These are excerpt from my life experiences.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

75th Birth Day

As clock stuck 12 0 clock  at mid night of 30 Th  Nov  2015 my 75th birth dayI started  getting happy birth day wishes from my son Sanjay and daughter Anu.and of course my wife Shashi.As I usually used to say that I was in the seventh of delight on that day as it was auspicious day for me and all of us.Now we are living in 20 Th century and no body has time in this fast life.So my son has fixed a day as 5th december to celebrate and invited all the relatives at Gurgaon.We started at 4 pm from Delhi and reached the destination around 5 pm on that day.Within a short time relatives and friends started coming from far and wide.The party started and some children sung songs which were quite praise worthy and we all encouraged them.We danced on some tunes .Bobby Sabherwal narrated the songs and Bobby kohli cracked jokes .The arrangement set by my son was quite perfect .We thank my son that he had set this surprise programme.These happy moments we will not forget. We also thank all my relatives who took the trouble to attend my 75 th birth day celebrations .Very Many thanks to all once again.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Medical Bills Cleared

After great efforts and long correspondence the medical bills of Shashi and mine have been cleared and  I thank the department and all the concerned authorities for this .I also thank the new law of RTI which has expedited the process.I being senior citizen could not rush from Delhi ,Lucknow,and Gorakhpur  and Meerut for getting the technical checking of the medical bills from CMO office of Lucknow and Meerut.I live in Delhi and I sent bills to head of Department at Lucknow the bills in question were approved by CMO Lucknow but after passing the bills the Account department again sent it to CMO Meerut which has resulted in delay of 2 months in getting my bills payment.Actually there is one GO of UP Govt that retired persons who are living in Delhi can get the approval of CMO Meerut .But once the bill has been passed by one CMO there is no need of countersigning the same by another CMO.It should be left to the head of department to send the bill to any of CMO as per their financial limitations.Any way I shall try to to keep in mind that we will not fall ill so that we may not be burden to the department and put up the situation for which we have to run from pillar to post to get the legitimate medical claim cleared through lethargic procedures.

Monday, May 11, 2015


In the month of May 2015 we have received the sad news of sad demise of Mrs Sheeli W/o Sh Madan Lal Arora and went to Gurudwara Sector 15 Faridabad to pay homage to the departed noble soul.When we attend the shanti path or Ardas we pray to God that the soul should get peace under the Divine feet of THE ALMIGHTY.We all also pray that God should give enough courage to bear the unbearable loss.As time passed  on the next day we got the sad news of sad demise of Mrs Ahuja w/o Mr M.M.Ahuja  who was quite hale and hearty and all of sudden she fell but her grand son gave her the helping hand and all of them rushed to  Hospital but after some time doctors could not revive her and it was declared that death was caused due to cardiac arrest or massive heart attack. We all pray to God that HE should give peace to the departed noble soul and enough courage to family members to bear this unbearable loss.Today we have received another sad news that Mr Chitkara  expired in the morning today He had been our neighbor and a very social and noble person.We pray to God The Almighty that He should give peace under  His Divine feet  and enough courage to his family members  and relatives to bear this unbearable loss. Tearful condolences  to all the nobles souls.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

A visit to Jhansi a pleasure trip

On 7th Feb 2015 I got message from my daughter to visit a function of farewell of students of 12 class in her school Hansraj Modern School  Jhansi. .We were in seventh heaven of delight to this message .We  were ready and boarded the train and in couple of hours we reached Jhansi. We attended the music night and the performance of the children which was excellent and the chairman . was a great speech which encouraged the students to rise in their fields hard labour .As  I have so many times quoted so many times the usual share  Mahnet Karo Azizo  Mahnet Se Kam Hoga  Kahatey hain Jise Wakt  AA KAR Gulam HOGA.After visit to  all my relatives  and friends we returned to our place Delhi with satisfied frame of mind.This visit will be a memorable for whole of life.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


On 04/02/2015 I lost my purse somewhere in my house and I tied my best to trace the same but I could not find it so far.After that now I am losing hope to get it BACK. The purse contained the important documents such as pan,driving licence Registration No.  of cars and credit card and approximate RS 9500/ in cash.Now I am thinking to lodge a report and then I have start the process of getting duplicates from different authorities.My routine has been affected so badly due this mistake.The old age is somewhat brings forgetfulness.When I informed grand kids they informed me that Nana just Chill and gave reasons that don't effect your health on account of this mistake.This gave me courage that I should not be afraid of obstacles Money which was in my purse was about Rs 9500/.Waiting for some one return the documents and keep the money I don 't mind I am hoping against hopes and think that something  good  may turn up.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

20th Death Annavesary of my father Shri Ram Lal Sethi

Ever since you left us for your heavenly abode on 22-.01-1995 not a single moment has elapsed when you are out of our memory.Your shero shyri Like    Mahnet Karo Azizo Mahnet Se Kaam Hoga  Kahetey Hain Jise  Wakat Aa Kar Gulam Hoga     -----Aagah Ki Apni moat Se Koi Basher Nahi  Saman  So  Baras ka Pal Ki Khabar Nahi---------Sir Par Girey Pahar to Faryad Kya Kare- and so on we held a prayer meeting and  in our house and fondly remembered our esteemed   beloved BAUJI