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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Tragic incident at Delhi Zoo

I have seen the tragic incident of a tiger killing a man who slipped into the Zoo channel  and the tiger mercilessly attacking and then dragging to its den.All this incident took about 15 minutes  and nothing was done by guards and Zoo authorities .There is accountability  of the authorities and they have saved their skin by saying that it is the fault of the person who trespassed the railing which was about 2 feet in height .Here I should say that the railing should have been about 5 feet high.It is the general sense that even the boundary wall of the houses is about 5 feet.Then why at all the security persons have not Gun or tranquilisers to calm down the attacking beast.Had the precautions were taken the life of a person could have been saved.We are keeping this lion and everyday giving about 20 to 30 kg of meet and paying huge salary to the watch and ward  staff at cost of our tax revenue.Now the lion is under observation what for.In my opinion the animal has become man eater it should be shot down immediately.I have heard that in USA such an incident occurred  wherein the security personal shot down the animal . The point is this that some responsibility should be fixed and some compensation should be paid to the family as the man in question was a poor person and was the sole bread earner for the family.One thing is in my mind is in my mind that ditch was not properly designed and its both sides should have trapezoidal section and wide enough and deep about 20 feet  and water should be filled  in it  so that about half depth is always submerged.Lion can swim and in that case it cannot climb the side slopes..So many incidents  had occurred    in the past  but we have not  learnt any lesson .and we are just harping SAVE TIGERS but  this does not mean we should not save human beings. We as a public  should follow the rules which are meant for our safety .only