These are excerpt from my life experiences.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Long awaited Medical Bills of Shashi Sethi My Wife

.I have submitted the medical bill of Shashi sethi of Max Speciality Hospital  Saket in March 2012 and the same was sent to Medical examination to CMO Ghaziabad and the chief Engineer Irrigation UP took a long time and then sent to DM Gautam Budh Nagar  ( NOIDA) Treasury which again referred  to Chief Accounts officer to inquire that  whether I am a pension holder from Irrigation Dept UP     .It is worth mentioning here that I have been mentioning my PPO no  in all the correspondence and enclosed a certificate from accounts office  at UP BHAWAN 4 SARDAR PATEL MARG NEW DELHI.After getting the reply the DM has sanctioned the amount Rs 1.97 lacs against the bill of Rs 4.04 Lacs (approx) This amount is just in Accounts office at UP BHAWAN      4 ,  Sardar Patel Marg New Delhi.This to mention here that my wife had paralytic attack in March 2012 and rushed to near by Max hospital she remained in ICU for about one month.and I have paid the bill and still waiting to get a medical reimbursement and about 2 years have passed.
Irony of fate is that my wife had a heart attack on 29 Th April 2013 and I have spent about Rs 3.17 Lacs for heart stunting as 3 arteries were 90% blocked and so emergencies occurred and had to shell out medical bills .This bill has been sent to Chief Engineer UP Irrigation Dept UP and still pending in Engineer in Chief Office Lucknow U P
Again I have been compelled to undergo for my left eye cataract eye operation  on 4 th April 2013 from Shroff Eye Hospital  GK 1 New Delhi and sent a medical bill to Chief Engineer UP Irrigation Lucknow  reimbursement.This bill is also Amounting to Rs 54000/ approx and still pending. and I am waiting for getting medical claim.Indian Govt has sanctioned a RTI act but to get claims is difficult task.The state govt boasts that it gives all medical facilities to all state govt employees and retired state employees at par .The govt has also ordered that retired state employees living Delhi will get the bills checked from CMO MEERUT in the interest of retired employees residing in DELHI Let us hope that Govt will wake up from deep slumber.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My 73 rd birth day on 1 December 2013

On my 73 berth day I was very much excited as on this day My sister and jijaji and my brother in  law along with family were present on that day.My daughter Anu along with  Ashitabh and Soni  were also present.We had cut the cake and some snaps were taken .My son took special efforts and arranged an excellent party .I got so many good wishes on this day .We prayed to God that HE will bestow the blessings to us and our family may remain happy in future also.I also thank To my all relatives and friends for sending good wishes on this occasion either my mail or on face book.We have taken some snaps that will be uploaded in due course of time.Thank you all.On next day we went to Faridabad I was surprised to know that my brother and his son Pawan had also made elaborate arrangements on my Birthday and we received gifts and cut the birthday cake.These were our happy moments and we will remember and relish its sublime pleasure.This is our bonus life's happy birth day and we should enjoy it to its level of ecstasy.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Regarding Golden jubillee of 1963 batch of Roorkee alumni assotion

As scheduled  we along with R k Sabherwal and Bharji ji had a trip to Roorkee .The arrangements were excellent and we  stayed there for three days and met our old friends and shared the old memories with our old friends.Although this was for 1963 batch but we were feeling at  home as if we are of the same batch.One of the  high light was that I met my old batch mate of 1962 who has come from Virginia U SA and he was given  prize and was guest of honor .After seeing him I recognised him and his name is name is Shri M.P Singh.After the stay we again met in the Mess and we have noted the address and we shall meet in near future.One of the friend I remember is Mr Ramesh chawla who has come from Sri Lanka  and he has brought the gifts for all as he is probably doing business of export  etc We enjoyed his company and also Mr Nigam.Rest is all OK and we returned with sweet memories of Golden Jubilee of Mr Sabharwal and his friends.Stay will be remembered for years together as the happiest days of Roorkee celebrations.One thing I advice that one should always enjoy the happy moments in life as this gives us the sublime pleasure. 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Again I am going to attend at IITR on 23 /11/13 along with Sh R K Sabherwal

As promised by us we have made programme to go to ROORKEE to attend the Golden Jubilee celebrations of our respected Bhapaji Sh RK Sabherwal and will enjoy the trip as we hope.We are enthusiastic about this trip to Roorkee.We shall meet our old friends and enjoy the old memories.I feel happy when I come to know that our old friends have achieved many success in their lives .We also wish them a happy and prosperous life in years to come.We shall be returning on 26/11/13. I shall relate the happy moments after arrival to Delhi.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Memories of the past a sublime pleasure

Some say that one should not remember the past memories as this does not give pleasure.Only the present is important and past is the history.In my opinion the past memories are most important and the past experiences also steer our life at present and guide our path for the future.One our teacher was discussing that science believes that truth is only when we see and we have evidence and physical proof to support the fact.Some one asked the question  to the teacher ,Have you seen your birth? the answer was that one has not seen ones birth then why we believe that one was born.So we have to believe that we are born.Similarly no body has seen GOD THE ALMIGHTY and still believe that GOD is there.So if we want that there should be sublime pleasure we should have memories of the past and remember that God has given all the blessings to us.

