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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Senior Citizens and thier security and health insurance

Senior citizens are generally facing the difficulties as under.
As matter of fact senior citizens become weak and hope that at the old age their children will help out so that they can pass this difficult stage peace fully and gracefully.But I am not sure how many are lucky who have sons like Lord Ram ,and brothers like Laxman ,Bharat ,and Shatrughan etc and similarly wives like Sita and Urmila etc .Even King Dasrath had to keep promice which he made with Kakayee and although he was not interested but the fate was great and Rama obeyed the orders of his father and spent about 14 years in Banvas.During that banvas period King Dasrath died in in pain and could not see his son Lord Ram .All this teaches the Maryad rather duties regarding father ,son ,brothers ,sons and mothers and all the pious relations enshrined in our religious books.But these are the happenings of Satyug.
When I sit in park and some general discussions the elderly people seem to be a frustated lot they are generally not happy in this Kalyug when their dear children go to work and children to school they remain all alone just to gaurd the house and the house hold for which they have spent the whole life.The fear remains in their mind for themselves and their children .As their sons or children leave the house the tension prevails if they will return safe and sound due to heavy traffic on the roads and the crimals are also targeting the easy preys while when they return from the work places.The cases of this nature and looting and crime are increasing every day .Senior citizens are also themselves become easy prey while all alone in their homes.Their is some incidents of domestic violence either by domestic helps or by the members of their own family members.In metro cities like Delhi and around areas these are common incidents.In some cases their own leave them helpless and shelter less .So security of senior citizens should be prime concern of the Govt.Simply by giving some benefits just like Separate ques in banks or at railway counters or bus stops or standing in separate ques at Delhi Jal Board water bills counters or BSES etc will not solve these problems.When I visited Canada I found that the senior citizens are getting free medical and other fascilities and more over allowance sufficient to survive in a dignified manner .In my opinion now the time has come that Govt should take the full responsibilty as the senior citizens are the pride of any nation and they should be given respect and regards which they have earned by serving the nation.The general public and in schools in moral science this type of morals should be taught.At present when we see an old person who is trying to cross the road I found very few persons help them .Some old homes should be made by the Govt and also be controlled by the Govt as it should be duty of Govt In my opinion a separate ministry should be formed to rehabilate the senior citizens and this should not be left at the hands some of the NGOs alone.Govt can also get some help from senior citizens for which they deem to be of any use and service.Although as it appears to be a distant dream but if there is will of Govt then a day is not far when we say that in our India all senior citizens and ladies will live in fearless and free environment which will be equql to Ram Rajya.The govt servants or others should strive to make such moves as they also cant escape from retiring from active service and all the problems will also to be tackled by them when they retire.Even laws can be framed and lagislations can be made .But it is very clear that early actions in this regard will also help those are in Govt to avct in larger interst of public and senior citizens in particular.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Senior citizens' Association Saket New Delhi election on 15/3 /2009 at Arya Samaj Mandir saket

At the insistence oF senior citizen I agreed to stand for the post of General Secretary and tried to convace the residents to vote and support for me At the tea party so many problems were put fourth and I and I promised to fulfill the aspirations of the senior citizens and I hope that I shall try to be helpful and do my duties sincerly .I am lucky that Sh N P Therajaji if elected president will give his full support .Many speakers praised Mr Thareja and informed me that he is such a social worker that what ever he earns spend 90 percent to the needy poor people and remaining 10 percent for the upkeep of the park.I wish him all the success so that I may get previlege to work with him so GOD help me.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ragging in colleges by senior students towards Junior students in Ht dated 10/3/2009

I was shocked to read the shocking news in which a medical student was ragged or tortured by senior students in one of mmedical college in Himmachal Pradesh with the result that junior student died. Really it is shame on society and the college authorities who cannot stop ragging. I mentioned in my earlier blog when I got admission in Roorkee Engineering college when a mass ragging was organised by the seniors at about mid night and all the freshers were lined quite naked and ordered to quick march on canal service road. Some of the seniors were injured during scuffles. This was a mass ragging and freshers were out numbered, so the then authorities put forth a civilised method of ragging. Every fresher was called on the stage and would tell his or her name, the place from where he is hailing and previous college and hobbies etc and all the authorities then get the introduction of the freshers and seniors were helpful to the needy students later on. I think this is better way of introduction of the fresh students. The law authorities and the Govt should make the college authorities accountable on this issue.

