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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Wonderful Memories of Aligarh posting in Tubewell Division

As I have been recollecting my old memories when the marriage of Chaudhary Ajit Singh was to take place at Aligarh the whole tubewell colony was converted into a highly protected area.Every where there were security persons in the colony and even police had taken position on the tree tops also D M of Aligarh Sh N S Sirohi was also having rounds of the colony and used to consult the officers of the Irrigation Department so as to ensure the complete safety .As the marriage party reached there was safety ring around T W colony.I remember that some students gathered there to press their demands,As chaudhary Charan singh Ji was sitting on puja in the marriage pandal no body was allowed to meet the CM.So the marriage was solemnised in a peaceful manner.My E E was a very simple person and was near retirement and if he would be given an extension he could have served for more period .As this was a policy matter and Chaudhary Charan Singh ji was a man of principal as such he had not given any extension to Sh Sukhbir Singh although he was related to Chaudhary Sahib.Sh Sukhbir Singh was a very humble person and some times whenever he used to meet Chaudhary sahib some he used to request me to accompany him to CM residence at Kalidass Marg at Luchnow.I remember that once Sh Sukhbir Singh was travelling by bus and his pocket was picked at ISBT Delhi .He had taken some money from my jijaji as he was to travel from Delhi to Dehradun.This incident pertained to the period after his retirement .As soon as he reached Dehradun he went to return the money to Sh O.P .Anand jijaji who was living in RACE COURCE mohalla in Dehradun .When my sisrter opened the door he immediately recognised her and said ," You are the sister of Sethi " He immediately returned and brought some sweets for my sister and also thanked her family for the help at the ISBT Bus Station Delhi. I have recollected my old memories and wish that where ever such noble family live they must be quite well.In irrigation department generally officers used to spend their night halt at inspection houses and used to do inspection early morning on the canal or tubewell service roads.Once it so happened that My E E Sh Sukhbir singh ji went there on inspection on the canal side some robbers robbed him and he returned empty pocket and narrated this story. continuing..............................

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Aligarh Posting another wonderful memories of year 1965 to 1969

During my stay at Aligarh I enjoyed a lot .I was wondering that name of cinema was TAS VEER MAHAL which I had never heard of .There was library in the Aligarh University which was all made of glass which was a marvel piece of Architecture .while going to the market there is a wooden bridge which was known as Kath ka PUL

Strange Incident of a teacher at Aligarh.
One day I was requested by my SE that I would help the teacher who was depressed and he was suffering from mental decease.His name was Sharmaji and he used to teach son of my SE .IT was decided that teacher had to be taken to mental hospital at Agra.I went to his residence in narrow mohalla and found that Sharmaji was standing on the top of his house and saying to his relatives that he was going to jump from the second storey of his house.There was a great crowd of onlookers .Any how his uncle had persuaded him to come down and told him that he would be taken to Delhi for site seeing.On this he came down and readily sat in my car..This teacher sat in the back seat behind me and I was driving the car myself .My driver and his uncle sat in the rear seat As was crossing the wooden bridge ( KATH KA PUL) shrama ji cought hold of me from behind and ordered me to fetch a mach box and a packet of cigarette for him .My car was stopped and I released myself from his grip and I told his uncle to control him as we had to travel a lot.Any way on the request of his uncle I carried on .As we were passing through the green fields he ordered me to stop my car and he came out from car and started singing " Yeh meri Desh Ki dharti sona ugle .....Ugle heere moti -----Yeh mere desh ki Dharti "
Any how he was controlled and brought to my car and made him to sit inside car.As we passing through the railway bridge he saw Taj Mahal and began to shout that he was being cheated as we had promised to take him to Delhi and that he was being taken to Agra.He tried to jump but his relatives cought him firmly and he could not do any thing .I remember that as I took a brief visit to my Tayeji"s place at SHAHZADI KI MANDI AGRA he any way got the chance and hid himself in some hut and was not willing to come out.People gathered there and asked me why I had freed him ,to this question I replied to the mob that we were carrying him to mental hospital.I immediately took him to Billochpura where the mental hospital was located.As soon we reached near the hospital all the staff recognised him and welcomed him ," AAOH SHARMAJI".But sharmaji saw a beggar out side the gate of hospital and started singing ," GARIBON KI SUNO BHAGWAN TUMAHRI SUNE GA TUM EK PAISA DOGE WOH DUS LAKH DEGA." On his pressure his uncle had to pay at least Rs 500/to that beggar.Any way on depositing the Sharmaji in the hospital I heaved a sigh of relief.On return from Agra I told the whole story to my SE and the difficult time I had faced.
During my stay at Aligarh once my previous SE from Mainpuri and Etawah circle came to me and asked me to accompany him to Delhi and that he would take permission from my present SE .Actually he was a Kanyakubj Brahman and he was to see a boy for his daughter.As I belong to Delhi so he wanted my company and help him in this regard. In those days the war with Pakistan was going on .As we were returning from DELHI and there was orders of Black out .As soon as we were passing Shahdara bridge I opened the head lights of my car by mistake.On crossing the bridge the mob surrounded us and they were very angry we soon begged pardon and the mob spared us after identifying us that we were officer and not the enemy.Whenever I remember that incident I used to shiver .Any way those days were my happiest days
Another interesting happening took place at Aligarh .All of a sudden my father law to be visited Aligarh for fixing marriage.My brother in law to be was also accompanying him.I recognised him that I saw him in Roorkee and told him that he did from mechanical in 1964 while I did civil in 1962.I was senior to him but he was saying again and again that he was not knowing me .At this my father in law gave a hint to my brother in law that he should say that he had seen myself.After verifying my status they fixed my marriage and we were married happily and enjoying our lives after relieving from all the major duties now we have become Dada ,Dadi and nana and nani.I bow my head to the departed noble souls of my father in law and mother in law and that all those who had given me the support to travel the uneven track of our lives.I pay my sincere heart felt regards to those who had left us and attained the eternal peace in heaven.


