These are excerpt from my life experiences.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Memories of the past a sublime pleasure

Some say that one should not remember the past memories as this does not give pleasure.Only the present is important and past is the history.In my opinion the past memories are most important and the past experiences also steer our life at present and guide our path for the future.One our teacher was discussing that science believes that truth is only when we see and we have evidence and physical proof to support the fact.Some one asked the question  to the teacher ,Have you seen your birth? the answer was that one has not seen ones birth then why we believe that one was born.So we have to believe that we are born.Similarly no body has seen GOD THE ALMIGHTY and still believe that GOD is there.So if we want that there should be sublime pleasure we should have memories of the past and remember that God has given all the blessings to us.

Happiness by doing something good to others

At some time I think what is life and how one can be happy.When I see some one smiling I start thinking how one be happy through out all the odds in life .God has gifted this smile to human being only not to the other creatures .Why but it may be that we cannot guess the nature of happiness.This happiness cannot be achieved if we don"t think that others should also feel the warmth of others feeling.The greatest enemy of happiness is the rage and jealousy , feeling ill of others and greed.So it is our duty not to harm the feelings of others by karma and vachan.We should follow the principal of live and let live.God the Almighty never distinguish among HIS creations and bestow love and affection to all.As a matter of fact God lives in ourselves and the Divine powers always protect us.