These are excerpt from my life experiences.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Terror and terrorists

When I see the activities of terrorist on the screen and their live actions against humanity like killing the innocents just in the same manner as the human lives have no meaning in their faiths I feel pitty on them .I understand that it is a sort of illness which is being spread by giving injections of hatred towards one faith towards another and in name of Jehad (holy war)In old days it was taught in scools that one should be patriotic and respect the whole humanity without any ill will .Our forefathers used to tell us the piou vertues of great saints and Suffies.Why the teachings of the great social reformers and dharam gurus are not inspirings these terrorists who are bent upon to destroy the very existence of human race.I think that some positive remedial measures must be taken to eliminate this cancer which if not stopped shall bring a dooms day much earlier.Ihope that we will surely overcome all the terrorist and make the whole world a place to live in where all the human beings tread fearlessly.We should inculcate in the minds of our brothern the sence of live and let live.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fourteenth Death anniversary of our Bauji Dated 22 JAN 2009

Today as I woke up and found that our respected Bauji is guiding from heaven .I just thinking that he will call me and sayto me as Jai Gopal , "" Uth Chal Mere Nal BAH TE path Kar "He used to call me and make me sit by his side and recite Sandhaya (Puja) and used to ask that the Almighty should be remembered in the morning before starting my daily routines and Almighty will help me in all walks of life "' So I just took my bath and went to the temple there I recited some Shaloks as per guidance and offered prashad ( Offerings to GOD ) and came back and the fond memories of Bauji flashed in eyes the whole day long and We all remembered our Bauji who was a real social worker and still his piou teachings are our valuable assets in our minds.We all pray that God The Almighty will give his pious soul a place under HIS DEVINE feet We all pay our sharandjali to our respectful Bauji (father) and take sankalp to follow the rightful path shown to us by our Bauji......

Friday, January 2, 2009

Net experience while in service for guidance to younger engineers in govt service

When I was sitting and pondering on the service and foolies I committedduring service I think the following precautions;
An engineer should not commit any mistake during construction and take proper care of the recommended specifications and should be vigilent regarding reinforcement and cement / sand /concrete mixtures/ratios etc and should not compromise regarding quality.He should not remove the shuttering till the cement concret gets proper strength and set properly.While concreting of slab of roof it should be continuos and use of vibrator and concrete mixtures and the engineer in charge should supervise all the process .Once a Russian engineer constucted the railway bridge and the authorities told him that who would be responsible if the bridge collapsed when the train passed on the bridge .That engineer was so confident about his job and skill that he announced that he would stand under that bridge and that let the train passed over that bridge.Such shuold be confidence among engineers.
An Assistant Engineer in UP is holding a gazetted post He is supposed to on duty 24 hours and he is supposed to have courage to do theright One should adhere the govt rules and shuold shun to mix wiyh contractors and political people .Some times the contractors who have nuxes with political parties lure the engineers and once one has committed some mistake then one is blackmailed again and again.An engineer should never make false TA and if there is inquiry then the false TA will be the proof which is sighned by the AE/Engineer/ rather all the govt employees and one cannot defend so as CCA rules gets the punishment,So TA is not the saurce of income .Some contractors make fictitious complaintsand implicate the employee in false case of corruption.An gineer should not attend the parties hosted by contracters or other funtions to avid to be disputed which may result in complications in the later stage.A GoVT employee/engineer should have character which should be example to the public at large.In my opinio if the govt rules and specications are followed one can serve the got duties quite peacefully and retire without any inquiry pending will surely get full pension.All the above precautions are reproduced is my peronnel and in any way malice to any body or the department.In all all the rules should be followed in to to.