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Friday, July 20, 2012

Covering of Nallah near Sports Complex saket New Delhi
There is a wide Nallah running through Sadula jab Pvr D bloc,k
H Block L block ,Mblock saket .Its catchment area is great and all the slush and industrial waste and other silt is continousely being dumped in this Nallah with the result it is full of silt and other dirty materials which are the breeding ground for mosquitoes and insects.The present condition of Nallah is pitiable its boundary wall has  fallen down about 2 years ago and slope wall is also crumbling.Now this has become health hazard.As there is no barricading any person or child may fall into this open Nallah and great mishap can occur .I on behalf M Block NE Saket Cultural and Niwasi Welfare Association Saket has sent letters to CM Delhi MLA and MP  of the area but no action is being taken to clean it and concstuction of boundary wall .We have suggested that it should be covered as been done in so many colonies .But MCD says that it is an expensive project.To this question our answer is that it is not so expensive than human loss .We again request that swift action in the matter be taken . We have sent an application in the public grievances commission NCT Delhi but still waiting for any redress.More the delay in this direction more the risk please note and act in the interest of residents. 

I on behalf of residents of M-block and some of the other residents of other blocks applied for the     relief from parking fee being charged by the contractor of MCD at the location from M- block gate to the main road around Amity International School we applied this complaint before  the public grievance commission Vikas Bhawan ITO Delhi. We have been attending the court since September 2011 up to MAY 2012. Due to the fact that there is no space left if the cars are parked on the pavements of the roads along the boundaries of Amity and GOVERNMENT school around the safal booth . Where the residents and senior citizens can walk if the cars are parked.along the pitching portion of the road.?I on behalf the residents who have signed the complaint that the parking fee be waved of in favour of public interest. IN the past MCD has never imposed the parking fee on this site..We therefore request that the orders should be passed  in order to give relief to the public at large.               

Rajesh Khanna was a great star of Bollywood
From a humble common man Rajesh Khanna rose to the height of super star by dint of hard work and dedication.We will remember him due to his great songs and simplicity.His acting in all hit films show his ability Nation is devoid and suffered a greatest loss due to untimely demise of the super star.I pay my heartfelt condolence and pray to THE ALMIGHTY to give enough courage to his family members and fans all over the world to bear this unbearable loss