Aligarh Posting another wonderful memories of year 1965 to 1969

On reaching Aligarh the marriage arrangements were on the high peak.Even the district administration were also monitering each and every details regarding security steps in the tubewell colony Aligarh as Chaudhary Charan Singh Ji the Chief Minister of U P would be participating in the marriage of his son Sh . Ajit Singh . The whole Tubewell colony was being decorated like a bride.A day came that finally the marriage party reached Aligarh from Lucknow .I was astonished to note that there were less guests and most of the persons were from security.We had accomodated the marriage party at P W D inspection house .As the marriage party persons were getting ready I saw most of the persons of security were wearing pistals or revolvers tucked safely with their shoulders.As per instuctions from my E E I received CM and was escorting him to the pandal for light breakfast he inquired me what was my designation.I replied to Chaudhary Charan Singh Ji that I was AE under Sh Sukhbir Singh ji.I still remember that he inquired from me that whether I being engineer used to take bribe from the contracters . At this question I replied in the negative.He straight forward advised me that I should never take bribe and this was a bad habit.I already knew that Chaudhery Charan Singh ji was a honest person and I bow my head to such a noble soul and he served the mother India honestly and sincerely and later became prime minister of India but his ministery lasted for short period.He was a man of great determination and had once gave the idea that all Indians shuold write Bhartya aganst their names instead of their cast.Later on once I happened to meet him while alighting from lift in Vidhan sabha in Lucknow and asked about sister PUSHPA he informed that he had changed her name as Radhika.I still remebered the date of marriage was 17/06/1967.Now I have searched the address after 40 years and I wuold be happy to meet that family just to share the old memories.The address of Sh. Ajit Singh is as under ;

Sh AJIT SINGH M P ( Email no 01123792o40 Fax 01123792037

I would like to talk to that family and to find that they also remember us I had lost track of that noble family and wish that once we should meet to get the sublime pleasure of old memories.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Aligarh Posting another wonderful memories of year 1965 to 1969

After some time I again was transferred to headquarter subdivision at Aligarh.I was allotted a type 4 residence in Tube well colony situated near the exhibition ground. My subdivision looked after the maintenance of tube well colony ,store ,and tube wells of Iglas group, Sasni group and Hathras Group.I used to visit regularly tube wells and I was entitled 50 paise per KM as TA for travelling on foot called as foot mileage.We had to show how many night halts at Headquarter and how many outside headquarter and how many out side state.The then E E was very strict and once I had not sanctioned the leave of my Ziledar who than approached the E E.I was astonished that E E sanctioned leave and gave a strange remarks on his leave application which I quote as under , " think of leaves you avail from the undersigned and hence the leave has been sanctioned " In good olden days there were strange ways of working and even then we used to have respects of the officers.The whole division and department used to be a big family Due to reorganisation E E changed and I was under the then E E Sh.Sukhbir Singh. He was near retiring age .He had two daughters and one son .The elder daughter was married to defence person.The younger daughter's name was Pushpa and sons name was Vinod.I had a cordial relation with My E E and his family and My residence was in front of the house of my E E.Some times I was directed to escort Pushpa to the school.I still remember the school uniform of her school used to be green shirt and white salwar.
These were some of the duties the staff used to do happily to get good report.One day it was informed by my E E that Pushpa's marriage proposal had come with son of Choudhary Charan Singh who was Chief Minister of U P at that time On this auspicious occasion he wanted my Landmaster car to go to Meerut.I happily agreed and sent my car with driver SH Ram Sewak. After returning from Meerut Sh Sukhbir Singh was very happy as Pushpa was selected by SH Ajit Singh.I was informed that Sh Ajit Singh had done computers Eng and came back from USA .My E E also congratulated me that my car was very lucky and that they had got good match.From that moment the arrangements started and my E E used to consult my self and my colleages regarding arrangements and our duties .All the 4 AES were very happy and started to perform their best to get the good impression.I was belonging to Delhi My E E "s family and Pushpa also accompanied me to my residence.Sh Sukhbir Singh and family liked our simple family and Singh Sahib used to consult with our Bauji.I was arranging some of the shoppings from Karol Bagh for Pushpa .One day Pushpa wanted that she wanted to get her hairs cut but her father was not at all interested as such we went to Karol Bagh for cosultation and the time involved .The shopkeeper told us that it would take much time so the idea was dropped.Now she wanted to see picture in cinema Alpna as it belonged to her friends father who was their family friend .So all went to see the picture.My duty was to hire a big car ( private Taxi) for the bridegroom and get decorated .So I got it booked.After arranging all the shoppings and ornaments from Chandni Chawk we started back to Aligarh early morning .Why early morning was a big question? It was advised by my Bauji that all knew that marriage was being organised as such precautions were to be observed for safety.As all of the lanes adjoining houses knew this all the neighbors started inquiring and we also started bosting with our colours up.As when Pushpa would meet Ajit for the first time how she would greet him ? To this quarry it was decided that girl should greet the boy by offering a rose flower.That the boy and girl would meet at Gandhi Udyog Builbing at cannaught place near REGAL CINEMA.Continuing............celebrations at Aligarh

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Aligarh Posting another wonderful memories of year 1965 to 1969

