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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Inspection by Mayor of south zone of South Delhi Municipal corporation

Today as I was walking on dumpy roads of M block of saket  I heard that Mayor is visiting the L block and and M Block .She has seen the pitiable conditions of roads and nallah which has not been cleaned and foul smell is always become health hazards for the residents This nallah is passing through L block and M block saket and remains as dirty as ever .Last year I along with 16 t0 seventeen residents went to Grievance commission and proposed that this Nallah should be covered but it is in the court and nothing fruitful results have come out .I also went to senior citizens office and put forth the conditions of Nallah  .Some times it is reported that Nallah is not under SDMC and later on it is said that it requires huge amount and that there are no funds.Now a new problem has emerged that builders have started buildings which are to be converted in 3 to 4 floors and due to dust and malba on roads  it has become impossible for  the residents to tread on colony roads which are already narrow..Main plea is given that as there is no parking space so these rebuilding of houses after demolishing the whole structure will  solve the parking problem .But the problem remains even after the construction as every family has at least 2 to 3 cars.We have to put a restriction to have one car for each family and idea of using cars in pool.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Shashi Sethi was in MAX Hospital Saket New Delhi due to heart trouble on 26/4/13 t0 29/4/13

Again Now Shashi was in trouble due to pain in the breast and we showed her to doctor at Max hospital and it was revealed that it was due 99percent blockage in centre artery of heart and stunting has been done and she is lucky enough that she is OK now.She remained in the above hospital from 26 Th April 2013 t0 29/4/2013 and now she is recovering satisfactorily.We again thank to Sanjay Kitty Anu Gaurav who helped her to conquer this decease.We also thank God that our son and family and our daughter and family that they were near us and gave helping hand at this critical stage.We also thank Dr Sumeet Sethi  and Max hospital and staff that they have done a wonderful work and saved us from the risk of heart trouble which may lead to any crisis .