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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Helping Ishaan sayal for admission in DCE

! was over joyed when I heard the news that Ishaan Sayal has been selected in AIeee test and I congratulated him from the core of my heart .I guided him that he should attend all the counselling and mark attendances and he will surely get his admission in the college of his choice.this the last chance to get admission after I I T.He should have faith in GOD and be punctual.usually the counselling take longer time and he should stay up to the last.Those who help themselves GOD helps them.His rank is good and should have faith and confidence.As regards the civil stream the scope is good. Other streams are also good and it depends on the taste and the subject which is according to ones taste.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Result of 10 th class

I was sitting and waiting for the result of 10 Th class and monitoring it as regards the students who are being guided by my daugher as regards English language is concernd it also gives impetus and thrust to the growing wheel of progress and self esteem as well as that of Mahatma Hans Raj Modern School at Jhansi which is shinning by leaps and bound .I again congratulate the teachers and staff and all fraternity for providing the quality education to its students .My good wishes are with them .Congratulations----- well done.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Result of CBSE

As I was waiting for the result ob CBSE I was in the seventh heaven of delight when I got a call from my daughter that the students who were getting tuition from her in Delhi got up to 96% in the most difficult subject that is ENGLISH.Regarding her school in Jhansi where she and her faculty of Mahatma HANS RAJ MODERN School,Located at SHIVPURI ROAD the results are excellent. A day is not far when it will be considered as one of the best school.My all good wishes are with Gaurav Misra B Tech I T BHU S Tech I I T Delhi,Mrs Anu Misra M A (English and History) B ED (SPECIAL ENGLISH ), LINGUISTIC CONSULTANT ,Mr.NIRAJ Khatri B Tech I I T KANPUR founder Impact ,and visionaries Mr Manish Agarwal IPS B.Tech IIT KANPUR,MR NIKUNJ SRIVASTAV IAS B.Tech IIT KANPUR. Mr VIJAY SHUKLA B Tech IT BHU MBA XLRI and other IIT ians such as Sanjay Sethi B.Tech I T BHU S tech .IIT Delhi and all the staff of the school. Well done keep it up.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tragic Air Plane crash at Manglore

As the sad news were aired that a tragic accident has occored when an Air India aeroplane crashed landing at airport of manglore air strip on the runway.This has resulted in about 148 dead and 8 could be saved and some bodies could not be identified.The investigation is on and the recue operation is in progress.On this tragic accident we pray to God that the families of the dead may get courage to bear this unbearable loss

Happy moments some snaps

As I do not feel tired to see these photos which remind me happy moments again and again and I feel myself on the top of world

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Happy moments continued

Happy Moments

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Happy moments on wedding anniversary on 7 th March 2010

Here are the happy moments remembered when we celebrated the wedding anniversary on march 2010
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Happy Moments remembered on Wedding anniversary

Friday, May 21, 2010

Rare photo of mine when I was young( 24years young)

Here is the one of my photo when I was about 24 years 0ld and I like this photo and thank God for blessing all this and still grateful to Him for helping me when I needed His help through the journey of life.
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Today is the auspicious day when I was just thinking about the sublime pleasure of family and when we become grand parents and enjoy the company of the kids and the bliss of God on the faces of the younger and the older ones at the same time and at the same platform of the world. They say that God is everywhere and it is blissfully resides in the younger ones because it is the real picture of God in them. Today I am just picking up the happy moments and some snapshots so that these may have deeper impressions in our mind. Today onwards I shall recollect only the happy moments of our lives and I shall share these with youngers and olders alike.
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Monday, May 17, 2010

Amithabhs Birth Day (16 th May,2010) celebrations purpose Actual 22/05/2010

Here I am trying to put the pleasing memories of Amitabhs birth day on record as I have enjoyed a lot on this event .A day before we started collecting the invitation cards as Amithabh wanted to call his class mates on 16 Th May between 5.30 pm to 8.30pm.On the last day when he was going to class he was gleaming as if he is the king and was on the top of world .On seeing this site I was thinking how God gives so such innocent pleasures to kids and as we grow older and older this pleasures goes on diminishing.We enjoyed with him and this happy memory will last long in my life.God may give him long and happy life and such is our wish.Here I must mention that Amitabh is my grand son (my daughters son ) and is so dear to us.Group photos will surely keep us glued to him when we see those childhood memory

Friday, May 7, 2010

Bagidhari Meeting in DC (south office)

On 29/4/2010 I attended the meeting in D C South office and put up the problems of M Block Saket.Regarding which I have pointed out that there is one Tube well near J block market and is enough deep and it can be energised .The water will solve the problem of M block and as well as that of J block and amity school .The pump house of this Tube well and its boundary has been encroached upon but vendors and others.The nallah facing has not been cleaned and the jungle and bushes are growing and the slushy water remains near its roots and emanate the foul smell and this will result in breeding place for mosquitoes.the patch of nallah bed is not concreted.The internal drains of M block saket are open and MCD is not taking any action.These drains have become the dust bins and need repeatedly cleaning.If these drains are covered the wasteful expenditure will be saved.It is worth mentioning that the rainy season is near if not cleaned earlier the drains will not be able to take the load of rainy water and will overflow on roads.If this water remains on the internal colony roads will surely damage the road surface.
A few days later as I was returning to saket I saw black smoke in the sky and I out of anxiety rushed to that site and then I came to know that this smoke was due to the fact that MCD people had set the bushes on fire in the nallah.This way of cleaning the bushes is very much dangerous as there are so many residential buildings are located around this Nallah.Any splinter can give rise to huge fire resulting in loss of lives and properties.Burning of bushes is also effects badly on environment.I think that the authorities should wake up and do the needful lest it is too late.There should be traffic lights near the T junction at MCD dhalao opp site the Amity Gate and the school authories should be asked to park their vehicles inside their compound wall and alternatively should make underground parking.At present there is so much chaos at this point that no body including senior citizens and children can cross the road without being injured.More over the Amity buses and others car owners cover the almost full width of road leaving less space for pedestrians to walk safely.As a matter of fact this stretch should be made no parking zone as a permanent solution.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tehraveen of chander Anand a noble soul

As detailed the instances the finally we attended Tehrveen of chander anand in Temple of Janakpuri and were astonished to find that so many relatives gathered there in the temple to share the grief of the great loss with the family members .This shows that members of our community are united at time of grief.I respect these good points of our culture.Any way our beloved chander"s noble soul must have found place under the Divine Feet of Almighty God.