Monday, March 9, 2009

HT news that Hindus families are forced to leave the NWFP Pakistan by Talebansand fundementlists forces dated 9/3/2009

Today the headings published in HT news paper that so many Hindu famlies have been forced to leave NWFP Pakistan and crossed over to India.They have narrated the horrible stories and they were being pressed to leave that place where their forefathers lived for generations to genrations.They were of the opnion that their forefathers did a mitake and took a decision to stay back during partition of India and Pakistan.They told the reporters that there is no longer any government and the law ful government cannot take any action.In my earlier blog already mentioned that in there culture the women have no value and they are not allowed to go to schooland they are supposed to wear burqa and remain in house.Only the mail children are supposed to go to school.My mother when used to carry tiffen for my fathe to the shop she also used to have long jhund (the chuni should cover all the face)I have also mentioned that the local phathans from the uotskirts of Kohat used to invade the houses of hindus with the firearms and some times they used to set the houses of Hindus on fire.I also remembered that the local hindus used to gaurd their houses at night lest they might not be harmed.Now I am astonishing that after about 61 years the sitiation is the same and we feel lucky that our forefathers took a right step about 61 years back and history has proved that our forefathers had a great vision and they had not shifted we also have been repenting as these unlucky Hindus are repenting at the wrongful decisions now and they have to left their homes empty hands or selling their properies at a throw away prices or leaving these properties just save their lives and that of their children .
I also over heard in those days that our tauji was not interested to leave during partition as his Hikmat was booming and he was bosting that he had so many fiends and was of the firm opionion that they would not ditch him (Tauji).My father told him that that he along with family children wuold not be safe and any how my TAYAJI agreed to leave .In the end I pray to GOD that the people of that rigion should live peacefully and should learn the piou theary of live and let live

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Our 40 th wedding anniversary on 7 th March 2009

On 6th March I was determined to convey happy anniversay to my wife on 7th March positively and but went off to sleep and when I woke up I forget to convey my feelings in a tinkling of an eye my wife asked me some thing and I was busy to tackle a problem of water and she again asked me what she conveyd to me and then I remembered that today is our 40 th wedding anniversary .Now when we recollected the past all the years it was this a matter of recent past.Then the telephones started ringing from our near and dear ones ,my son Montoo and Kitty daughter in law from california, Anu Gaurav from Jhansi,Basant and Jijaji and Deepak and Guddu (homely name),Ramesh Bhapaji and Kamal Bharjaiji ,Satish Bhapaji and Sulachna Bharjaiji from Jhansi Pappi from jhansi Alka Sayal and Rajesh Sayal from Jaipur all cogratuled us and we thank to all of them that they showed love and affection to us .Again thanks to my fiend Mr Tulsiani and Mrs Anmol Panjhazari who attended the cake cutting
functionalong with some of our tenants All the simple function but no doubt all this have has a great effect on our lives.I specially thank to ASHITABH AND AMITABH and Shashi who were the main attraction and I feel that I should again become young and enjoy the bliss of God THE ALMIGHTY.We have also determined to celiberate this occasion along with other good news that Anu and Gaurav has started a School at Jhansi and the other good news is that Montoo our son got promotion and we shall celebrte it in a befitting manner Thanks to God that HE is so kind to our family and wish and pray that Almighty God shall continue to have a devine hand on us and we all bow our heads before HIM(GOD).......

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Again Terror and terrorists now at cricket team at Lahor at Gadaffi stadium on 3rd March 2009

Again while I opened the screen of TV and found that a terrorist attacked on Srilanka cricket team in Pakistan .this attack has got the same modus operandi as that of Mumbai attack last year on 26 th Nov 2009.The results are the same that innocent people are wounded or killed.I am shocked and only pray to GOD or Allah to give these misguided persons a good sense Humanity is to be saved at all costs.All the nations should ponder on this issue of Terrorism and take bold steps so that these happennigs may not repeat.I am of the opinion that nations progess when there is peace and only peace.