These are excerpt from my life experiences.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Engineers and their dignity

Today as I was walking and talking about Engineers and their dignity I remember that once Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru ji our first Prime Minister once said that the Engineers are the pillars our country and we are proud of them.As the country became independent so many developments have taken place and our country is due to become world power.On the contrary the general public is pointing fingers on engineers leaving apart their dedications towards their profession,This is the issue that our engineers should ponder as to why their image is being tarnished.We should take special care and should avoid greed and corrupt practice to fill our own pocket and we should adhere to specifications and improve the quality .Any way this is my endeavor that engineers should be seen with respectful eyes in our society.I am pained when some layman talks about the corruption among engineers.When any body says that if any one is engineer then he must have taken commission I feel pity on some of black sheep's who are bent upon to tarnish the image of engineers. As a matter of fact that corruption in all departments and all walks of life should be uprooted.This is my personnel view and in no way against any body or society or govt and I am expressing my heart felt agony and want that our society should respect our achievements and profession.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Idependence Day (15 /08/2010)

As the Independence day is yet to be celebrated we should take pledge that we shall preserve the honour of our mother land and shun away the jealousy , hatred and all the evils which are prevailing in our society and will promote the brotherhood among the communities.Corruption should be rooted out as this is the main evil which erodes the progress of any nation.This is my wish and I am feeling pride in spreading this message to the whole world.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jhansi Ki Rani on Zee TV Serial dated 12/08/2010

As reported that Jhansi Ki Rani serial as dramatised may have some historical facts but showing to public in such a fashion is not in a good taste .It has revealed so many cruelties en lashed in the old days by the the then rulers of British Empire.The canning's of the Frangies and the torture scenes in the the serial will serve no purpose except spreading hatred among our people.The small child sitting by my side was inquiring so many unsolved questions which I did not answer as that will spoil his growth .As I requested earlier that now the TV serials should be censored and segregated in some categories such as Adult viewing and children or family viewing.We all know that had Jhansi Ki Rani succeeded we would have got independence about a century before 1947.I hope most of us agree that Britishers succeeded in dividing our people on the basis of caste and religion basis and they had ruled on us for decades .I have seen some of the incidents during partition and those sad memories haunt me whenever I sit and ponder on those sad events of past .