These are excerpt from my life experiences.

Monday, December 29, 2008


Recently I read the shocking news of murder of Executive Engineer of PWD department of UP by some MLA of Aurya near Kanpur.As per news he denied to pay some collection to be deposited in party fund of BSP.This shows that there is a exhortion spree in UP.

This practice should be banned as this leads to all round corruption and the honest engineers cannot servive. In the past there was one incident in which one engineer in Bihar was murdered as he could not pull along with the politically sponcerred contactors.As a matter of fact if the engineer sticks to the specications and tries to get the quality of work then in that case he becomes the target and all the scruplious cantacters having links with the politcal persons become his enemy.So in that case an engineer should get himself tranferred in the safe pockets within the departments concerned instead of getting involved by taking posting in feild where there is public dealings and an engineer comes in contact with the public and the sponcered contractors politically.I remember on instance when I was not bowing to the wishes of the politically motivated contractors I was getting threatening letters with no name and address.The letter was a filthy in language and abuses and in that letter I was threatened that my son and daughter would be killed and that if did not get myself transferred .Out of fear I shifted my children to some other state with my brother and I used to take a secruity while going for inspection.I did not bow to the fearful tactics and did my normal duties.Once I got a news that some persons had stollen cement from the store and approached the police and the area MLA I was shocked to note that police had arrested a monor for stealling the cement and the rumour went that the stollen cement was the handy work of the contactor and the MLA.THe matter ended that the shortfall of cement was made good by the contractor.Once an MLA told me that major work of developments should be done in his constituency as he was to fight election in his constituency and that funds were sanctioned for whole of disrict and not for that partcular constttuency to this he remarked that I should not try to avoid or surpass his orders and that I should be aware that one MLA had about 3 lac voters and the MLA rules on those voters minds and If I dared in that case I could not do service in his constituency and that I would be in trouble.So I made up my mind that I would not serve in that particular area and I got myself transferred in planning and design department.So by using this tactics I any how completed my 33 years service and got promotions through court so I could save my life and self esteem.During the end of service I made request that I should be given some posting near Delhi but it happened just the reverse I was given the marching orders to join duties at Gorakhpure away from Delhi near Nepal border.I repented to make such a request of Delhi posting .The orders of transfer were so harsh that stated that if I could not join the new posting I would be suspended forthwith.So in this way anyhow I COULD SAVE MY PENSION.Had I not joined I would have been suspended and would be getting only 90% pension and in that case who bothers if one was suspended at fag end of service.I also know that sometimes one has to supress emotions but have to obey orders in the interest of the Govt.If one has opted service in that case as the saying goes that NAUKER HAI TO NACHA KAR is perfectly true and it applies to all univrsally.While on the other hand the business man is the master of his whole show.In service one cannot put his son or daughetr in the same service while on the other hand if the son or daugher can inherite the same business and earn living.During service a service people remains hand to mouth and can make both ends meet and the only advantage is that he can give good education to his children.THE bare fact is that there are advanges and disadvanges in all walks of life.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Picking Of Pocket At Jhansi

While I was remembering the difficulties in the service I recall that once I was travelling from Jhansi to Lucknow it so happened that as I was purchasing the ticket at the railway counter someone pushed me from behind and I purchased the ticket and I boarded the train and sat on my reserved seat I counted the money and I found that about Rs 15000/ were missing from my pocket and I felt so bad that I once thought that I should get out of my train and to go back to Jhansi but I continued the journey.As I was having still balance money so I gaurded that suit case the whole night and returned back the next day.Actually I was so much frustated that I was not being given promotion for the last 25 years I was on the same post although I worked so cautiously.But this was the fate of so many Assistant engineers in the Irrigation department.The seniority was in the court but no body cuold help.In one of the judgement the Supreme has termed the seniority is just like a coat which has so mmany holes and if itis stitched at one place it gives way on the other side so what cannot be cured must be endaured.Once my own son questioned me älso . In social gathering uot side the department people also used to see it in a different manner .Hearing my own inner self voice I started the matter legally .I started writing to the govt and all the officers.Once I went to the the then Miniter OF Irigation and he dircted me to the Secretay Irigation who gave me a patience heaing but made me wait out side his office fom 10 am to 3 pm and remarked ,"SATTU BANDH KE AA AATE HAIN "He told me that I was being delayed by my cheif Engineer as He he had not sent all the CRS and Ingerity reports etc and then I stayed at Lucknow to get my recards like crs and other material cleared Iwent to Lucknow in summer and returned in winter.Every day I used to sit on the bench out side the office of the then Cheif Engineer and then I was given the seniority from 1982 and senior sale and selection grade could be sanctioned.Then I got promomtion through the court as E E and subsequently to the post of SE .I had to move the contept proceedings also to acheive this.Lastly I prayed to the authorities for the post of Cheif Engineer but as there was no notification of retiring age being raised to 60 years I had been retired at 58 years age.As bad luck would have it after 15 days of my retirement the notification of raising the retirement age as 60 years.I was satisfied with this as I got my house vacated through court from one Kasmere tenent who was residing in my Delhi house from the last 11years and was demanding some considerations to vacate.Had I been in UP service I would have not got the possession of
my house.Similarily I got S F AND FF vacated.Continuing

