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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Strange pain on the right hand of Shashi (my wife)

Today when I was away just to offer our sharandjali on the 24 th death anniversary of our respected mother (Bhabhi as we usually call during our childhood )and on my return I found Shashi in tears and she was crying out of immence pain on the right hand near elbow.I immediately gave the warm bottle to her for hot massage and gave some pain killer medicine.This instance is being second time.she got relief .In the evennig again she felt shooting pain on the same spot.I again applied some pain relief ointment named VOLINI(Ranbaxy).Now I am in a fix what to do and what is the permanent cure ? No body knows even the doctors say that as this a long case of some sort of bone TB and callus formation is stopped and the fractured joint has been screwd by the help of plate.Doctors say that if we operate then there is less space near elbow the joint may become immobile and the movements will become difficult.The x ray shows that some of the screws have become loose.I am also suffering from pain because some bowl has erupted near neck and I am taking medicine and it will be cured very soon.

Remembering our respected mother on 24 th death anniversary

Remembrances of my mother on the death anniversary ( 24 th Death anniversary)
On 7th february every year I along with my wife have made up routine to wke up in the morning and just take bath and sometimes she prepares prasad with her own hands and asks me to go to the temple to offer the same to THE GOD ALMIGHTY and we are disdributing some fruits and Halwa and puries to the poor people near temple.But as the time passes away and the life in Delhi is very fast we vare justt going to temple and offer prasad of fruits sweets milk and boondi Ladoo and burfi etc and some donation to the temple.On this we feel just our mother is just sitting next to us and guiding us from heaven.We have seen that that our mother was such a pious soul that she predicted her death and before death she took out all the jewllery and handed it over to our father that he should tkae care of the ornaments because tomorrow there would be great rush and that he might misplace the same.Such was our mother and we pay a tearful rememberences and pray to GOD that HE should give peace to the departed soul under HIS devine feet.This is our Sharandjali