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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Medical bill of Shashi Sethi my wifeMedical bill of shashi sethi was sent to the Engineer in Chief  of UP Irrigation at Lucknow about 3 to 4 months after removing some objections  which was pending there for about one and half year but no body listens and I have not received any medical bill.Since the heart surgery of my wife I have spent the whole pension in purchase of medicines. and operation charges but U P Govts Irrigation Department is not willing to pay my  legitimate medical claim.Strange are ways of this Department to harass the senior citizen and retired employees although there are rules that claim should be paid within 3 months of its submission.As my last posting before retirement was Gorakhpur the E-In -C is sending the bill to Gorakhpur  How can I go to Gorakhpur to pursue the medical bill when all the service book is with chief office at Lucknow.

Medical Bill  of  my  Left Eye Cataract of left eye is also pending with Engineer In Chief P Irrigation Department .There is also delay in settling this bill of about 2 years..UP Govt orders are there to settle medical bills of retired persons quickly but UP IRRIGATION DEPARTMENT is turning a deaf ear to these orders.Whose responsibility will rest in case of any mishap occurs if medical claims are delayed?