These are excerpt from my life experiences.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Again a terror attack at Merauli(27 th Sept 2008)

Today I was very calm and just thinking what good work I should do today? As usual I was veiwing the TV and all of a sudden a student rushed to me and asked that I should see the news xchannel .I aked him what his paper to this he replied that leave apart the exam just change the channel .Really it was shocking that again a terror attack in Merauli near Qutab minar where generally a bazar used to assemle on saturday.Now the attckers changed their tactics and chose the day time and two bykers just placed the black polythene bag containing the bomb and rushed away from the busy bazar .Just then as bad luck would have it a boy aged 13 years touched that bag in curosity and the bag exploded killing that inncent boy on the spot.The boy out of honesty just calling those young persons ,"Uncle you have left your bag"All this was on the air .People say that honesty is the best policy but in this Kalyug just the opposite has happened.I am the opinion unless the tough law only can curb and all the indians should take pledge that they are Indians and start writing Bhartya instead of writing their surnames or religion .In whole of world this practice will bring peace and love among people.If this happence we shall feel brtherhood among all communities.As I have already written earlier that " MAHAZB NAHI SIKHATA APAS MEIN BAER RAKHNA HINDI HAIN HAM WATAN HAI HINDUSTAN HAMARA"

Friday, September 19, 2008

Terror encounter in Delhi on 19 th sept2008

Today I watched the terror encounter on Tv and glued to see each and every channel and I was stunned and shocked that this type of things are happenning in the National capital.Terror attacks have rendered our lives unpeaceful.we are living in in the state of shock and fear and I dont understand the motive behind it and to kill innocent people for no fault of them.Why the terrorist spread hatred and kill other people in name of religion or jahad.In this way no body can win and this theory of terrorism will fail.In India all the religions live in peace and there is no place for terrorism .The law of land should be given more teeth to curb this menace.The religious leaders should also condemn this cowardly acts irrespective of their faith because no religion advocates any type of hatred and bloodshed.We morn the death of the police inspector Late Mohan chand sharma who laid down his life while fighting the terroists.We pay a tear ful sharadanjali to this brave officer.and we hope that the other terroists would be brought to book very soon and they would be given examplary punisments. so that such type of things may not be repeated in our peace loving country.Let us take pledge that we shall not bow our heads to terrorists and their bad designs will never never succeed.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Stealing is a bad habit

Today all of a sudden I remember a short story which is as under;-
Once upon a time there lived a lady in a small town .She had a son who was very naughty and he got a habit of stealing things and he used to deposit the stolen money with his mother .She once asked his son that where from he used to get all the money ? The son replied that he got all the money from business and those money was his profit from business.The habit of stealing went on increasing and once he committed murder when the owner of the house woke up and tried to resist his efforts .The police caught him and he was sentenced to death by the judge.As he was being brought to gallows and the judge asked him about his last wish .He replied that he wanted to talk to his mother in her ears for a second.The judge allowed him that he could talk to his mother so that his last wish was fulfilled as allowed under law. So his mother was summoned and she lent her ear towards the mouth of his son .As soon as her ear was near his sons mouth he furiously bit the ear of his mother. The judge asked him why did he bit her ear and what was her fault?.At that
moment the thief son replied that all the blame was of his mother because she did not tell him that stealing things was a bad habit .Had she told him when he did the first theft then in that case he would had not been on the gallows and begging for life .He further told to the judge that she used to be happy when he brought the daily the ill gotten wealth and rather she used to encourage him .He prayed to the judge that she should also be punished along with him for not guiding him so that he would become a good citizen.
In a nut shell it is the duty of all parents to inculcate good habits in to the minds of their wards so that they can become good citizens of the nation.and that the nation may be proud of them.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Yesterday as we were just sitting and chatting and that moment the phone rang and we were in shock that one our relative who was just a 30 years old expired .The irony of fate was that a years ago his mother died and the relatives avoided to convey the message to him as we was on sick bed in the hospital.He became well after some time and now again fell ill due to liver complications and this time the bad luck over powered him and he lost his breath.Earlier his brother also had a bad luck and he was killed when he was in the car along with his friends and the ill fated car collided with tanker and the fur occupants died at the spot.Now there his father one son married and grand mother just looking towards hollowness of life just remembering them with tears in their eyes .All the relatives gathered there and mourned the untimely deaths of the dear ones in that family.Still we believe that God never does injustice to any body.We cannot disobey the will of God and life has to continue.We pray to God that He will give courage to the concerned family to bear the unbearable loss. So I am at loss to find the fate and what is written in it .Man cannot disobey the WILL OF GOD THE ALMIGHTY.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Won or lost.............Fate ?