Contnuing the Aligarh posting I remember that the then SE was late Sh . R N T andon.He was my the best guide .It was so coincidence that he taught us the mechanical workshop during Engineering first year.As his period was just after lunch I used to feel sleepy and used to sit in the back seats purposely.Later on in year 1965 he posted me to ATRAULI District near Aligarh.I was holding the charge of Tube well sub division.There were Bijauli ,Chharra and Atrauli sections in my sub division.Here the tube wells were mostly Horizontal and there maintenance was difficult .I worked with J E and sometimes with mistries also.I had got no ego problem if I mixed with lower staff and as such got respect from the lower staff and the work progressed well. My car was very Lucky and such this car was being used for Field work also at Atrauli.The tube wells here had a sump which was about 20 to 30 feet deep .The horizontal motors were fixed on the base about 30 feet deep in the sump of the tube wells.These sumps were usually filled with water and dewatering was resorted to save the motor from burning.I had ta solved these problems quite efficiently with the help of my staff .My JES were very hard working and I used to be with them on inspection from 7 am some times up to night .There was JEs of mechanical as well as civil side.Every tube well had about 2 miles of GUL (WATER CHANNEL).The alignment of the GUL was usually from higher to lower land so that water could take its own course and the fields could get water for irrigation.The service roads and village roads used to be Kacha.Some times my car or jeep used to got stuck in the mud and even then we used to work against all the odds.
I remember that once I was driving my car from Aligarh to Atrauli and the tank of my car was empty .So I had filled the tank with kerosene oil but my car after covering some distance stopped as its engine was seized.I repented .I was carrying a cash chest and I had to distribute the pay to staff that is to Tube well operators.My car was pulled by bullock cart I reached Atrauli Inspection House very late at night.As I was late the staff got annoyed and they refused to receive their pay and I was kept as hostage .All the staff was requested that this wuold not happen again. But my this promise did not work.On this I i returned back to Aligarh and the staff reported to the CM and DM.Although the staff has signed the pay roll but if they did not receive it I could not write in the cash book.The Ziledar was requested to take pay as he was leader and as soon he accepted the pay he was thrashed by the operators but all the staff accepted their pay.My SE also helped me at that difficult time.I thanked the staff and soon after this incident I took leave and came to Delhi for rest as I was so much stressed.
After some time I Got the complaint that Sh Madho Ram JE was taking commission from the villagers to construct the water channel to their Fields for irrigation.An inquiry was being conducted in presence of Sh Kalyan Singh who was a social worker and teacher at that time.The villagers were being asked to testify that they gave the undue gratification to J E .I proposed that first ball the complainant would recognise the J E to whom the had given the bribe.It was strange that one of the villager pointed out towards SE late Sh R N Tandon that he was JE .Due to this fabrication and false testimony the JE was Spared otherwise some punishment would had been given to the erring JE.Later on Sh Kalyan Singh ji became CM of UP.I still respect him although I had been retired and now this matter pertains to the period about 42 years back

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Transferred to Aligarh in Tubewells circle in year 1965 onwards Wonderful officers

as I was transferred to tube well division Bulandshahr U.P I came back to home at Delhi and staying at Bara Hindu Rao residence during my transit time before joining the new posting .We were given the one week as the joining time.After a week when I made a trip to Bulandshahr from Delhi.I was thinking that I would get the charge very easily and would come back after some time .So I asked my Bauji that he should also accompany me to Bulandshahr.He happily agreed to my suggestion and as I reached Bulandshahr I met Sh Vk jain the then AE at Bulandshahr who promised me that I should come after 2 days and that he would hand over .I being with my Bauji we returned back to Delhi the same day.Actually sh Jain was not inters ted to hand over and he got the time to manipulate and I got the news that got me transferred to Aligarh on the attach post in the Tube well circle Aligarh.When I inquired i got the news that Sh Jain was known as PAPUJI and he was in touch with the then chief engineer as he was expert in reading the hands and used to forecast and as such could influence them by telling their fate and luck. The tube well sub division was in this way was snatched from me.This place was very near to my home and I would had been convenient.As I was attached to circle I was getting experience of tube wells and how to arrange parts and how to make inventories and place orders through DG S & D and Director of Industries.Some times I had a chance to come to Delhi on the Government work.I had a J E attached with me to help me but he was very slow and used to be sad .One day I asked him what was the matter and I came to Know that his wife has divorced him as such he could not take interest in work .So I had to do his work also .As I was attached to circle I had to dispose of so many files and the PUC " S ( Papers Under Considerations)
One day seeing so much pending I wrote down no tings on files about 20 to 30 files in a single day and sent them to S E for orders.As SE noticed all the files he became angry and called me to his camp office in his office cum residence .He was so angry that he shouted at me and said ," You were keeping all these files under your pillow' on this out burst of my boss I also got annoyed and replied in self esteem that I was not in habit of listening all the abuses and such I thrashed door of my boss and told him that I was resigning and reporting the matter to the Secretary .I immediately wrote down my resignation and got it received from the Head Clerk of the circle and put my luggage on the car and was driving off to Delhi and I noticed that all the gates of tube well colony were closed and one peon came running after me and that he informed me that SE was calling me.As I returned back The then SE told me that He was elder to me and requested me to take back the resignation .He consoled me like his son and told me that I would some day become chief Engineer.I also begged him to pardon me .I bow my head to that pious soul may GOD give his soul peace under HIS Devinne feet Continuing.............................

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Trasferred to Tubwell Circle at Algarh and life there from year 1965 onwards

I remained at Mainpuri upto 1965 and was transferred to tubewll circle Aligarh and I shall narrate the interesting things there after some time ......