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Different difficulties during sevice life

Reffering to the past difficulties I remember that once just after marriage I had a problem of hernia and in the morning I my hernia stared entangled and it was said that it should be operated within 24 hours so I had to rush for immediate operation to Delhi.At that period I was posted at Meerut in tubewell division Meerut but to my dismay I was refused to leave my duties ,so I took a strong step and came to Delhi and was operated upon for hernia.I cant forget and the the immediate boss but be gone and bye gone and I also thank him that he taught me lesson that I should work hard in the interest of Govt job.I also thank Mr RN.Tondan for helping me at that time and so I any how relived from that tension.While in service my higher ups used to say that duty was the first prority and that Gazetted officer was a 24 hours servant.In this I was condioned to work hard during 1969.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Diffrent Encounters regarding different stages of life

In childhood I used to be very talkative and I used to stand on the roof and extempore to utter some pashto and urdu mixed language and my Bauji used to say that i would be a Vakil.Once I was carrying the pet dog for evening walk then bigger dog had a fight and in a short moment the bigger dog gave so much hurt that my pet dog died at the spotand I could not save it.I felt bad.Once pathon hit me so hard that I still feel that pain although so many years have passed away.It is the incident of Kohat.Again the incident of Kohat when I went to school and the teacher gave so much cane thrashing because I had not learnt ALF,BAY Pey ......etc.THe name of the teacher was Buta Ram.....Then when I was holidayin with my mother at TOBA TEK SINGH Town ther aiso I saw the daggers and Nezes (spears ) and the angry mob with red eyes of anguish and ready to attack on Hinhus and sikhs and running from lane after lane and then hiding to any how to get some place for safety.Then being tapped in Anaj KI Mandi in Toba Tek Singh town.My hears still hears the nasty abuses which were hearled on all who were trapped there.Some times shoes and other objectionable items were flunged from the outside into the Anaj Ki Mondi.I cannot forget the journey from Tobatek singh Town to Lahore .People were pushed into the train and on all staions the fearful muslims or pathans used to abuse us as Kaafers.They treated us on the way as if we were criminals .But we were all innocent people .Our fault was that we were born there which had fallen in the share of Pakistan.We have read in the history that Kings do change but not the Parja(population)But in the freedom fight against Britishers we were equl partners.Then why at all we were being treated like that?Frightened people drinking urine to save their lives as the water taps on stations were intentially cut so that we would die out thirst.During freedom struggle we also raised the slogans ,TODI BUCHA HAI HAI ANGRZO HINDUTAN KO CHHOR DO YEH HINDUSTAN HAMMARA HA. HINDI HAIN HUM YEH HINDUSTAN HAMMARA HAI.OUR India is a demcratic country and always hehaved in peaceful manner and never thaught of taking arms on muslims in the same way.We Indians believe in Ahinsa and shun the bloodshed

Learning Bycycle was a great job and I was afraid of falling down and got hurt.My eldest once made me sit on cycle and asked me to paddle but I was not knowig to climb down and subsrquently dasded it on the water pies on the road side on Chamelion Road delhi and in that way I used to learn cycle and it proed a great asset to me when I had to rush from one class to another in Polytechnic in delhi and later on during my Engineering in Roorkee.Thanks to my eldest brother late Shri Sohan Lalji.
I also once had a trip from Roorkee to Haridwar on bycycle.It gave me enjoment.During hostel days I had mentioned that once I was hit by my friend but I once thought to harm but remained silent to avoid the matter and that was also a good sence
Once I had a chance to go on river side with my friend during RaiWALA N C C camp I saw a perfect beauty but at the same time I thought that we should avoid to mix with the locals and they might be dangerous and therefore I rushed back to camp and heaved a sigh of relief.As iwas told by our elders that we should try to have control on our wilful desires and have to acheive the goal as all the deviations were to be avoided and concentrate on studies
When I got degree of BE (civil)from Roorkee University I came home and was whiling away time then our Bauji told us to do some job but we remained at home and all the brothers were just used make mischiefs and on that point once our BAUJI TOLD US THAT WE WOULD NOT GET FOOD IF WE DONT WORK tO JUSTIFY hE ORDERD US TO SLEEP IN THE FACTORY .hE WAS PERFECTLY RIGHT In this way we learnt a dignity of labour and now stood in our lives with our self esteem we acheived our goal and finished our job by settling our son and daughter in their respective lives.I think it is our pious duty as human being.
Firsly I tried to seek some job in MCD and I got the job in MCD as graduate section officer and my posting was in planning section .My collegues were very helpful .but as I was JE in MCD some our neighbours used to give me some jobs to get sanctions and use my influence which I could not do as I got little time for those thankless jobs and every time when my boss checked I was not available on my seat.So out of frustation saught service in UP IRRIGATION AT MAINPURI in 1963
Here I started learning to drive car and so many heavy machines like Draglines,bull dozes .tracters trucks out zeal to learn all.Slowly all the taste was vanished as the department raised so many audit points althouh I was right.I encountered so many difficulties as I was new and also new and fresh from the university and those lapses did occur.Eeven the supervisor under me tried to deceive but proper checking saved me As I was new some of the pesons under me tied to steal and once I caught the person red handed who apologised I allowed him to work after giving him strong warning.So I had to balance with my higher officers and the staff below
In UP there are cast basis and I was being Punjabi I had to take special care to save my job and post even then complaints did occure as no bady could satisfy all when you were dealing public life as ours job was tough to distribute water for Irrigation eithr from tubewells our through canals........

