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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rajats Marriage Dated 9th august 2009

Finaly I attended the marriage celebrations at the City park hotel and I along with my daugter Anu and son in law gaurav just reavched when the marrige procession just reached the pandal .I was being called for Milani as uncle to uncle.We embraced each other enthusiatically and exchanged gifts.The marriage vanue was tastefully decorated and the food items were quite delicious.But I wanted to dance in the procession which I missed due to taffic jam .It is another way good that my wife got the chance and her performance was execellent .previosly I enjoyed and danced at the tune of DJ .I at this age was also performed on the dance floor.I dont know how this desire comes the these memories find deep feeling of pleasure.We came from the marrige and Pheres and with Doli at about 3 am in the morning with satified frame of mind and with feeling that one good work has been achieved.In the frequent electric failures no doubt some times marred the show.I think this is due to no rain and hot weather.We were lucky that the electricity came at 3.30 am and we slept and have sound sleep.To day we were invited for some ceremonies of TILVETRE and we blessed the bride that she should be blessed with sons .The cople has left for Honey moon to Bankak and we are there to say best of journey.Some of the traditions are in practice in Punjabies and khatris are peculiar but they are enough to remeber our old culture.

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