These are excerpt from my life experiences.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Medical bill of my wife Cleared fromIrrigation department U P
After about 2years my bill of cancer treatment cleared after long period .I have written to honouable C M UP Aditya Yogi ji in Jansunwai ( Public Hearing) .Really it is great help to me that  I am able to fight against cancer of my wife .I appreciate CM UP"S this action.Thanks  

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Thoghts of an old man

While I was in deep thinking I wish to convey the thoughts of an old man to convince the public that how one feels when he is old on this elderly day international :

  I am old

But as good as gold
I am not for wealth
And only for health

I am aging
My health is failing;
Still I am moving
.And my work ,I am doing.

Fascination for material lust
Has almost gone to the dust;
I only seek my mental peace
Which is blocked by Youngsters:tease

I expect the young to respect
But they fail to see this aspect;
They talk of gap -generation
And forget to give us due veneration.

I pray to God
Who is the world"s only lord;
To give me strength and long life
So as to continue my prayers with my wife',

Love and peace,I want in abound
Here and there and everywhere around ;
And when I leave this earth at last
May I feel the blithe of my past.