Happiness by doing something good to others

At some time I think what is life and how one can be happy.When I see some one smiling I start thinking how one be happy through out all the odds in life .God has gifted this smile to human being only not to the other creatures .Why but it may be that we cannot guess the nature of happiness.This happiness cannot be achieved if we don"t think that others should also feel the warmth of others feeling.The greatest enemy of happiness is the rage and jealousy , feeling ill of others and greed.So it is our duty not to harm the feelings of others by karma and vachan.We should follow the principal of live and let live.God the Almighty never distinguish among HIS creations and bestow love and affection to all.As a matter of fact God lives in ourselves and the Divine powers always protect us.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Happy Teachers Day (5 th September 2013 ,Thursday)

Today when I woke up in the morning I said happy teachers day to my son he replied that same to you.I was surprised as he told me that I taught him how to read and write and how to walk and to become a noble man and taught all the virtues of life.OK it is a good gesture.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Raksha Bandhan dated 21/8/2013

Raksha bandhan is a unique festival which binds sisters and brothers in a unique tie and wherein brothers take pledge to save their sisters for the life long.It is a festival of love and affections of brothers towards their sisters and a thin thread binds them for whole life.So on this day we had a family get together at our residence and enjoyed a lot by remembering the happy moments of childhood.We are thankful and convey our gratitude to the family members and relatives such as Basant,D B Kohli (sister and Jijaji)D V Sethi and Nirmal Bharjaiji ) Vini *our sisters daughter and Gulshan  and kids Shasvat and Sahil Anu (Soni and ashitabh sons) Gaurav Damadji.we have delicious lunch and all of them have returned to their homes with satisfied frame of mind.Our son got tied Rakhi from Anu sister with all religious traditions.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Wishing Happy Independance

We  are entering the 67 Th  Independence year.At this juncture we recalled the sacrifices of  the freedom fighters .The whole Nation is indebted to them.We should today take pledge that we will maintain the independence and strive for the progress of our country.I congratulate the whole nation and salute to the brave soldiers who are defending our borders

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Attending KRYA Of our cousin sister s Husband at Ganeshwar dham Karol bagh

As we were sitting at home our respected Bharjaiji informed that our sisters husband has expired and we attended the Kirya cermony at Gangeswar Dham at  KAROL BAGH . New DelhiWe all pray to The Almighty God that this pious soul must rest in peace under the Divine feet of God and the family should get enough courage to bear this unbearable  loss.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Seeing Bhag Milkha Bhag picture

While seeing this picture I recollect so many old memories which I have tried to put on my blog in year 2007.I was about 7 years old when I along with my mother and 4 sisters came to independent India after partition  .As our refugee camp was at Patiala.The ration being distributed roties and dal and there was almost a struggle and every body was hungry and wanted the roties lest it was finished and one might not remained hungry.As we did not Know where our brothers and father had  been shifted to India?After remaining in Patiala camp we got the news that they had reached India an  they were all safe.But still I remember the atrocities which were thrust upon us at that time.The picture is quite good  and displayed the true scenes. My thanks to the producer and director and the team. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

nature s furry on Uttrakhand on 16 th june 2013

On  16 June 2013 there was a cloud burst and the land slides has devastated the Uttrakhand and Kedar Nath Temple ,Badrinath Temple and places like Gangotri and Yamnotri were severely affected .Thousands of pilgrims are stranded on mountains with no shelters and food etc and are being evacuated by army personals helicopters.The tragedy is great and thousands are buried under debris and lost their lives.The worship places and temples and Dharamshlas and bazaars have become the history.The army and air force people are doing the wonderful work to save thousands of lives and we salute them in gratitude.We also pray to God that weather should be calm so that all the survivors are airlifted from the difficult places .Those have returned from these places narrate the horrible stories about their plight without food and water.Our Govt should take up this matter on top priority and press all means to save the precious lives .We are shocked and in grief at this hour of great nature s tragedy.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sad demise of S K Sethi our Masi ji s son

As I was sitting at my house the telephone rang and I got a message that our Masi ji Sumitra masiji  son Sh SK SETHI  and we fondly remembered him as Chiri (Beloved name) of child hood was ill for some time and on Saturday he could not fight with and so he breathed lost.I attended his bhog and Kirya At Gurdwara Singh Sabha  Darya Ganj New Delhl and paid our tributes to the departed noble soul.All our relatives viz Neelam Malhotra her daughter ( Masi Jis daugter and grand daughter) Bholu ( Ravi Sethi ) masijis son and grand son)( Ashok  son of Raj Bahenji and his sisters my elder brother DVSethi and his son Micky (Pawan)Our elder Bharjaiji and my wife  and so many relatives were present and offered their respectful Shrandajali to the departed soul and prayed that Almighty God must give peace and courage to bear this loss.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Inspection by Mayor of south zone of South Delhi Municipal corporation