Monday, December 24, 2007

Magician at Mainpuri and his forecast

As I have reported earlier that some magician had called me on the stage in full view of the whole staff and district level officersof Mainpuri and told me that I might get married to a girl hailing from city whose name might start with alphabet " J " and that forecast was proving to be correct.No sooner some person came to me who brought a proposal for my marriage and I directed him to my father at Delhi. The name of the girl started from " S " which was indicated by the magician cum astrologer.Later as the time passed by after engagement the girl went to Japan.She served with radio Japan.When she came back to India her outlook and thoughts changed and the engagements was cancelled .As soon as the news of cancellation spread among our relatives again another proposal came from Jhansi .Agai the name of girl in question is starting with alphabet " S "This was also from the city with first alphabet " J ". This time my father did not take chances and I was happily married.I am lucky this time and am happy and passing my life peacefully and wish that my children may get a happy and peaceful life and they should progress in their life.Only happy moments have been given preference.and I am enjoying in writing these memories.This was the magic of letter J and is very important.My own name also starts with letter " J "

Friday, December 21, 2007

My wonderful first posting as A.ssistant Engineer Irrigation Department at Mainpuri in 1963 onwards

Continuing the first posting at Mainpuri I remember that the part friction disc usually got damaged due to continuous running and heating .This disc used to be of fibrous material.In those days this disc used to be imported and we were experiencing a great difficulty.I asked my brother to help me to over come that difficulty.He was very much expert in making some Jugar(Temporary arrangement)He contacted a mechanic and in Motia Khan and got a friction disc manufactured locally from brass metal with linnig of heat resistant material.From this disc we had over come the difficulty for ever .We are grateful to my brother who is now no more in this world .Now I pay my respects to the noble soul of my brother.I remember one incident when I fell ill and was bed ridden and I sent a message to my brother with a short note that I was suffering with high fever and that the short note should be treated as a telegram me.The person was vi sting Delhi for his own work but forgot to deliver the message and after a month he delivered the message to my brother .On seeing the letter my brother along with my respected Bharjaiji came to Mainpuri.As they entered into my house I was busy at that time playing badminton.My bharjaiji started shouting at me on the point that Why I had written the sentence that the letter be treated as telegram.For this I begged pardon and explained that I was seriously ill when I wrote but by the passage of time I recovered.I remember their visit at Mainpuri I bow my head and feel grateful to my brother who is in heaven at the feet of THE ALMIGHTY GOD.
As I referred above that My EE was a very jolly fellow and always upto some kind of recreation activities.Once he called meeting at his residence and invited some magician who used to hypnotise
a person and do all sorts of magic tricks.I vividly remember that he called me on the stage and inquired what my wish was?I told him that I wanted to know where I would be married? he told me after some calculations that I would be married with a girl who would belong to the town and the town"s name would start with alphabet "J".He again asked me to look into the glass of water and what I wanted to see the image.To his quarry i replied that i wanted to see Saira Banu the actress .The then hit me on my head from the behind and asked me to look again the glass and believe it I saw Saira Banu dancing in the glass just like a doll.Although i never believed all these tricks even then I got proposals for marriage from town firstly was l from Jaipur .This first proposal was not materialised.Secondly again I got a proposal from Jhansi and now I am proud father of my son and daughter and grand father of a grand daughter.I am also so much attached with children Aanya Ashitabh and Amitabh (Soni) I may consider it just a coincidence or luck.
My first posting was very much eventful. In year 1964 the Panki Power House at Kanpur had a problem and the whole Kanpur plunged into darkness.A canal wire message came to my sub division that all the machines such as bull dozers drag line machines be shifted to Kanpur for excavation work there.There was no other alternative except carting through canal road.All the equipments were carted to Kanpur and I noticed that some gates were damaged which were later on repaired by the department.But all the good work done by me invited some audit objections which were replied as the whole work was done in the interest of work.My seniors always helped me for which I felt grateful to them.
In those days the AE had all the financial powers .I remember that once payment of about Rs 7 lakhs was to be made against the agreement of SE and the representative asked me to do the payment immediately as he had come all the way from Calcutta.He used a word that I was sitting tight on the file.To this disgraceful remarks I told him that he should first fulfill the conditions of the agreement only then the payment could be made.I wanted the machine to be carted to the site which was Achhalda station near Mainpuri.Later on he felt sorry and took back his remarks .The final payment was made only the machine were assembled at site .Higher officers used to believe and had full confidence on their subordinates THIS WAS MY FIRST Good Impression at that time .Later on I will tell you how this impression slowly diminished as my service progressed and delayed promotions.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

First Posting at Mainpuri (UP)

In those days the relation between officers and subordinates used to be very much cordial.One example me the then executive engineer told me that there was the picture Sangam released at Delhi cinema .It was his words and the whole family and myself made a programme to have a trip to Delhi.I took out my car and that my officer had also took out his car for this trip.Executive engineer was accompanied with his family his son his daughter in law and her sister and the two kids.This idea was also connected that we could arrange the urgent spare parts from Delhi.On reaching Delhi all the family just put up in our small house in Bara Hindu Rao Delhi.My Bauji suggested me that I should arrange the accommodationof my EE at some hotel because there were two reasons one that my EE was a non vegetarian and he used to drink and smoke also and that ours was a small house to accomodate them.All these things were prohibited in our house.So as per his suggestion my EE shifted to hotel near Novelty cinema.We all visited Birla Mandir and then went to chandni chawk.As they were shopping one of grand son was left in the shop and when we noticed that the small kid was missing the daughter in law of EE was shocked and she began to run towards the shop where she left her son .But alas it was too late and the shop was closed .She was crying and running like mad woman and all of us were also running through the bazaar.One of the onlooker asked me that what had happened?I replied that one child was lost.After some time one idea stucked in my mind that we should find out from the police station which was located near the Gurdwara Shish Ganj in chandni chawk .As we entered in the police station we found the child named Sonu.We requested the police officer to hand over the child but he refused to oblige us as he wanted the identification by some Delhi resident.So I witnessed and gave the certificate that I knew the child and the family .After satisfying and completing the formalities the child was handed over to us.As this tragidywas over the second tragidy occur ed.Now the younger sister of daughter in law was lost she was about 19 years old and was also new to Delhi.We started to find her and we soon noticed that she was busy in purchasing some novels on the pavement.I was nervous and was thinking why at all I had brought them to Delhi .Any way we all came to our Bara Hindu Rao home and we went to temple and distributed Prasad and that day was Tuesday also.We then started our journey to Bareilly as my EE belong to that district.On pour back journey we stayed at Rampur for one night.My EE belong to Bihari Pur Dhal Mohalla near Qutab Khanna crossingHis house was a nice place and it got a basement and it was difficult to come out if lost in the same building. As my boss was a civil engineer and knew too much as he was promoted to the post of EE from JE.He told me that once he hid himself inside his own house and nobody could find him .He was Kayasth saxena and their eating habits were different from that ours .In the evening he used to take some wine and non veg or veg diet as per need .He was of very jolly nature and used to sing .I remember he used to sing the sang of Sangam picture " Har Dil JO pyar Kare ga woh Gana gayega' etc and he was very active at the retiring age also.'After some time staying at Bareilly he made a visit to LOHIA HEAD near we had some machines at this site also which were to be carted to Mainpuri.These machines were used work at Nanaksagar dam"s construction near Bareilly.We had returned back to Mainpuri with satisfied frame of mind and started working with zeal as we had enough spare parts to tackle the break downs .After working under him I had learnt a great deal .He taught me how to handle the work.He gave me the C R which had all the excellent remarks and that I had handled the mechanical work efficiently and brought the machines on strong footing.Such was my first officer and I now pay my respects to the departed soul.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

