These are excerpt from my life experiences.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Attending marriage

Some time ago we received an invitation from Shri Y K Sethi (advocate )r/o 997sector .14 Fridabad to attend the marriage of his son on 11Th DEC,2010 and we were happily awaiting to attend this marriage.We arranged a driver and drove to the marriage venue at Surajkund.We started from Saket at 8pm and returned at 12 pm .At this occasion we met so many relatives and we also caught memories of past and I was astonished when I talked about my child hood memories of our cousin sister "s Krishna Sethi ''s daughter whose name in child hood was Nik and her sister"s name was Mik.Now Nik was standing in front of me and I was telling some story of Nik that her sister used to trick the class teacher by attending the class of Mik.Both the sisters face was used to be true carbon copy of each other .So the class teacher used to be confused.When I finished the story Mik told me that she is MIK and Nik has not come to attend the marriage.Now Nik has grown up and married and so must be Mik also.For some moment I was thinking that GOD is great and how great technical HE is that now body knows about His creations.I always bow my head and pray to GOD that all should enjoy the life to the fullest and always remember Him the Almighty for HIS blessings.We enjoyed the marriage party and returned with satisfied frame of mind.