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Friday, August 28, 2009

Get to gether at Saket in August 2009

As i was busy I could not write the present sweet memories of present it will be unfare for me to get lost in old memories and miss the golden chance of present.It is said that at present we should enjoy .So we have noticed the marriage of my brothers son Rajat .Then we attended them and they were very happy after the Bangkok trip .We have our guests from canada we arrnged a get to gether at our place and we all enjoyed and cut jokes and rememberd the childhood memories all of enjoyed But Dolly has her tickets of 29 th August and she had to rush back to Janakpuri.Dear Subhash fell ill due to fatigue and Diaraha and cough and fevrish complications due to which his trip is a bit troublesome which he is unable to enjoy.We wish that he may get well soon and should go back with happy frame of mind.With best wishes from all of us.

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