Critical moments of lifefrom pre partition and post Indepence period

Friday, December 12, 2008

Search of dreams

Today as I woke up I saw that I was witnessing a dream which shows that respected Bauji has come to my dream .It so happenned that when he took last breath I was with him .On that fateful evening I noticed that his voice had trumbled and he went in to some sort of coma.I cried and informed My wife and Jijaji and sister that our Bauji was not answering and I rushed to Doctor Dr Verma at Meerut Canal Colony Pallav Puram but as bad luck have it the docter was busy in operation of her mother and he came late and he checked and fuond that the blood pressure was diminishing and went lowest at !0 at arms and by twinkling of an eye it was all over.The docter scrached his (Bauji "s ) toe and there was no sences.I screamed and so my brother.I tnen had a great rage against the Docter but later on realised that all was written and we cannot go againt will of God.
Now after about 13 years I saw Bauji in my dreams that Bauji was just sleeping and some injury marks on his body and he was examined by the docters and diclared him dead .I again called the docter who agai examined him and as he was about to leave a voice comes that whrer we were going.He told us that he was not dead abnd he was just pretended .Then the docters astonished and we were just thinking as to it can happen that a dead person can get life again.The dream is dream and as I woke up found nothing around and that pious soul again vanished.We attended the Mata Ki Chawki at Naraina and had a enjoyed the worship songs in prise of GOD THE ALMIGHTY.

Search of dreams

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Completion of !0 years of retirement Successfully

As I was peeping throgh the past 10 years I was astonished to note that I have completed 10 years since I retired from the servicefrom the post of S E from Irrigation department U P .All these years I have spent sometimes in social work as i was attached to RWA Saket.As this type of service in Delhi just a thankless job.Here in Delhi no body bothers for the neibhours and there is no sence of community living .The people here are self centered and remain aloof.All are running after money and people are rich as regards money is concened but they are somewhat poor as regards behavior and helping the neighboursor the poor.Today I am happy that my relative S Prahlad Singh Sahni won the election from Chandni Chawk while I am unhappy that Shri Vijay Jolly lost against Smt Sheila Dikhit.As a matter of fact it is difficult judge the mood of voters.RWAS are always neutral and these Associations have to take work from the M L A ;s for development of their respective colonies.Had Shri Vijay Jolly not changed the constituency he would have better chances to win.
Now on personal life I feel young although I have completed one decade of retirement life .No doubt that aging effect is there abnd I have to take so money medicines daily to tackle the diebeties and other minor medical complications.But even then I am happy that God is helping me to live a peaceful life.I give respect to my children and my wife who is doing so much even though she is suffering due to right hand fracture ailment.I give regards to her for pulling on life with zeal and at this age .I close for the day with these sincere thoughts for the day for all near and dear ones.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Old Memories never fade (ON Terrorist attacks in Nov 2008 In Mumbai)

As I was hearing the terrible and drastic action by terrorists I was seeing it with my tears in eyes as this was not cinema and dramatised actions and these were true.Iwas thinking why at all it is happening .Ever since I saw this my memories flashed back .Once in previous chapter in pre partion period that when I ws only about sevn years old and I was living in Kohat in NWFP(Pakistan)I noticed that a pathan was butchering the birds by twisting their necks as if the innocent birds has no life.I just turned my eyes from that seen.I also remember that the the pathans / used to invade the Hindu mohallas so often and do the looting and after that they used set our houses on fire.Once the mohalla security had a courage and they unitedly made a morcha on the tallest building and used to fire gun shots to keep away the the invders to do much harm and a result we any how resided there for many years till partition.During the partition they became our blood thirstyand we heaved a sigh of relief when we reached in independent India.But here also we are not enjoing our free life due to terroism.Ihave seen the senseless killing of innocent people .As matter of fact the terroist dont treat us as their brothern or sisters and their brains are washed on the religion basis.These terrorists have only one religion to kill people and spread terrorism.In my opinion these terrorists should be given moral lectures so that they may be given one lesson that religion never allows any body to take life of any body as one can not give life .Can you make dead man alive? IF so then what right we have got to take the life of others.This lesson has been enshrined in all religions viz Muslims,Sikhs,Hindus and christanity.The religions heads should ponder on this aspect.So in the lost I request all to shun violence and terrorism if we are not awken at this juncture then we can say that dooms day is not far.After 61 years of whenever there is a bloodshed and terrorism my old soul again recaptures the old wounds when people sufferd tremonduosly at hands of muslims /pathans in Pakistan and ran from there leaving all their belongings and countless killings.We treat them our belovrd friends but they should respect us in the same way.In the end I strongly hope that peace will prevail in the end.