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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Our culture is the best

Yesterday I mentioned about fathers day and the children are drifting away from our old culture and bending towards western which I suppose is not a good sign.I am not against western culture and I regard the tremendous progress made by them .We only harp that we had Uran Khotolas(aeroplanes) in our past and our fore fathers used to fly in Uran Khtolas.We term that to days Aeroplanes resemble with the then urdan Khatolas.All the inventions are being made in western countries WHY ?The reply is not far to seek .The western countries devoted much time on scientific progress and the Governments of those countries encouraged them and even taken care of all the expenditures .They exerted honestly in their pursuit and are successful.They have developed the technology and now entering the space.In our country there is no dearth of brain and we have given the world so many contributions and now even the western countries also are convinced that we have the brain and we can lead the world in almost all fields like technology science, medicines and all the other spiritual teachings etc. Our government should encourage them by way of full and honest support by giving scholarships and stipends so that those who are involved in development of technology and science may not worry about for their daily bread and butter needs.Once our prime minister Honble Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru said that the Engieers are the pillars of our country.It is no doubt that the scientists , engineers etc are the backbone our nation but the need of hour is to support them to lead our nation and bring all the projects on firm footing of progress.The good olden image of Sone ki Chirya will be soon a reality.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fathers Day on 15 th june 2008

As I got up in the fine morning I happened to remember that today is the fathers say .I switched on the the TV and it reminded me that this is auspicious day.I reminded to my daughter that it is a fathers day so she immediately gave me her good wishes for this day.I hurriedly asked her what is her massage she at once told me that I am her best friend and good guide.I was pleased to hear this .Later on I told The Young's our grand sons that today is fathers day what they are planning for their father they immediately told me that they want to purchase some greeting card .I immediately gave them Rs 5o/ for this purpose and they rushed to the market and searched the cards but alas they could not find the cards.I was astonished that they brought the box pastries and they wrapped these in gift pack and took these for presentation .This a natural and purest form feelings which have come from the within .Now I have searched the email site for about two times but there was no greeting from my son who lives in USA .This type of incidents hurt the elders when they see that their own don't take care of these minor precautions.In good olden days we teach our children to touch the feet of their parents and get ashirwad but this our culture is vanishing and we are copying the western culture .It has been proved that our culture is the best and ethics are based on Ramayan wherein it is mentioned what are the duties of sons and daughters and all the relations as matter of fact.We are forgetting our own culture which my own opinion is not good.As a matter of fact in our culture all days are father day and mother day .Now the technology has made this more easy and all the children can stay connected with their parents either physically or by phones and Internet.But basic difference which is erupting that the children don't want to stay in joint family and try to stay away for sake their own comforts leaving the elderly people falling easy prey to the domestic helps or other criminals.I respect the civilisations of the west where all the people do their work by themselves and they don't depend upon the domestic helps.More over in India the domestic servants are doing all type of crimes when they get the secrets of the families in which they are working.All the efforts by Government and police failed in this scenario.In other countries the Govt takes care of the older people and give them all the facilities.In those countries they gave them old age pensions also.These are my personnel views and in no way have any malice feelings against any one.