These are excerpt from my life experiences.

Monday, October 12, 2009


As I was walking with my old friend in the park the issue arose about the hardships the refugees faced in 1947 when the partition took place between India and Pakistan .the most sufferers were the people who migrated from the portion which is now termed as Pakistan .My friend told me that when the partition took place the people with majority community started looting the properties of minority people.These people included Muslims and Pathans.My friend narrated like this....."I along my two brothers were the residents of Rawalpindi nearby area .In those days the Hindu population used live in Ahatas as they used to feel that the Ahatas were safe for them as these ahatas were pucca structures and the other population were in kacha structures.As the trouble started the Pathans and others raided those ahatas and brutally killed the young and old alike with rifles katas or revolvers and knives The narrator told me that he along with his younger brothers hid themselves in a room or behind the trunks or other shelter deeming it to be safe.the Pathans and others started shooting with guns on the door and as bad luck would have it the bullet shot hit his mother at the chin and the whole face was blown off and it appeared that some pig was hanging on the meat shop.other bullet shots hit his father at two or three places on his body .as he came out of the hidden space he found his father just bleeding and he pointed out towards the mother and died on the the narrator ran from that place along with his brothers and entered in Cantonment military area.Seeing some children the military helped them and kept them in a room and asked them that they should bolt the room from inside .they remained there for three days and provided the meals etc.Then they asked them to go to camp .They started and found some miscreants on the way on the other side of the wall and on the way they noticed a mother of some young person about 25 years .they were asked that they should accept Islam .The mother told the pathans that if her son accepted then she would also convert .As they inquired from the son he refused then they shot him down and took the mother along with them and what happened afterwards no body knew.Any how the narrator reached Ambala be the Train which were being run for exchange of population between India and Pakistan The narrator was in tears when he was telling his story and hardships He lost his parents and all belonging in West Pakistan.The narrator was in tears while he was telling his sad story.So many people suffered and so many innocent lives were lost.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Old Memories of year 1950 to 1959 Regarding Bara Hindu Rao and get to gather in E block Saket

As I have already narrated that my am recllecting some fond memories of past.All of asudden I was called by our Bharji ji to E Block saket for get to gather on the auspicious occasion of at home due to the marriage of Raju Our brothers son .we had a ttended this party .I dont know why we tend to go E block as imagine that these people give us great respect.I feel as if I am the part of my late brothers family and always I remember my eldest brother who is resting under the Devine Feet Of Almighty God .During the meeting the chapter of old memories started when we were children .as matter of chance the father of our daughter in law had been the reident of Bhara Hindu Rao and Pahari Dheeraj.There we started the talk of Westand cinema ,Filmistan and one of Halwai Madan Lal ,Hemraj building Jain temple and other narrow lanes .Mr Gupta told us there was the only place where children get the bycycles on rent as low as 4 annas per hour .there is Mulim and Hindu papulation is about 50 % evenly distributed although the name is Bara HinduRao I used to take bycycle on rent and used to peddle the same on Kabristan Chamelian Road which used be empty and is the best for learners with quite pleasing sound of bicycle bells.Then there was a Bangali Sweets shop oppsite the Filmistan cinema.All the stories of the past gave us great joy.Our Jijaji Kohli sabeb Deepak Kohli and family,Gulshan and vini and family my brother D V sethi and family ,Pawan Sethi and family Anu Gaurav and family Bubbu abd Papu and family and other near and dear ones enjoyed a lot.Main attraction was the humouous of Deepak kohli ( Bobby)and his jokes.We all thanked Namita s parents and her brother who had left no stone unturned to make this occasion a great success and all credit goes To Raju ,Namita and Krishana Sethi Bharjaiji for their hospitality .

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

TV Serial 12/24 Karol Bagh Dated 6/10/2009 and Pavitra Rishta ( 6/10 2009)

As I was watching the serial 12 /24 Karol Bagh which depicts about Rajender Sethi family and about Bhalla family .Although by saying that all the story is a false and characters are fictitious this does not give right to any producer of serial to defame the community as a whole .The story is full of all the blackmailing tacticts and langauge of character Rajiv Bhalla as he threatened Simi ( name fictitious) that he would ruin the Sethi family by defaming etc the language used is a filthy one and is condemned .No producer has a right to defame a community or any sub caste In my opinion the screening of such bad taste serials which only high light the bad facts of society should be censored by the Information Ministry of Govt Of India.These serials are not helping the public but only spreading hatred .Similarly in Pavitra Rishta the so called IEE the mother of Manav the language used is very rude and in my opinion no mother in law will stoop so low as shown in the serial.These opinions are of my own and in no way bearing any malice to any body or firm or producer .It is my humble endeavour that positive points of society should be depicted

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Today as senior Citizen Day ( 1/10/2009)

As I was watching the national programme I noticed that the health programme regarding cancer was very much useful information.Doctor of Lok Nayak Hospital was giving some preventive steps as to how to safe gaurd against the deadly cancer.He advised to avoid tabaco and smoking cigaretes and chewing tabaco products.Due to this habit the millions of senior citizens are suffering from cancer .This cancer can be at any part of body like throat cancer ,chest or breast cancer,prostate cancer.More over the treatment of this decease is very very expencive.One of the caller asked the doctor that his both sons are living abroad and they cannot attend the senior citizen or old parents as the life is very hectic .the caller was adviced that he (caller ) should take shelter in some old homes and get the treatment from good hospital for which Govt has opened the old homes .It may be that their wards may come to see them at this hour of need.Cancer is such a desease that it aggrevates other deaseses like diabetese blood pressure other complications.But the fact remains that young people should look after their elderly parents so that the elderly parents can face the troublesome old age passage peacefully.Afterall those who are young today will become old and then they will also require the support of their children.All days of senior days are important and need support of their children and the Govt.
In this connection I remember one incident which is coming to my mind .Long back in year 1965 I happened to stay at Agra in the house of our uncle in Shahzadi Mandi Sadar Bazar Agra cantt.There I met one of our tenant who was working as Bank Manager.I remember that he was about 40 years old but did not marry.He was living with his mother who was about 80 years old and was widow.Her husband died when her son was just a small child .Any how she brought up her son and worked hard to give him the exellent education.She was suffering from cancer and bed ridden for enough period and her son used to carry her on his back to toilets and wash room etc.Seeing the condition of his mother he took a vow that he would not marry and would serve her mother till she survived .He told me that he turned down so many offers of marriage in those yester years . His true story brought myself into tears .Such was the dedication which inherits from our culture.Story of Sharwan Kumar in our religius books is also ture when son carried his blind mother and father on a religious trip and walked on difficult terrains carrying baghi on his shoulder.Such was the tradition and now the time has changed the children of modern society think to send the elderly parents to some old homes quite uncared and totally unsupportive environment.I am confused and pondering where we shall go what will happen to us at the fag end of our journey of lives.Still life is a struggle and we have to fight and win .