First Posting at Mainpuri (UP)

As I had been posted in Mainpuri and remained there for about 3 years as such so many incidents took place.One day as I was sleeping in my office come residence I heard somuch noise at midnight and soon a shot came in the darkness and hit the wooden cash chest.On hearingthe gun shots my security guards challenged and seeing that some guards were there the robbers ran away from there .In the morning when I woke up and heard that the robbers struck the Punjabi Mohalla nearby and that they had hit so many residents who were sleeping at roofs of their residences.The residents were injured as they were hit by some blunt iron rodes at their head while sleeping.As the police inquiry progressed it was told by the DSP that the robbers came towards my house also but on being challenged could not harm me and my staff. The police dog came to my residence after sniffing .On that day I also thanked GOD as I along with my staff was saved and no harm was done .
At Mainpuri one incident took place at Dannahar site also.As the excavation work was in progress and the machines were doing work on the bank of the main canal the operator of dragline machine needed the jack and he told the the then truck driver on the other side of the canal to send the same .Our helper tied the jack with his waist and jumped in the canal thinking that he would safely swim the canal but as the bad luck would have it that he could not come out of the water as the canal was very deep and that the helper was drowned.At this the whole staff was panicked and the villagers also ran to save the helper.Alas he could not be saved and the helper belonged to the same village and the operator was belonging to the minority community.This tragic event took the communal turn and I had to call the police and PAC and so many staff were rescued from the anger of the villagers .The villagers took the body of that helper and brought to my residence and demanded justice to which I tactfully handled the situation and it was decided to hold inquiry under works men compensation act.As the departmental inquiry was being conducted by my Executive Engineer in the division office and the statements were being recorded on the tape recorder.One of the villager asked what that machine was supposed to be to this querry steno of Executive engineertold them that machine was for recording their statements and these would be produced in the courts when needed.On hearing that they caught hold of that recorder and thrown that on the ground breaking into pieces .All the villagers then left the office and the inquiry could not be conducted.When the matter was in the Court it was correlated with as the railway line where if any body crosses the railway line and the train comes in that case the railway is not responsible in the same manner when there was overhead canal bridge across the canal and in that case the helper should had used the bridge .It was written in bold letters that to cross the canal was dangerous.Later on when I was transferred from Mainpuri I got the news that court had not given any relief to the family members .On hearing that I felt very sad as I wanted that some compensation should had been given.
Our the other site was also not safe and once it was reported that robbers had stolen the govt. diesel from the Dhandhos site.On inquiry I found that robbers took about 2 drums of diesel and that they had marry time and asked the staff to prepare food for them.The canal staff and chawkidar could not do any thing as all the staff used to afraid of them.The robbers had no fear of law .Once I ran after the motorcycle who had taken a litre of petrol and fallowed him by jeep and caught hold of him .He felt sorry and gave back the petrol.The point was that we could control the crime if all the staff and police those days also.
I was astonished to find that my cook SH. Anokhey Lal knew only to prepare Arar Ki Dal and LOKI and rice and chapaties.He remained with me for years together .One day I heard that he was a great deco it and was very much infamous.but I was not knowing about his history.Some of relatives used to tell me that my cooks eyes were very fearful and they got frightened by his looks.He was very much simple and very much dedicated and he used to take his meals only after I had taken the meals .I used to advise him that he should take the meals if I was late at site .But he never acted according to my advise and remained hungry .He was so dedicated that he was transferred to place where ever I was transferred.Later on I lost track of that noble person.

First Posting at Mainpuri (UP)

