These are excerpt from my life experiences.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Anna Hazare and compaign against corruption

Recently I have seen the campaign against corruption by Anna Hazare and the civil society to bring the focus on this issue which is eroding the nations economy.For 12 days or so I was glued to TV to watch the every moment of fast and Unshun which lasted for 12 days without break.The govt on the other hand used all the possible ways to break his fast but all in vain.Actually the corruption has been taught by the Britishers for decades in the past.Our public has been targeted in those days prior to Independence.
Corruption has already has destroyed the big powers like Russia.In that country corruption was at the highest peak and for single piece of bread one was forced to bribe to the then Government of Russia officials.All this brought disaster to that country and the great nation was broken and the super power country was ruined.Now a days as Anna Hazare has taken pledge from the younger generation hope so that there may be some progress in this direction.But people should show sincere efforts to end this menace of corruption.Lets hope that better sense will prevail and once again India may be called Golden Sparrow or SONE KI CHIRYA.If young India has arisen there will be no place for corruption and the so called corrupt officers .officials and political leaders.I agree that there some good and sincere persons among our officers and political leaders .It should be duty of public to select good persons and the leaders who should work for betterment of our nation.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My sons return from U S A

Last month my son along with whole of family has returned from USA.He will start some business of e commerce in India.He has put up in Gurgaon and he is trying hard to establish along with associates.We wish them all the success.We felt when he purchased brand new Tata aria car we have taken the long drive and felt the car quite comfortable,To day my daughter and son in law has purchased I nova latest model car again we had a driving trip after finishing puja in temple.We saw the happiness and enthusiasm among g grand children and we also enjoyed the both occasions.We also wished that these cars should be lucky ones and bring good fortune.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Good Handwriting in Hindi /English

When I was in 5Th class our Hindi teacher used to lay much importance to Hindi Hand writing He gave us tip to this aspect.On those olden days we used to write either by Kalam or by Vaverli nib and it was cut at angle of 30 degree at the tip point and it is made smooth on the floor.By this nib we used write after dipping in blue or blue black ink.It used be as shining and good as if it is not written but look like printed matter.Up to 4 Th class in primary school we used to write with Kalam and after words with nib cut slant.Similarly we used G ki nib for better English writing.We had done practice in upright straight and slant handwriting
Similarly we made charts by pencil tip rubbed in angle and then rubbing from opposite sides.
Our teacher used to say a person who writes with good hand is supposed to be disciplined and has good character.Bad hand writing some times give shocking results and misunderstood.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Journey from to Lucknow to Jhansi during the disturbances on account of demolition of Babri Masjid

In those days I was posted at Jhansi and had gone to Lucknow on official duty.There I finished my job and was returning to Jhansi by Sabarmati Express I got reservation in three tier boogie in upper berth as I entered the train I saw so many kar Sewak who were returning after the demolition of Babri mosque in Ayodhaya three or four sewaks were sitting on my berth and I requested them to please vacate the berth as I wanted to sleep on that berth to this remark they told that it was their berth and I had to accommodate them on the above berth there was no place to sleep in any berth in my compartment and I remained standing throughout the night prior to reaching Jhansi I thanked them that they did not throw me out of the train this was the state of affairs and which no body can believe on reaching Jhansi I heaved a sigh of relief During those days of disturbances so many kar sawaks started processions at Jhansi also and so curfew was imposed . So many government officials were given the duty of the magistrate duty's to curb the disturbances and to maintain peace when I remember those days I feel this should not happened in name of religion.Actually this theory of divide and rule was devised by the Britishers and where there was temple and mosque existed side by side the Britishers took advantage and tried to incite the different communities to rule on our mother land.All this happened after 6Th December 1992

Monday, September 12, 2011

Meeting Sindhu

Recently I met so many people in the colony and one day I met a girl who is taking pilot training under Prof.Duggal.I liked her charm and personality and more so she's always smiling.I think it is a God-gifted nature which has been bestowed on the pretty girl named Sindhu.I personally feel that she will acquire and achieve the highest post in some airlines and will become a good pilot.My good wishes to her and I pray to God that she may remain happy throughout her life.At present she is staying with us as a family member.She gives a helping hand in writing my blog and to my Mrs.