These are excerpt from my life experiences.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My experience of seeing the picture "" NEW YORK "" on 29 th June 2009 at Select City PVR SAKET NEW DELHI

As Iwas sitting and doing some social work of my colony all of asudden some body told me to visit select city pvr saket nd see pictire NEW YORK.I along with my wife went to see the picture There was a great rush especially younger ones THe normal ticket casts Rs 370 and the next higher class casts even more.On seeing the picture that what ever is being shown is a reality but some of the Torture scenes are not meant for children just urinating on the face of suspected terroris

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ragging in educational institutions

While referring to my earlier blog on this subject I am happy that Govt has taken steps to stop ragging .t has been taken steps like taking affidevits from the senior students that they will not indulge in ragging of the juniors.Some hard steps should also be taken to get rid of this menace once for all.The intoduction of juniors should be taken in the presence of the college authorities and parents to inculcate the confidence in the minds of parents and students so that parents may feel that their wards are in safe hands during their stay in the concerned college/or institution

Friday, June 5, 2009

Racial attacks on Indians

I am again paind to see that 9 th or 10 th indian student was attacked when he was on his way to work .I apeal to the Indian Govt to lodge a strong protest to Australia and ask them to safe gaurd the Indians who are in Australia.In this pretext it is worth while to mention we treat the foreign students as our guests and take utmost safety,So the Australian Govenrment should also take early steps for the safety of Indians including Indian students in particular.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Racial attacks on Indian students in Australia

I have read from news on TV and was pained to note that Indian students who have gone to Australia just to get higher education are being subjected to racial attacks.This incident indicate that the career of thousands of Indian students is at stake.Although our Govt is protesting against such attacks but in my opinnion these protests are falling on deaf ears on the Austalian Govt .On the other hand our Indian Govt takes so much care of the foreign students and treat them as our honoured guests .In a similar manner the Australian Govt should reciprocate and take suitable measures for the safety of Indian students and initiate strong measures to curb such attacks in future .Indian Govt should also lodge strong prostests.In the past also such incidents happened but remained in the history resulting in repetitions.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Ragging in educational institutions

I was pained when I read that a student died on account of ragging in college.As a matter of fact that ragging in any form is banned by law but even then the institutions fail to imforce laws in their respective institutions.In my opionion that the institutions which are approved by UGC should issue strict instructions that if there is a ragging in their institution then in that case the financial aid would be stopped and the institution will be accountable in this respect.THe institutions can play the decisive roll to stop the ragging and so many lives of innocent students can be saved.Earlier I have mentioned that during my admission in the college I along with about 120 students were ragged and were made to march naked when the juniors and seniors fight began and luckily the seniors ran away from the site and we all escaped unheart.I had also learnt in those years that previous batch were ragged and one of the student was orderd to jump a big drain and that student fell into that drain and died.Simply crying that the ragging is banned and the students should shun this bad habit will not serve any purpose.If there is stict management of the college only then the menice of ragging can be stopped.Even college authorities can be made to pay to the parents as it was the fault of college authorities which could not enforce the ban on ragging due which the aaccident occured.Moreover during no body should be touched by senior student nor third degree oppressive punishments be given to junior student.Some malpractices are there in in colleges which cannot be expressed ans all these bad examples cast a slur on so called civilized soceity.Sometimes the trauma of ragging lasts for ever to the victom due to stern ragging .All those endulged in illegal ragging should be punished by the college and legal authorities suitably.I had suggested that the college authorities should hold intoduction seminar of the junior students to the seniors and hold community meeting aand the parents of the juniors should also be allowed to attned such introductory seminars.Such seminars will definately enthuse confidence in the junior students an d parents will also think that their wards are in safe hands of college authorities.These are my own suggestions and are not directed to any one or institution whatsoever