Once a story came to my mind .The story was like this that a handsome youth wearing a golden chain round his neck and his face was gleaming , was travelling on foot on a lonely road.It was a hot summer day and he was tired and as such sat under the tree to take some rest .Soon he was in deep slumber.He was sleeping without knowing what fate was in his store.As he was sleeping so many things would had happened.As he was sleeping by side of road it so happened that a rich couple was passing by that road and they saw a handsome young man was sleeping under the tree.They just stood there and a thought came to their mind that why not they should adopt the handsome youth as they had no son and they had earned much and there was no body to inherit.All through their life the God had not blessed with a son.As they were thinking another thought came to there mind and they went away .
As they went a away a king and queen were sitting on a royal car riot( royal bughi) were passing from that route.seeing a youth sleeping under the tree the king ordered his royal bughi to stop .The king asked his queen look a handsome youth just enjoying his sleep.The king and queen were also worried about their kingdom as they were not having any son to succeed their vast empire .They were thinking what was the use of expanding their empire when there was no one to inherit.As they were thinking a flash message was received by them that some neighbouring king had attacked their kingdom.So hurriedly they went away.
Later on the robbers were passing by that route and they noticed that a young man was sleeping under the tree.When they came closure they noticed that the youth was wearing a golden chain round his neck and they were sure that he might have enough money in his pockets .Then they decided to kill him and rob him of.They started to sharpen their weapons knives and daggers.As they were in process of sharpening their weapons they heard the sound of barking of dogs and the sound of barking dogs was becoming louder and louder.At this point they ran away from the scene leaving all the weapons by the side of youth.
After some time when he woke up and found some weapons by his side he was frightened and hurriedly ran towards the town.During his sleep he was unconscious and did not know what was in his fate at one moment he might had been a rich person had the rich couple would have adopted him and in the other moment he might be king of vast empire had he been adopted by the king and queen. To my mind no body knows what God has stored in ones fate and mysterious are ways of God.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Damages by floods

I remember that when I was going to be retired I was posted at Gorakhpur in 1998 (6/1998 to 30/11/1998) and I was given the charge of !irrigation works circle newly created at that time by Up Govt.In those years also there was heavy rains and it was said that it had broken the records of heavy rains of 100 years.It was reported that Nepal had released the water from the barrages and dams so as to save the dams and their villages in Nepal.In those days also our senior officers were sent to Nepal but it was a sad story that nothing could be achieved and our heavy earth moving machines and staff came back and without doing much work and the result was that so many villages of Sant Kabir Nagar , Deoria Basti,,Mau . Ballia ,and Gorakhpur were submerged and heavy damage and loss to property and lives were reported.I had seen the vast sheet of water with some of villages sitting on high lands and some took the shelter on tree tops.While inspecting the lift canals we had face the problems of silting with the result our lift machines could not operate.While plugging the breaches I noticed that some times some shori ( hole created by mouse just like tunnel in the dam )could create wide breach.The moment it is noticed it should be plugged by the controlling staff at the bund site.The bunds should be properly maintained and annual repairs should be completely adhered.There are about 55 bunds out of which 53 bunds were breached in and around Gorakhpur The Govt suspended the engineers and inquiries were set up which later on prolonged for so many years .The Govt was very keen in suspending the engineers but not pondering the reality of the situation .The Govt sanctioned some fund for repairs too late when the next rain started and the petty contractors and big contractors used say that they were not able to carry out works because their so and so claims were pending and the half hearted efforts were made.The ministers used to do aerial survey and hold meetings in the circuit houses of the districts and just to pass on the blame on the engineers.Later on the funds were used to allot on quarterly basis by the then Govt resulting in doubt whether the funds for planned works would be sanctioned or not and if so how much?.Every year the pre monsoon works should be planned and the canals should be desiltd and the banks should be strengthened.Likewise the pre monsoon works as written in rules should be taken up well in advance .During rainy season the patrols and watch men should be on duty with torch and weapons and some handy materials like sand bags ,boulders .sand ,pea gravel etc should be available to plug the breaches There should be also watch towers and hutments for chawkidars on such sites .Proper gauge register should be maintained of all the rivers and dams and reservoirs and there should be alarm system for evacuation on the down stream of the rivers and dams in case the level crosses the danger marks..The rivers training works should be taken up if we go on bracketing the river to save cities in that case the villages on the down stream are bound to be flooded.The Govt should take up the matter with Nepal Govt to save so many lives in Bihar and some projects to should be taken up so that lives and properties can be saved in future.Sanctioning of 1000 crores after so many casualties and loss can be avoided if the political will and the will of the public is created.