These are excerpt from my life experiences.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Helping some one for getting admission in DCE/

As I was sitting in the market and by the way my friend told me that if I can help him to guide so that he can get his son admitted in DCE .I frankly told him that I can try through some of my old friend who has retired long time from Mech department.I tried to find his address and phone but whole time was wasted and we were failed to get his phone .Now the only alternative was to go to concelling .I told him that he should remember God three times and go for the interview.I told my friend that put your all efforts reach in time.He rushed to the interview place .There was scene that againt 8 vacancies 61 aspirants appeared but some of them left and there were only 14 left out which again 6 did not turn up and last eight were selected .My friend was in the seventh heaven of delight and he called me in the evening and thanked me for guiding and I was so overjoyed and distributed ladoos from my side although he tried to stop me but ultimately I was given chance to express my joy as if the friends son is like my own.I also got joy of different nature which comes from within.This joy is smilar to that which we get when we serve others from core of our heart.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Zee TV serials ( Jhansi Ki Rani)

Recently we had a chance to view Zee TV serial Jhansi Ki Rani .In this serial the dramtised version is not correct .I have one objection in my mind that so much torture by the then British rulers should not be shown on screen like beating the Indian slaves in jail,pulling out nails.taking out eyes by thrushing red hot iron rods in the eyes was too much barberous .We no doubt respect Jhansi Ki Rani who actually ignited the feeling of independence in 1857 and we term that year as the first war of Independence.Now the issue is that how can the children see these scenes?.On the other day a child was asking me why at all this type of behavior was being shown by the British soldiers towards indians who just wanted the freedom for their motherland.
This may be historically true but shoing such scenes to kids and adults is not correct.Such scenes should be censored and can only be shown to adults.These are my personnal views and in no way against any Govt policy or any person or firm

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Life at Saket ( Sept 2009)

Yesterday I along with my wife attended the Kirya ceremony of our relative Late Sham Sunder Talwar at Naraina Sanatan Temple.The journey by car was very sternuous.It took us about 2 hours.This was due traffic jam and bad roads and due to metro construction ,We paid our sharandajali to the departed soul.While coming back the cylancer of our car broke down and today it was replaced.I have attended the Kirya ceremony of Late Prof. Sher singh and prayed to God that the departed suol may get peace onder the devine feet ALMIGHTY GOD.All the dignataries attended this meeting at Arya Samaj Lodhi Garden Among respected personalpties were Honble Chief Minister Deldhi Smt Sheila Dikshit,Pt Yonganand Shastriji speaker Of Delhi Assembly and Arya samaj samamjis .As he has worked hard for upliftment of arya samaj.Professor Sher singh was a freedom fighter and worked in congress for decades.He was a ex defence minister of state in central Government of India.As such I also paid shrandajali to the departed soul on behalf of residents of M block saket as he was the resident of our Mblock a few days prior to his death

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Regarding collaps of Metro flyover in Delhi(In year 2009 )

As I have mentioned earlier that Engineers should adhere to the rules and regulations and specifications .Why in foreign countries the buildings ,bridges and flyover and all the structures dont collapse ? the reason is not far to seek.When the plans of civil structures are santioned ther are different departments which look all the aspects whether the structure in question is technically safe and no projects is sanctioned unless there is quality control laboratory which checks the quality of the materials used during constructions.India has the history of the best civil engineers in the world .Once former prime minister Pt Jawahar Lal Nehru had said that the engineers are pillars of our nation.But such lapses and structures giving way no doubt bring a bad name to the nation.I know so many young engineers who provide structural designs on line and send the same to all countries in the world.By every failure so many lives are lost apart from damages.So it is my apeal to the engineers that they should work for the nation like famous engineer like Engineer VISHASWARIA who was given the honour of BHARAT RATAN.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Life at Saket Chapter 3 (Dated 6/9/09)

Today I came to know that our senior most resident aged about 90 years passed away.I am talking about Professor SHER SINGH ex Minister of state of defence GOI and ex resident of M _ 14 Saket passed away.On hearing this sad news we the associations members had a great shock and pained to pay a tearful Shardanjali to the pious soul . I still remeber his speech when we celebrated the VISAKHI FESTIVAL in 2007 in M BLOCK SAKET park and invited him as the chief guest of honour.M BLOCK NE SAKET will remember him for the years to come.He was a perfect Arya Samaji and his services towards Arya Samaj and the Nation will be remebered.For the last 2 to 3 months his hearth deteriated and he was admited in Max hospital.We on behalf of our Association and residents pay a tearful sharandajli to the departed soul and pay to the Almighty God to give enough courage to his family members and relatives to bear this irreparable loss.