These are excerpt from my life experiences.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Water Bill

Recent/tly I have received a water bill from Delhi Jal board which is around Rs 36000/for consumption of 6 months which was shocking .We have been residing in our house for the last 14 years but I have not come across such a huge bill of water .As the  billing has been given to private company the bills been hiked .Now  am thinking how to manage such bill which is too much for a retired govt servant,The state Govt should think on this issue seriously.But as I talk about our bill among the residents thy also complained that they are also receiving much higher bills.I have served in up for about 34 years and receiving  a meager pension to sustain the rest our lives peacefully but to make both ends meet has become difficult.The bill has beenreceived on 24 Feb and the due date is written as 26 Feb 2013.When I went to ZRO ( Zonal Revenue officer) Saket office South -1 there was no officer available and then I got the complaint received to the receiving clerk on 26 Th Feb2013 time 11 am.Then I searched the meter reader was not available.Once I met him he told that the bill will be about Rs 5000/ but just after 4 days this shocking was received.Govt in the guise of better management and service started playing with jugglery of figures and burden has been on the pocket of ordinary citizens.The meters are defective and run very fast.In this way the water has become costlier than gold.One can live without gold but he cannot survive without water.As a matter of fact Govt should give free water to the citizens.Prior to take over by private company the bills were genuine and realistic and people were happy and getting wter timely.Why we shold pay on defective water meters and bills should be prepared on average basis.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Shocking news

Today as we were sitting calmly in our residence  suddenly the telephone rang and we got the sad news that our Pappi (daughter of Shashi s  masiji )  expired.Then we are shocked and rushed to Mayur vihar New Delhi an d then came back after funeral.We were just talking about her good deeds and the jolly nature.We pray to The Almighty to give strength to her family members to bear this tremendous loss and the pious soul may rest in peace under the devine feet of GOD.About a day before we were planning to visit her but this fate was not known to any body.We our heart felt grief and sorrow to her family members  and shrandajali to the departed soul.