These are excerpt from my life experiences.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy Birth Day wishes to Shashi Sethi(my Wife) on completing 60 years

As I was always loosing memory due to age but I am thankful to God that He has helped me that I remembered to say Happy Birth Day wishes to Shashi( my wife) on her 60 th birth day and we enjoyed a lot and some snaps were taken and pastry's were distributed among those who happened to be present on this day .As our children are away at this ocassion they conveyed their good wishes on this day.We enjoyed the company of Amitabb (our daughters son ) who gave the idea of pastry's instead of cake as he said that in case of pastry we have not to cut the cake and it will be easier to distribute.This the Innocent gesture of a small child whose only 6 years old.It is a coincidence that the birth day of our nephew falls on this day and we have conveyed our good wishes to him at Canada through telephone .About 2 years back we were at Vancover and enjoyed the joyful birthday celebrations of Sashi and my nephew Asish Anand(Happy).At this point we remember the sweet memories when we were in Canada.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rajat s proposed marriage celebrations continuing dated 28th july 2009

Here I briefly mention that we had gone to distribute the wedding cards to brides family and had blessed the girl and came back thinking that the people are good and they showed a great respect to us myself and Bharjaiji.We hope that all shall be quite well and the couple will lead a happy life as GOD along with my eldest brother has been bestowing good wishes from heaven.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009