These are excerpt from my life experiences.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Roorkee University in year 1959 onwards

During first year of engineering we stayed in C Block Hostel.Every room was twin sharing basis.We used to get up early and used to go to mess and our classes used to start at 8 am I had a bicycle for attending classes which were located in different blocks and these buildings were at distance of half to one furlong apart.After attending the classes there used to be tutorial classes in the evening.I had a interest in games and Gymnastics was my favourite.I could do exercise on Parallel Bars and Horizontal Bars and some of the floor exercises.I was appointed as the Secretary of Gymnastics.For gymnastics I got the colour from the University.In summer we had white dress and in winter We used to wear Blue blazer and tie and we used to feel pride when we wore the University dress with Lion mark embosed on the pocket of coat and written as University of Roorkee.1 year/2/final year .During holidays I used to come to home bringing so many books but I remembered it was a futile exercise as I did not open the books and just showed to the parents that we were over burdend with studies.Each time I came to home my bhabhiji used to say "Oh my son has reduced and as if I remained empty stomach in the University" As a matter of fact all the mothers think like and this is a universal truth.I bow my head in respect to my mother as I remembered him .May her noble soul rest in peace under the feet of The Almighty.I pay my heart felt sincere shardanjali to my mother .I still remember the winter night journey by train to Roorkee.The train
usecd to reach Roorkee at 4 am and the stopage as only 5 minutes and we used to throw the luggagenummed due to cold.Once I saw a picture in the Defence Cinema and The picture was HORRORS OF DRACULA and I was caming returning to my hostel I was so terrified and the picture scenes came to my eyes as if Dracula was coming out of the bushes in the nightand the scene of sucking blood from the neck flashes from my eyes. This was all the illusions and hellocinations withuot any back ground.I had a great memory at that time which has been reduced as the time passed.In the first year I felt a great difficulty in higher maths.I wondered that a teacher Mr Garg was M.Sc. Maths and taught us Maths and a student sitting next to me was also M.Sc. Maths and while I was only 10 plus 2.Any how I had do the great efforts and was successful in the First year { civil}

Roorkee University in year 1959 onwards

In year I was in the First year of civil Engineering and started living in the C block which was meant for Diploma holders.This was make shift arrangement as other hostels were being constructed.We had a ragging session .it was horrible as seniors use to disturb us in the name of introduction .It was presumed that after ragging the seniors become good friends.But as I remember this was not the case.I remember those who had ragged us never came forward for help the juniors.This was a bad thing in those days as is now.During in year 1959 when the First year students were staying in C Block of university I remember the seniors made us stand in the park near by and all the seniors with their mouths covered and uttering fake names just like corporal commander Sargent's, ordered us undress ourselves .What a shame to the reputed University? We were shocked and frightened and started to became naked.It was dead at night about 2 to 3 in winter season.All of sudden a n African student took the courage and he took out a long Knife and challenged the seniors.His name was EDWARD MUSAZZI .We the first yea students courage and started attacking the seniors.Seeing the unity of first year students the seniors ran away and some them got injuries.But on this bold step the ragging could not been done.Seniors complained to VC that juniors had misbehaved which was turned down by the administration .It was then decided that all the juniors would give introduction in the hall and seniors could get the introduction of the juniors.Every junior was called on the stage would tell his/her name from he /she was coming and from which institution doe 10 plus 2 and what were their hobbies. When a junior came to stage in front of VC and all the staff the whole seniors used to laugh and some might pass comments.I remember when I walked to the stage as I was on the stage a voice came to my ear look down My laces not tied and the laughter .Again look up see your pants button were open and again a laughter.Any way this was a good and cool method of ragging.Roorkee university was known as Thompson college of Engineering I have great respect for my university.Dr Khosla was VC and renowned engineer and later on became the Governor.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Year 1959 to 1962 life at Roorkee University

After entering in the cblock and ragging epsode the life at the university was very tough.We used to attend the classes in the morning and then rush for tutorials in th e after noon .The workshop period used to be just after lunch and Professor R.N, TANDON used to teach us . As for my memory goes most of class used to feel sleepy and relaxed.It so happened that When I joined Irrigation Department later on Life Mr Tandon was my SE in year 1965 onwards.He was a nice fellow and helped me when I wAs in Tubewells. I bow my head for the noble soul as he met with an accident.