After the incident where my driver had given the lift to wrong persons and said sorry for his folly was satisfied .Another incident took place which had shaken my my confidence at that tome.One day my cook returned late at night from the canal colony and told me that he was robbed of his all cash and watch etc and he came with only underwear and undershirt. On seeing his condition i enquired from him what had happened, then , he told me that as he was returning from Canal colony road 2-4 people had surrounded him and scnatched all his belongings but anyhow he was spared to go back home. I was not believing his story and I tried to make experiment by myself. I was invited by my Exe. engineer at his residence in canal Colony the next day. After the dinner, he offered me that I could take the jeep and go home to which I declined and told him that I could go back on foot to my residence which was near to the station in Taparia Mill Mohala. As I started from his residence and was passing through the lonely stretch, I noticed a person appearing from the bushes and asked me where I was going. I replied him that I was going to Taparia Mill Mohala near on the station road. That man also started walking with me , as we both had walked for about 200 meters on the lonely road, I noticed another person appearing from the bush and he asked both of us where we were going. to his query, the person accompanying me already replied that I was going to Taparia Mill and that he was also accompanying me. To this the second stranger started walking towards my right side and we all 3 were walking towards the main road in the dark. At this moment I thought my cook was perfectly telling the truth and now I had invited the trouble intentionally. Then, I thought the age of these 2 people is much more than mine as I was only 22 years at that time and those 2 were in the age group of 30 to 35. Without losing time I started running with a great speed towards the main road calling out for a cyclist on the main road," Stop" "Stop"............!!!!
The 2 strangers ran after me but could catch me. As soon as the cyclist saw that 3 people were running for him, he paddled as fast as he could. after reaching the main road, I saw some people were sitting on the road side well warming themselves around the bonfire. At this point the strangers thought that I had safely reached the town and they stopped running after me. The conclusion is that the Mainpur area was not safe in those days.

Monday, December 17, 2007

First Posting at Mainpuri (UP)

While was posted at Mainpuri I had great interest in the mechanical work and going for inspection s .One day I was accompanying the truck driver Sh Babu Khan for arranging the fuel ,lubricants and spare parts for the machines under me.and we were heading towards Delhi .As we reached Moradabad as it was night time we decided to have something to eat near Railway station .We had finished dinner and were ready to start for Delhi my driver approached me that he had met some relatives and they wanted to go to Gajrola which was on the way as such I allowed them to sit on the back seat .They were about 5 to 6 in numbers and were sitting in the cabin and I was sitting in front seat near drivers seat and the driver was driving the truck at a very high speed and our truck was passing through a lonely stretch on the road and the truck reached Gajrola .From this point the persons ordered us to divert our truck towards to other direction and I resisted and told the persons on the back seat.On hearing this they at once pulled out revolver on my back and ordered my to do as they were saying.At that moment I realised that the driver had given the lift to wrong persons and that they were no relations of the driver.After travelling some miles they ordered us to stop our truck and they stepped down from the truck.As they were leaving I remarked that they should take away Sh Khan with them and that I would drive the truck myself.I told all this jokingly on hearing this the driver requested me not to send him with them as they were no relatives .Within minutes those dacoits disappeared in the darkness and we started our journey towards Delhi.We were so much frightened and on reaching Delhi we heaved a sigh of relief.Now as I am describing that episode my hairs are standing on end.Any way my driver had realised his fault and I pardoned him and I advised him to never give lift to the strangers and for petty advantage he should not risk his and others lives

Saturday, December 15, 2007

My wonderful first posting as A.ssistant Engineer Irrigation Department at Mainpuri in 1963 onwards

My sub divisional staff was a wonderful team. My Barkandaz 's name was Sh. Suraj Bhan Singh who was a wrestler and his height was 6 n 1/2 feet tall. He used to drink about 1/2 kg of desi ghee/ day and plenty of food and milk . Every year he used to enter in the competition of wrestling organised by the then District Magistrate. On winning the competition Sh. Suraj Bhan Singh used to touch the feet of all the officers of the administration at district level and he was honoured with garland and the best wrestler of the district by the DM of Mainpuri. As he was my security person he used to guard the cash chest. Whenever I went for inspection I used to take him along with me in my car or the govt. jeep. I remember one instance when I was travelling to Kanpur to attend my official duty and we were in our car when all of sudden we were crossing, the bridge across the river Kali Nadi. This bridge was having only one way traffic but due to the negligence of the staff at one end of the river ,a bullock cart from the opposite side and our car was in the middle of the bridge and the position was very awkward as the bullock cart could go in the reverse direction because it had got no reverse gear. As such we were to go back by applying reverse gear. But before this heated arguments were exchanged. In the twinkling of an eye I noticed that Sh. Suraj Bhan Singh lifted the cart man by his legs and held him upside down on the river railing of the bridge and he was asking the cart man to whether he would like to be thrown into the river from the bridge. To this the cart man humbly requested him and as such he was pardoned. I had also intervened and the matter ended. As we crossed the river I had to convince him that he should be polite with the poor and humble people. Anyway we reached Kanpur quite safely. On the same day we hired a rickshaw to the canal inspection house at Phool Bagh and the rickshaw puller demanded extra charges more than the fixed rates. At that time he lifted the rickshaw and exploded on the rickshaw puller and challenged him that if he demanded more than the fixed rate , in that case he would throw the rickshaw on the road and damage it completely. On seeing this the rickshaw puller quite humbly accepted the fixed rate prevailing at that time in those days. On account of my safety personal I felt ,at that time ,very much safe.
To be continued.............

Friday, December 14, 2007

First Posting at Mainpuri (UP)

I got my first appointment letter from UP Public Service Commision and posted in Lower Ganga Canal Division 2 Mainpuri.This town was never heard by me and it was a great surprise to me.Once I had heard that Mainpuri was famous for thugs and decoits.So I was cursing my luck that I got a small placeon the first posting.I requested my eldest brother to accompany me to that fearful place.My brother told me that I would not to worry at all So we both took ours the old model car it was Landmaster black in color.We reached Mainpuri via Agra ,Firzabad and Shikohabad.We put up in office cum residence near Taparia mill on station road Mainpuri. This was a huge house having 4 to 5 big rooms.We had got only a suitcase and a bedding kit .We were in a fix where we should put our luggage as the house was too big for us.Any way we settled in one room keeping the other rooms empty.We were also astonished that we were having 5 to 6 persons at our beck and call.Mine was a mechanical sub division and I had got 2 E and M supervisors One Sub Divisional Clerk, one peon , one Duffedar , one burkandaz and 3 to 4 runners for distributing dak.There was one jeep two trucks ( Dodge,one bedfordtruck) .I was in charge of mechanical subdivision.In my subdivision there two sites one at Danahar and other at Dhandos at main Kanpur branch canal.As at that time the canal was being widened and the remodelling work of the canal was in full swing .Here it was worth mentioning that I being Civil engineer was given work of mechanical sub division.There was one workshop equipped with Lathe machine, drilling machine , one shaper , one milling machine,welding and all the mechanical stores and there was a store keeper to supervise the workshop.In the Field there was two drag lines one was of BLACK WOOD HODGE make and other Tata P and H model.two bull doze rs D-7 make.In those days the work was in full swing I had to live about 10 days at Dannahar and !0 at Dhandhos site and rest at headquarters Mainpuri.There was so many mechanical staff like mechanics drag line operators drivers of tractors and bull doze rs helpers.Or operation of machines I had to fetch the diesel and other lubricants from Delhi All the diesel and lubricants were carted by Govt Trucks and Some times I also accompanied the trucks to Delhi and return after the work toMainpuri .My interest in those days was that by doing so I had a chance to meet my parents at Delhi.Continued.......

