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Saturday, June 11, 2011

M Block Saket New Delhi problems

Recently we are facing a new problem when the old houses are being demolished and new multi storeyed houses are being constructed in M block saket by the builders with basement and ground floors as parking plus 3 floors.As a matter of fact this adds to the problems to the residents such as narrowing of passages ,affecting environment and shortage of water and electricity etc.Now a days we cannot walk in lanes and cannot come out of colony due to heavy traffic jam in and around Amity International school and Garhwali School and near M - I gate where HDFC Bank has been opened recently.The main traffic from Amity to Mandir Marg also started from inside the colony road which has not been repaired since so many years .This road along with internal colony roads should be concreted immediately.For the past so many months no work has been done in Nallah and the huge garbage and slush water is giving bad smell and there is a danger of dengue or malaria.One boundary wall of this Nallah has collapsed and there is no barricading of this boundary wall and at any day some car may fall in the Nallah.So these problems may kindly looked into at earliest before the onset of rains by the authorities MCD and DDA etc.These problems have been raised in Bhagidary meetings so often but the action is still awaited.