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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

75th Birth Day

As clock stuck 12 0 clock  at mid night of 30 Th  Nov  2015 my 75th birth dayI started  getting happy birth day wishes from my son Sanjay and daughter Anu.and of course my wife Shashi.As I usually used to say that I was in the seventh of delight on that day as it was auspicious day for me and all of us.Now we are living in 20 Th century and no body has time in this fast life.So my son has fixed a day as 5th december to celebrate and invited all the relatives at Gurgaon.We started at 4 pm from Delhi and reached the destination around 5 pm on that day.Within a short time relatives and friends started coming from far and wide.The party started and some children sung songs which were quite praise worthy and we all encouraged them.We danced on some tunes .Bobby Sabherwal narrated the songs and Bobby kohli cracked jokes .The arrangement set by my son was quite perfect .We thank my son that he had set this surprise programme.These happy moments we will not forget. We also thank all my relatives who took the trouble to attend my 75 th birth day celebrations .Very Many thanks to all once again.