These are excerpt from my life experiences.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Attending marriages in November 2010 ( Welfare)

Just to keep a record I attended the marriage of my oldest friend Mr Mahesh Satija"" s son Vineet Kumar on 12 th Nov 2010 at plot 7 sector 6 Dwarka New Delhi.It was a nice gathering and after showering good wishes we returned at about 11pm .We were quite happy to see the couple .We have seen Vaneet in the child hood when we were posted at Allahabad in year 1978 to 1982.I was astonished that Vaneet recognised us after decades.Similarly on 17 th instant we again attended the marriage of our beloved late JC Batra 's grand daughter Mathli and met Mrs Batra ""s family members like Rajneesh Batra,Jainender Batra and their children who are now striving for their careers .I met Pinki ( Mr J C Batra s doughier ,Babli and their children ) We had a memorable time to see the future generation.When we were at Allahabad I remember there was one child named Kitty as I asked her he told her name but I recognised her by childhood name.She is daughter of Satish Batra brother of Late JC Batra who retired from Dhanbad.All these gave us great joy and old acquaintances were renewed.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I am tempted to write that God Is really great.Once upon a time when we were facing the agony and hardships of partition in 1947 and running from lane to lane and hiding from the ruthless killings from some mindless disgruntled elements in Tobateksingh with convenience of Pakistani police and took shelter in Anaaj Ki mandi.Remained there for about 2 months and finally we were sent to India .Those were the days of horror and the memories went deep in our minds.I came to India along with my four sisters and mother and spent some time in Patiala camp.Later on due to some communications we found our brothers and father who were reported to at Kuruchhetra camp.Slowly we went on doing hard work and we were settled in India better than if we had been in Pakistan.It is a saying that Punjabi es are generally a hard working community and I am proud for the same.when ever we feel some need I don't know from where the Almighty sends the help and enshrines the path.Now at the age of 70 I feel that the past years are matter of days.Every day brings us hope for the better and we are grateful to God and will exist in this world if we act according to the wishes of God.I remember the recent incident when I was returning from J Block t o M Block Saket at 11 pm on Diwali night when a burning splinter came inside my new NANO car as the front window glass was open.As the polythene covers were not removed as yet so it caught fire .I took courage and extinguished the fire by my left hand and threw the burning splinter and polythene out side the car.For the moment I was in a fix but God has sent the courage.As NANO was new I was reluctant to remove the polythene covers from the seats so that it will look new.But one should always take precautions and should not wait for some mishap to happen.So God is Great is my firm belief.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Delhi Metro Train whether safe for ladies and children and senior citizens dated 17th and 18 th september 2010

It was my desire that I should have a ride on the newly introduced Metro Train.Recently I boarded the metro from Saket to New Delhi at 2.45 pm and reached the destination within 25 minutes .It was a marvellous experience of my life.As I entered the train I was standing and some young fellow gave me the seat but my wife remained standing during the journey.I had to sit as I was holding the bag and other necessary items.We went to Jhansi by Rajdhani and returned to New Delhi the next day by Shatabdi Express Train which reaches New Delhi station at 10.30pm.Having a excellent experience we dared to catch the metro train from new Delhi to Saket.This time the back journey was horrible .There was great rush at the ticket window and we were also having a company of our 6 year old grand son .Any how my wife requested at ticket window and she got 3 tickets.On getting the desired tickets we were happy but our happiness vanished when we saw the long queue at screening counter.At this time my wife requested one police personal to allow her for screening of luggage at the priority basis.But the persons in the queue started objecting but seeing the disability of my wife's right hand we were allowed.Now it was a time for the last train and we hardly reached then the train came and we could get in the last couch.This time were standing all the way.We heaved a sigh of relief on reaching Saket but the ordeals were not finished as soon we came out of the station at 11.3o pm there were no auto scooters and if any scooters came but they demanded the double the fare that it was Rs 40/for within Saket just from D Block to M Block but we had to pay just to avoid any displeasure with the auto scooter walla .So long awaited pleasure of journey by Metro train ended in the most inconvenient and tiresome.There is no doubt that metro train has reduced the time but due less trains and long queue at the ticket window and screening of luggage make it uncomfortable and inconvenient. Again on second occasion now I happened to travel by metro from Saket to New Delhi station along with my daughter and grand son to receive my grand son we was due to come from Ajmer by Shatabdi.We started from PVR Metro staion Malviya Nagar and just missed one train and boarded the next train .This time we purchased the smart card which is worth Rs 100/Actually in this card sum of Rs 50/ is by way of security .I inquired from the staff whether there is any discount for Senior Citizens which was replied in negative.Thus we boarded the train and there was great rush and we were in the train no doubt but were squeezed.There was a great problem while getting out of the train I myself and daughter and took a shelter near the corner and get out of railway station as almost the entry was blocked by the passengers who wanted to get in any how.This time nobody gave us any seat being senior citizen and we could get down safely .In this short journey we have noticed at all stations passengers enter only as such we felt as if we are just like herd of sheep s and pushed in the train just like journey to hell .As I noticed and learnt that this is scene in peak hours every day and commuters are used to it.Any way Govt should improve the frequency of trains and also should reserve one couch for senior citizens also as it has been done in case of ladies.Only then it will prove to be senior citizens friendly.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Attending marriage ceremony on 31 st October ,2010

On 29Th to 31 Oct 2010 we attended the marriage ceremonies of Justice Sh. P.K.Bhasin 's . son ( ROHIT with JASPriya )All the ceremonies were well organised and almost all relatives were present to grace the occasion The cocktail party followed by dance by the relatives of both the sides was a excellent scene.During these ceremonies we met the old relatives and thereby all the old memories were renewed.On 31October we attended the marriage ceremony in Gurdwara near Andheria Mor and lunch in F and M form house near Chattarpur and came to our house after the Doli at about 4 pm.On returning we were comparing this marriage with the yest er years and we think that it is the best.On 1st Nov 2010 at night we attended the reception which was hosted by the boys side .This was also excellent and after the party we also blessed the new couple and returned with satisfied frame of mind.It is true saying that marriages are arranged in heaven but performed on earth.