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Monday, May 11, 2009

Rajus ring ceremoney dated 10/5/2009

As I was thinking what is fate and when some good things happen and suddenly the stars start favouring luck of a person
I was informed that the marriage of my brothers son has been fixed and all of us have to attend the ring ceremony of Raju (RAJAT)( my elder brothers son).As I have mentioned earlier that my eldest brother met with a fatal accident .He had a great vision for his son but unfortunately could not see the happiness.Our family members gathered at Royal Palace Banquet Hall at 1 sant Kirpal sing marg Maurice nagar near Daulat Ram college New Delhi .I met all the relatives and all the memories were refreshed .The parents of the girl are down to earth gentle persons.Being Guptas has got no barrier in setting relation ships Some times out of castes marriages are more successful than within in own castes .Any way we wish Bharjaiji and family a very happy life as they have seen so much sufferings due untimely death of our eldest brother.We came back to saket at 11pm the same day with satisfied frame of mind At the end we send our compliments from our Sethi family and from Gaurav Misra ,Anu Misra, and from kids SONI and ASHI