had a dinner and Miccky Nirmal Bharjaei ji and Dharam Vir Bhapaji went back to Faridabad.We thus enjoyed the Raksha bandhan and it was memorable as Aanya and  Ahana and Kitty came here from USA and graced this ceremony of Raksha Bandhan.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

shashi s medical bill

A s I was a s  waiting anxiuosly for the sanction  of medical bill from medical authories of meerut a surprise objection was raised that signatures of doctor and that of chief engineer were i have to add that the ce sshould have countersingned
At the designated place and therewas no need of signatures on the final bill by the attending doctor because the sig  of medical superintendent and doctor akready exist on the performa. So er hsve to wait endlessly for claim to settle.this the plight of retired se of up irrigation my suffered heart attack on 29 th april 2013

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Shashi Sethi"s Medical Bill

I am pleased to note that the medical bill of Shashi (My wife) has been forwarded to Meerut for checking from my CE UP Irrigation department.This bill was forwarded to CE in April 2013.Let us see how much time this will take to settle as the govt department takes too much time.We are hoping against hope as after retirement department no body listens. So what cannot be cured must be endured.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

45 th Wedding Anniversary and sweet memories dated 7th March 2014

We  are enjoying our wedding anniversary every year with great zeal and enthusiasm but this was our 45th wedding anniversary as such we decided to celebrate  it .As such it came to our mind to call our nearest relatives and enjoy to get the sublime pleasure among of our near and dear ones.Date was decided as 8 Th as it happened to be Saturday and the next day it would be Sunday.So we were selecting some old songs which are even today give the same pleasure as these were sung in olden years.On this all the preparations were made at  home and all of us and guests praised these delicious dishes.On this occasion Ramesh  Kumar Sabherwal  our respected Bhapaji thrilled the atmosphere with joy when he narrated some Shero Shary  and COL NK AHUJA had also cracked so many jokes and latest twists which amounted to be " this Sham aap ke Nam  ".We thanked all and enjoyed the dinner.I also narrated some old poems in URDU and Pashto mixed  language and photos were taken while distributing cake.Attending guests were as under  ...Col N K Ahuja, Mrs Manju Ahuja,Anu Mishra ( daughter), Mr Gaurav ( son in law)Rajat, and Namita  Special guest Miss Shushma ,Shashi ji s oldest school class mate Sanjay ( son) our respected  Krishna Bharjaiji and youngest one Amitabh our grand son .Those were the Happy Moments we were trying to preserve lest these are forgotten and fade into nothingness.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Get togather of I I T Roorkee batch 1962 with entry of 1959 batch

)n 16 Th Feb 2014 I along with my wife and son attended the gettogather of all engineers and architectof 1962 batch at Akash air force mess Zakir Hussain Marg New Delhi.It was a good chance to meet our old friends and to revive the old memories.We had a party lunch and enjoyed the old memories.My son was not knowing the protocol of dress restriction so he was to wear the blazer so that he may be entertained in the party.The host was also feeling sorry but this all happens.We have taken some snaps and we returned with satisfied frame of mind .

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


I along with my family wish Happy New Year to all my blog readers and we wish that the coming year may bring all the happiness and prosperity to all and the all human beings all over the world as I think that whole world is our extended family.