Today as I was walking on dumpy roads of M block of saket  I heard that Mayor is visiting the L block and and M Block .She has seen the pitiable conditions of roads and nallah which has not been cleaned and foul smell is always become health hazards for the residents This nallah is passing through L block and M block saket and remains as dirty as ever .Last year I along with 16 t0 seventeen residents went to Grievance commission and proposed that this Nallah should be covered but it is in the court and nothing fruitful results have come out .I also went to senior citizens office and put forth the conditions of Nallah  .Some times it is reported that Nallah is not under SDMC and later on it is said that it requires huge amount and that there are no funds.Now a new problem has emerged that builders have started buildings which are to be converted in 3 to 4 floors and due to dust and malba on roads  it has become impossible for  the residents to tread on colony roads which are already narrow..Main plea is given that as there is no parking space so these rebuilding of houses after demolishing the whole structure will  solve the parking problem .But the problem remains even after the construction as every family has at least 2 to 3 cars.We have to put a restriction to have one car for each family and idea of using cars in pool.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Shashi Sethi was in MAX Hospital Saket New Delhi due to heart trouble on 26/4/13 t0 29/4/13

Again Now Shashi was in trouble due to pain in the breast and we showed her to doctor at Max hospital and it was revealed that it was due 99percent blockage in centre artery of heart and stunting has been done and she is lucky enough that she is OK now.She remained in the above hospital from 26 Th April 2013 t0 29/4/2013 and now she is recovering satisfactorily.We again thank to Sanjay Kitty Anu Gaurav who helped her to conquer this decease.We also thank God that our son and family and our daughter and family that they were near us and gave helping hand at this critical stage.We also thank Dr Sumeet Sethi  and Max hospital and staff that they have done a wonderful work and saved us from the risk of heart trouble which may lead to any crisis . 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Eye operation on 4th April 2013

Eye operation on 4th April 2013
On 4th April 2013 I was operated upon for left eye as the cataract was over due and the doctors say that it should be operated upon as it may damage the retina .So I got it operated upon by Dr Sheroff of G K 1 and I have been recovering .This has given me the eye sight for time so that I can see this wonderful world for some time.more and do some social work.I thankthe doctors and staff and The Almighty God who has been so kind to me.I am also grateful to my wife and son and daughter in law and daughter and Son in law who were with me at the time of operation and they did the work and this gave me courage. I also thank the relatives who are so who  always share with me at all stages of life.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

43 rd Wedding Anniversary on 7th March 2013

On the occasion of 43 rd wedding anniversary  dated 7th March 2013 we had a family get togather we enjoyed a dinner at home.My son ,daughter in law and daughter Anu and kids Aanya.Ahana ,.Ashitabh Amitabh gave us a good company .Ramesh Bhapaji and Kamal  Bharjaiji  also graced this memorial occasion.We remembered the old memories. I had a desire to dance with kids as I am of the opinion that the children are the most innocent and represent godliness virtues and I was thankful tomy daughter who also gave me company in dance.So we enjoyed a lot and I am thankful to all.Our blessings are always with them 

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Water Bill

Recent/tly I have received a water bill from Delhi Jal board which is around Rs 36000/for consumption of 6 months which was shocking .We have been residing in our house for the last 14 years but I have not come across such a huge bill of water .As the  billing has been given to private company the bills been hiked .Now  am thinking how to manage such bill which is too much for a retired govt servant,The state Govt should think on this issue seriously.But as I talk about our bill among the residents thy also complained that they are also receiving much higher bills.I have served in up for about 34 years and receiving  a meager pension to sustain the rest our lives peacefully but to make both ends meet has become difficult.The bill has beenreceived on 24 Feb and the due date is written as 26 Feb 2013.When I went to ZRO ( Zonal Revenue officer) Saket office South -1 there was no officer available and then I got the complaint received to the receiving clerk on 26 Th Feb2013 time 11 am.Then I searched the meter reader was not available.Once I met him he told that the bill will be about Rs 5000/ but just after 4 days this shocking was received.Govt in the guise of better management and service started playing with jugglery of figures and burden has been on the pocket of ordinary citizens.The meters are defective and run very fast.In this way the water has become costlier than gold.One can live without gold but he cannot survive without water.As a matter of fact Govt should give free water to the citizens.Prior to take over by private company the bills were genuine and realistic and people were happy and getting wter timely.Why we shold pay on defective water meters and bills should be prepared on average basis.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Shocking news

Today as we were sitting calmly in our residence  suddenly the telephone rang and we got the sad news that our Pappi (daughter of Shashi s  masiji )  expired.Then we are shocked and rushed to Mayur vihar New Delhi an d then came back after funeral.We were just talking about her good deeds and the jolly nature.We pray to The Almighty to give strength to her family members to bear this tremendous loss and the pious soul may rest in peace under the devine feet of GOD.About a day before we were planning to visit her but this fate was not known to any body.We our heart felt grief and sorrow to her family members  and shrandajali to the departed soul.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Wishing Happy New Year 2013

We all have witnessed year 2012 and the sad events. Now we have the duty to remove the shortcomings and pledge to make this earth free from all sorts of atrocities towards females and make the laws strict and stringent . I have learnt in my school days that Jahan Naari ki puja hati ha wahan Devta vas karte hain.So we should follow this teachings given by our religion.We wish the whole world  a happy and prosperous new year 2013.