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Roorkee University in year 1959 onwards upto 1963

During the engineering we enjoyed the our course and were proud to be engineer.During the tenure of Sh. G N Pandey as VC the university was expanded and there were so many parks developed.We could find greenery all our the university campus.Roads were also laid in those years.After completing the course we came back to our respective homes with satisfied frame of minds and I completed the B.E. Civil . My name was registered in employment bureau which was recently opened in the University campus in those years.I got interview letters but not enjoyed any where .I got short term commissioned post of 2nd LT from defence as there was great demand of engineers due to war in 1962.I was also given chance to get post of Supervisor grade one in MES on borders roads but sent a telegram regarding ill health.On seeing this my Bauji got annoyed and told us (including my brother who had done his Bsc) either we had to do some job or we might not get food from the house and that our beds would be lay ed in open or we would be shifted to the factory.The idea was to do something to earn our livelihood .He also told us to work hard and we would get success in our lives.He used to utter the sher ...." Mehnat karo azizo mahnat se kam hoga , kaheten hain jise waqt aa kar gulam hoga"On that day I went to Town Hall in MCD office and showed my degree of B E Civil to MR RAO the chief planning engineer and he soon gave me the appointment to the post of Graduate Section Officer in the planning department in engineering section.I worked in MCD for 3 to 4 months on this post but I could not get the pay as my medical test was not received.During medical test Doctor reported that I was having Hernia and as such I was not fit for govt job involving field work.I then pressed that I got the job in planning section as such medical fitness might be given.He gave that certificate so late that I received offer from Irrigation Department UP and was called for interview for the post of Assistant Engineer ( a class two gazetted post)in year 1963)I went to Allahabad and was immediately got selected .I then appeared in front of medical board and was given fitness certificate.I remember when I was appearing for medical before the civil surgeon who could not find some identification mark on my face and such jokingly remarked that my mother took so much care of me that she had not allowed to fall down and as such no identification marks on the face .I was much proud of my mother who took so much care during my childhood.I bow my head to the departed soul in great respects.While going to UP for service I requested my friend Sh Sohan Lal Arora to hand over the pay of my period to my mother when the name was received from MCD. I authorised Mr Arora for this purpose.Later on I got the information that the pay was duly handed over by my friend to my mother.This was the type of morality among friends and colleagues.I was also tired of my locality people as most of the people used to come and requested my father to get some work of sanction and licence etc done as I was in MCD.I had do the social work and could not sit for my work for which I was being paid by the MCD.This was also the reason which compelled me to leave the MCD job.Moreover I was also getting the higher post which attracted me for my move to join the U P cadre job .in year 1963.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Roorkee University in year 1959 onwards

During second year I was taking interest in games like Gym. and badminton .I remeber that Mr J N Tandon was secretary badminton and used to play a wonderful play.At evening the badminton courts were in the Pacific hanger and the courts were lighted wonderfully.I used to do some floor exercises, and exercises on horizontal bars and parallel bars and on rings.I also remember that there were yogic exercises also and its Secretary was Sh Harpal Singh.Our officer commanding was Prof. Mahesh Chandra and he used to encourage us and was very friendly and we had a group photograph with him wearing sports uniform.After completing we were promoted to final year as this was 3 years course .All over India there was 4 year course of Engineering and ours was the last batch of 3 years course.I remember that in those years China attacked India in year 1962 and there was great shortage of engineers and great demand in Borders roads in MES.In final year there was all India tour conducted by University and that was very much interesting.We were divided in two groups in our group about 60 students and we were given one birth in train coaches and this boggy was attached to different trains.We used to visit the new cities and places of importance and return to the same boggy.In each coach one Prof was used to be in charge one Kitchen boggy was also attached to the coach and at night we used to get the food in the coach itself.We had visited places like Bombay ,Banglore,Jagannathpuri Ajanta Ellora Aurangabad,Mysore,Madras Pune,Asonsol Jharia coal mines Kanpur,Chandigarh Bhakra Dam,Varanasi Mugalsarai Dam s.I still remember our visit of Lalit palace (MYSORE)Vrandavan gardens Nandi Bull HMT Banglore Arrey Milk colony and Shoe House , ( BOMBAY),Marine drive Madras, Chopati of Bombay.In final year we had to submit the project report and I took practical training at some project at Cannaught place .I had took training on the fire station building being constructed in those years .I submitted the project report detailing regarding layout.reinforcement shuttering scaffolding estimate and all the materials used and their specifications still remember that we got the degree and Dr Rajerdra Prasad the President of India had honoured us by distributing degree and we felt proud when we went to the stage wearing hood and gown and photographed with him and the then VC Sh G. N. Pandey.Continued..............

