These are excerpt from my life experiences.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Annual day at Amity International school Saket New Delhi

On Saturday (17 Th April 2010) at 6.15 pm I attended the annual day celebrations and it was good and excellent .His Excellency ambassador of Republic of NAMIBIA attended the function and distributed the prizes.The programme of Dare To dream was a excellent depiction of history of Rome.His Excellency showed keen interest and stressed for need of education.Dr Chauhan has stressed that our culture is the best and when a student touches the feet of teacher or elders he gets the good wishes fro the elders or the teachers as ashirwad.He narrated the short story of one person who used to worship God but at one instance he was so fed up with the problems of life and decided to suicide and started walking towards sea where there was a vast stretch of sand as he reached near the sea shore he found that the track behind were of 4 steps while it should had been 2.Then we was astonished to find who was following him.So the God appeared and told him that God gives shelter to those who remember HIM whole heartedly.So have faith on HIM THE ALMIGHTY GOD and success is gran teed if you work hard to achieve you goal.Now I again stress that ,MAHNET KARO AZIZO MAHENAT SE KAAM HOGA .KAHETE HAIN JISE WAQT AA KAR GULAM HOGA.Amity students out shined in all walks of life and it is the hard work of students and staff and teachers.I returned from the function with happy note.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Funeral of chander Anand on 17/4/2010

In continuity I am rushing to Punjabi Bagh Sham Shan Bhumi to attend the sanskar of our beloved Sh Chander as the timing of sanskar is 1pm today.

Another loss on dated 16 th April 2010

As I was struggling to know how the life after 70 to be.? I have been counting the losses I was shocked to hear the sad news that chander anand who met with a fatal accident a few days ago succumbed to the injuries and breathed his lost at 1 pm today.This is a painful when I count the old memories and think how jolly he was.Any way I am in tears and the whole day was spent in tears which I cannot show.We all pray to God that all the family members may get enough courage to bear this unbearable loss.May THE GOD give this pious soul a place in HIS Devinne feet.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

LIC Claim

As I attended the bank to just to inquire about that whether my LIC claim has been credited in my wife s a/c but shocked to know that the signatures on the cheque of LIC signatory are not on record and the bank at Meerut will reply and then there are chances that the amount will be credited .Still the money lost in ATMS is not recovered .I am waiting that some thing good may turn up. God help me.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy moments

After hectic efforts I got the Lic claim and the house First floor has been put on rent and the process of registration is on.Similarly Sarita Vihar has been vacated and got the keys.But still uneasy lies till the money lost through ATM card is recovered or the person who has done is traced through footage is revealed.

I have uploaded the above images just to show that sometimes there are happy moments and sometimes just the reverse,but as the time passes away God is always with the rightful and sincere persons.Regarding some petty losses one is temporarily shaken but in the end God always gives courage to the persons who is right.Similarly I have noticed that the person who has taken my ATM but due to his guilt feeling he never comes to our house because his soul must have jolted him.So it is a good testament that one should remain poise in one's thoughts and do the rightful things in one's life.