These are excerpt from my life experiences.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Strange incidents of past

While I was sitting I remembered that my Bhapaji ( eldest brother late sohan lal sethi ) was driving the scooter and it was a evening and I was sitting behind him and we were returning from Faridabad to Delhi .In those days we were living in Manakpura near Bara Hindu Rao.Delhi.I noticed that my Bhapaji used to sleep while driving scooter.He advised me that I should carry on talking all the time lest he might get sleep and an accident might occur.The moment I stopped talking I found that he was overpowered by slumber.As soon as I was about to wake him up our scooter skidded under the belly of cow standing at right angles on the road and we fell down on the Kacha road.Any way he were not hurt and carried on our journey towards Delhi .When we reached Nizammudin road bridge and our scooter was running majestically on the road and we were very happy and getting the thought of how we were dashed against the Cow body and just rolled down to the side slope of road and clinching with each other .LO ! a sardar ji appeared on the Nizamudin bridge and he wanted to cross the road but he was in a fix some times he moved forwards but at same time moved back wards and my bhapaji was also could not balance the scooter and any way we some how went ahead but during in that process Sardarjis hand stuck on my shoulder and shirt and he just pulled it so hard that my short and banyan was torn away from my left side and I was just wearing half shirt and banyan.Then Bhapaaji called me whether any thing happened with me when that sardarji crossed the road..To that query I replied that I would tell him on reaching home.As soon we reached home my Bhapaji found me wearing torn shirt and banyan and inquired from me where was the other portion of my shirt ? I replied laughingly that the other portion of shirt and banyan was taken away by sardarji and I also let him took away otherwise some accident would have taken place.These were just memories and I still remember him who later on died due scooter accident.I bow my head to the departed pious soul and we all pray that the pious soul must rest in peace under the divine feet of THE ALMIGHTY GOD.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Strange memories of past and present

Today as I was having a walk in M block park Saket in the evening I saw one of our residents was beating a person who was dead drunk and lying in the park .Another, his friend was also sitting by his side.It was told that these two fellows were making friendship with child of one our residents.He was sipping some cold drink and at the same time offering the drink to the child .On getting suspicious we inquired from and they told us the contradictory stories so we had to thrash them and met the parents of that child and advised them to remain with the child as long as they are in the park as some times kidnappers may roam about .Some time ago a person was seen in the park luring the children by offering Chocolates or sweets.Any way it is happening of today but it has reminded me of old happening when I was in 5 Th class and returning from Ramjas school and I was crossing the Ajmal Khan park ( Again Park ) I was lured by some person and he tried to be friendly with me and promised to give me gifts and that I would enjoy and he would show me the picture and dinner at hotel.As I was lured and sat with that person on the tanga which was coming from Karol Bagh to Bara Hindu Rao .All of a sudden a thought came to me that my Bauji told me that I should not take gifts from strangers and also don't trust the strangers I jumped from the tanga and ran as fast as I could towards my house at Manakpura.The child should be taught by parents that they should not trust the strangers and don't accept gifts.From the childhood all necessary precautions should be told to the children by their parents .Had The stranger been successful I would not been here to write this blog.Here the child had already told the stranger his name and home address .Had we not caught him the child would have gone..........?You must have read the real happening of Pander and Koli who have butchered so many innocents,Such persons if proven guilty must be given the severest punishments As the matter is in the court I would not comment on this matter..At the same time parents should also take care of their children as for as security is concerned .One thing I have noticed that while we were thrashing those criminals who were drunk no body of the residents and labour class near by came to our support as such this tendency is not good.Regarding security we the residents should make security committees and also watch the parks in groups and these committees should be registered with police chawki and police should be in touch with these committee members.If our children are saved our nation is saved and only then we can dream of complete Sawraj as Mahatama Gandhiji had dreamt.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Life at the age of 67 years is bonus life ?

I was remembering the old golden days when we have got energy and used to get enjoyment at every moment.Although there are no worries even then we feel in secured and we have got no company . Life of retirement is also difficult because we have got no work to do and goal to achieve.It is true saying 'all work and noplay makes JACK a dull boyHere the position is different that no work and no entertainment makes us as dull as if there is no life at all.As a matter of facthere should be some aim for which we should strive all the life long we were running after to earn and spend on the well being of our children and a day comes that they flew away and don't bother that they should be in touch with their parents.On one side they may be right in thinkingthat way but about the parents who have spent the whole life on the children and they do not respond to parents .In my opinion the children should at least so often respect their parents as tenderly as they were brought up by their parents.If this happens then only the bonus life of elderly persons will be happier and peaceful.In the old mythology it written that elderly persons give ashirwad to the children and say that life of their kids should be long and prosperous and they should be prosperous (Dundaon Nahao and Puto Pheloan ) but they don't ask for themselves.In this age of different culture the children have become self centered and think of their own comforts leaving their parents stay alone and insecured.I have to stress that we should give respect our elders and try to interact with them this not mean that the children sit with their parents leaving all the work.The should balance their routine in such a way that parents should feel secured and feel that they are being looked after by their children.I Was touched by seeing the picture Bhagban wherein the children made the life their parents hell due to their selfish ends.Although one can say it is picture but in my opinion it is happening in real life of so many elders .This picture is an eye opener to so many younger and at the same time

to the parents Actually at this bonus life we are scared of remaining lonely and not being respected and no incentives of saying few words of appreciation .If the children say few words ofrespect to the parentsdaily and go for work after touching the feetoftheirparents and getting their blessings I am sure that they will be 100 % surely will win in their field and in all walks of life. They should know the meaning of mother who brought up their kids and so often slept on the wet bed and she slept her baby on the dry bed.While bring up she had sacrificed her all comforts and spent many many sleepless nights.With this remark I think I have truthfully expressed my feelings and I also emphasise that this my personnel remark and in no way any ill feeling to any body.I shall feel obliged if I am excused if any thing I have written wrong or contrary.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Visit to Dehradun on 26 th April 2008

Recently we were invited to attend the first birth day of dear Eklavya son of Jatin and grand son Of our sister Kamlesh.We hurriedly made a programme and we along with Anu Gaurav Kids Soni and Ashi and Sh DB KOHLI ,sister Basant .,her daudgter Alka and kids,Deepak Kohli and family My elder brother Sh D V Sethi and Bharjiji and Krishna Sethi Bharjaiji. and boarded the train Shatabdi 0n 26 th April.The journey was quite nice and comfortable.Dehradun was hot at 42 degree C but we enjoyed a lot as the people and relatives were very hospitable and polite.The arrangement of birthday celebrations were excellent as is done on marriages.We stayed there for 2 days and returned on 28 Th by Hazrat Nizamudin A C Special train .We shall remember this journey and get together throughout our lives.Thanks to Gaurav who made tremendous efforts in booking on line the railway tickets.Thanks to Om Jijaji Sister Kamlesh,dear Jatin Pirya and family for lovely company and hearty send off.