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Roorkee University in year 1959 onwards

During the tenure of Kalsi camp of surveying we enjoyed the life the most and learnt the surveying work .We were divided in 5 to 6 students groups for surveying and used to live in tents and in the morning till evening we used to do surveying work on the hilly terrain and then we used to compile the readings and plot on the drawing sheets.At night we used to roam about in the small village named as CHUHAR PUR nearby.There were hilly roads and narrow hilly tracks and small river was also flowing. At night we used to burn timber bone fire so that jackals and other wild animals could not come near us.At night as we strolled we could find a hardly any body on the road.some of the villagers might drink wine at night do save them from cold whether.I remember when I was just passing at night a person was drunk and was unable to control and walking with his leg's tumbling.I just met one of neigbhour on the hills of Kalsi .He was a doctor and our next door neighbour in ALIAS BUILDING NAI BASTI IN BARA HINDU RAO NEW DELHI.His daughter "s name was Munni and she Know me .During survey work all my team went to his house just and talked welfare.Years Had passed and I lost track of that family but I utter few words in respect to that family.While returning from the survey camp I along with my friend saw Picture KOHI NOOR and that was my first picture in life in picture hall at Dehradun.Due to so much interest I saw another show the same day .I got headache and vomiting and came back to Roorkee and rested and got treatment for few days.I rather hate seeing picture but rarely saw them.Another picture I saw in those days was MUGHAL E AZAM
in Roorkee Talkies near the Centenary GAte of Roorkee University.It was a nice movie in those days.During stay at Dehradun I met our friend of pre partition named Bholu.His father had a great business of sweats and was famous as SARNI HALWAI.His KUT LAME were famous dish in good olden days.These KutLAME were just like Puries but made with desi ghee and ptato curry.Now again I lost track of of our family' s oldest friends.I rather wish to meet them which I think is my wishful thinking.During second year the studies were tough as usual and we used to study at night mostly I remember one tea shop near the University Gate which was opened throughout the whole night and the groups of students went there when ever they felt sleep and used to be fresh again.Once I took a tablet RITALIN an anti sleep tablets and I studied the whole night but I remember when I sat for exam. I was slept for 15 minutes but the teacher shrugged me and I started to solve the paper.From that date onward I never took any nasty medicine for avoiding the sleep.I was told by doctor also to avoid such medicines.I used to attend the hydrology classes and lab which was near the Azad Bhawan.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Roorkee University in year 1959 onwards

During first year all the students stayed in the C Block.After first year we were shifted to diff rent hostels namely Azad Bhawan, Ravendra Nath Tagore Bhawan , Ganga Bhawan and for Architecture there was Asian Hostel etc. There were PG Hostels also. I was allotted room in Azad Bhawan and my room number was F-48 and it was located on the first floor.This room was situated in front of stair case and all the friends going downstairs and coming up used to disturb and any way I could not help and had to reside in that room.Some times I had to put lock on the door but even then friends jump from the balcony and in that way disturbance was there .These rooms were single seated and we had common bath rooms and toilets good in number s on each floor of the hostel.There was strange type of ventilators at bottom side of the room instead of at the roof level.By peeping through these ventilators one could know what is going inside whether any body was sleeping or studying.Some times I had to study under the table with a shaded lamp so that light could not be visible outside the room. It was the habit of some of my friends that they studied and completed their home work and they would enter in the others room for gossip and recreation etc.Although this habit was not good but this was the prevailing practice in those years.During second year I did not take part in ragging and I new some of friends did ragging of first year.One of my friend and from mechanical was very much interested in ragging.I liked our Survey Professor Sh S R Singh.He was our dean of students also.At the evening all the students used to go the play ground or club and some of them played Billiards.The marker was a very nice person .We felt elated when we played as we used to see in movies in the yest er years also .In the club all types of indoor games were played like carom board playing cards .and also some books and newspaper were available.We were not allowed to go to the picture halls in the old Rookee city.We were also debarred to go to Paran Kalian Ka Mela which were held in the near by village.Stict decipline was observed. Some times we had cycle race used to Haridwar on bicycles.We had Ncc camps at Raiwala near Dehradun.I remembered that one day my duty was on cotter gaurd and it was instructed that at night if any body or enemy enters we had to ask for pass word otherwise we had to shoot the intruder.The army person used to check at night whether the cadet was doing the duty in a correct way or not.During one occasion when I was on the Duty I challenged the intruder but he did not replied then the trainer came forward and tried to snatch my rifle .Then I uttered the words Ustad Ji It was you as such I spared him otherwise I could shoot him .To this the trainer laughed and instructed me to be cautious and would not repeat and I had to say sorry for my folly.We had got intensive training in the Ncc camp.We were told to lead a hard life and try to sustain all type of difficulties.We were given one bowl and a few utensils.As we got tired we were given milk buns and butter and in the evening after the parade we used to get tea and samosa etc .Life was hard but quite interesting We used to to the river side in the jungle and take bath and used to enjoy.We were given the Lanterns in the tent some torches in the tents.Daily there was a march past and there was siren and we had to fall in in proper lines and if any body was late then he was court marshal led and had to take rounds of the parade ground with both hands up or with rifle and kits on the back of each cadet.The parade march shoes were very heavy and it was our duty to polish our shoes and also to polish our belts with bras so .In the NCC camp we were given the rifle training and shooting and how to handle the heavy 303 rifles with heavy wooden buts.I remember that in second year the Professors Sh Jai Kishan,Pro.Jain taught us theory of structures and Earth quake eng.inneering and cancreat, plain and reinforced concreate pre stressed concrete,Pro.Arya Pb Shahni (survying)Prof.Sr Singh.etc I had a great regard and respect who taught us Now I had lost track of all of the great professors.We had also gone to Kalsi Surveying camp near Dehradun. This was basically plane table surveying practice and we had to plot and submit the papers. Contiued.........