These are excerpt from my life experiences.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Condolences on the sad demise of Mr Sayal (Father of Mr Rajesh sayal ) our painful duty

As we woke up then the telephone came that our nearest relative expired at 8am on 8/11/09. and we hurriedly started and reached Shakti vihar so that we may attend the sanskar .The traffic from Saket to Pritampura was neck braking .Any way we thank our driver of car who had taken us to reach our destination.Resently we heard that Mr Sayal a senior citizen who tumbled down due to uneven road near his house and was operated upon for joint near his waist .As a bad luck would have it on the same day he was to attend the marriage of his grand son and he was supposed to attend the same in banquet hall near Rohini.His all the three sons were there when this accident happened.He was admitted in RML hospital and immediately operated upon .After two days he was discharged with ok report.But after 3 days he felt some breathing trouble and was again admitted in the same hospital in the morning and expired at 8 am .Irony of fate was that his two sons left at this moment one to Jaipur and the other to Dabai.Messages were sent to Jaipur and Dabai .One son from Jaipur reached in time and the other could not catch the back flight and it was now evening and the sanskar had to be performed before the sunset .So at 6 pm the funeral was performed by the youngest son .Mr Sayal was a social worker and known for his work for society in the locality and as such there were so many persons to pay their homage to this noble soul.I along with wife were returning from Punjabi Bagh to Saket but we had to wait for another hour but could not catch any three wheeler .All the scooters refused to come to south Delhi .So there was no alternative but to travel by DTC bus .At last one private bus stopped and I had to lift and support my wife to board the bus as there was no handle to catch on left side and unfortunitely her right hand was weak having an implated a shoulder metallic plate due to old surgical operation.Any way we were in the bus seated comfortably upto AIIMS medical stop.On the way this bus having a race with another bus so that to catch passengers risking the lives of passengers and bus driver himself.The ticket was Rs 15/ each and we had paid Rs 30/as the coductor was not having change we gave Rs 100/ note and hoping that he would return the balance automatically .I was astonished to note that he did't return the balance .At this time my wife said ,Bhaiya Mere sattar repya to Lotaa Do."The conductor made a very funny face and gave back the balance.Due to slow driving the journey From Punjabi Bagh to mrdcal took one and half hour.
Now from AIIMS Bus stop we crossed the road through Sub way to reach AIIMS .After crossing the subway we could note find any 3 wheeler and walked about 1 Km to reach another bus stop near the entry gate of AIIMS around flyover.We tried to stop any three wheeler for Saket but no Auto driver was willing to go to saket now the distance was too short and it was not a profit earning proposition for Auto drivers.There was no choice but to board the bus again .After waiting for sometime a Bus 501 route came and we were safely in the bus.After struggling on the road with empty stomach I was feeling headache and we were dropped at Khoka market stop.We crossed the road and were passing through the short cut .I was thinking why at all the senior citizens cross the road or rather step out of house to get hurt?As I was analysing this in my mind I stepped my foot on a track path but by mistake put my foot on the shadow of the step and just fell down with all the bag and my wife came running and two of my friends lifted me on my feet .Luckily I was saved from any injury .I was just bruised at my ankle.My inner voice was anticipating that lest any thing wrong may happen to me .All the way I was caring for this aspect of safety for me as well that
for my wife but on reaching so near to our house some thing happened.At this moment I remembered my Bauji who used to utter a Urdu poetry "" SAMAAN SO BARAS KA PAL KEE KHABBAR NAHI "" In our culture if we had attended the funeral and touched the dead body we have to take bath to make oueselves "' shudh "' and the clothes are changed .So after all the hurdles we were satisfied that we had done our duty as human being.We pray to GOD THE ALMIGHTY that the departed noble soul may rest in peace under HIS Devine FEET.